Monday, 4 October 2021

Corbin Saddles New Brave Saddle for 2022 Indian Chief, Chief Bobber & Super Chief

 Corbin Saddles New Product Announcement

Brave Saddle for 2022 Indian Chief,

Chief Bobber & Super Chief


Corbin's classically styled Brave saddle provides the Chief with a fast, sporty look while providing excellent rider comfort. The smooth profile of the saddle matches that of the bike, blending with the overall scheme of the machine and embellishes the Indian design.

Our high density Comfort Cell foam allows a sleek, low profile while providing a firm supportive ride that lasts. Ergonomic shaping in the seating provides good ground reach, excellent back support and better weight dispersion for more time in the saddle. This also helps to eliminate the centralized pressure felt from the stock seat. In the nose area, we sculpt the saddle narrow to allow for good ground reach. Passenger area is designed primarily for looks, but is padded and upholstered so it can take passengers for short trips.

 Notice how close the Corbin saddle fits to the tank, chassis and fender... this kind of fit comes only from a Corbin saddle and our unique Fibertech basepan. Our rigid base material not only fits perfect to the bike, but provides a firm foundation to support the carefully designed foam shape. Corbin's ergonomic shaping creates a visually pleasing look on the motorcycle and adds to the custom appeal.







Part # I-C-B

Brave saddle for 2022 Indian Chief



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Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A

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