Tuesday, 18 May 2021

MEC expands its product line - PN-Performance becomes new partner!

 MEC expands its product line - PN-Performance becomes new partner!

MEC GmbH (The Motorcycle Equipment Company) now distributes the brand PNPerformance (Poivre Noir SA) in addition to KessTech and Cult-Werk.

• MEC is excellently positioned and continues to work on making the biker's dream of 

the perfect motorcycle come true. 

• With PN-Performance as a partner, MEC as an internationally operating company 

expands its existing portfolio with another strong brand. 

• In addition to high-quality equipment parts like exhaust systems, rear fenders, 

license plate holders and more, personalized engine tuning/mapping is now part of 

MEC's product range. Motorcycles are now refined by MEC not only by partly 

software controlled hardware, but also by software based engineering. 

• The partnership of the two companies creates significant opportunities for organic 

growth based on an excellent sales team and a highly professional platform. 

The shareholders of MEC GmbH and Poivre Noir SA announced today that they have 

signed an agreement to create a corporate partnership. From now on, MEC will be a 

distribution partner of the mapping specialists of Poivre Noir SA in order to establish their 

mapping also outside the existing market worldwide. MEC GmbH thus adds another iconic 

product to its portfolio.

The newly integrated brand PN-Performance is a perfect complement to the product range 

of the international company MEC, in order to further develop in terms of diversification, 

economic growth and sales acquisition.

Benoit Lahouel, CEO of Poivre Noir SA: "With MEC as our distribution partner, we are 

now excited to grab the opportunity to expand our market worldwide and establish PN 

Performance! Through this partnership, we are building an incredibly strong platform for 

both companies to grow!" Michael Reichenberger, CEO of MEC GmbH adds: "With PNPerformance we can expand our portfolio with another high-tech first-class product. The 

generated synergies, especially in sales, are vital for both companies. We have one 

common goal: to make the biker's dream of the perfect motorcycle come true. Therefore, 

we are very pleased to now be a distribution partner and start full of power into the 

common future!". 

The partnership of the companies means increased relevance in the international markets 

of the brands. Today, the company mainly develops and offers accessories and mapping 

for motorcycles of the Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycle® brands. Other brands 

are to be added in the future.

The partnership between MEC and PN-Performance starts operationally now.

About PN-Performance

The company Poivre Noir SA is composed of a group of engineers specialized in finetuning and improving engines of the American motorcycle world. PN-Performance's 

mapping can be done all over the world thanks to a data transfer via secured networks 

from Switzerland and is always customized to the individual bike.

In 2017, the first bike was equipped with a PN-Performance mapping. Since then, a lot 

has happened: the annual growth of the company is over 200% since 2017! Started in 

Switzerland and France, PN-Performance is now present in 6 countries. Many more will 

follow! In 2019, 4,000 bikes were already equipped with the personalized mapping. 

Meanwhile, the company also distributes high-performance oil for motorcycles.

For more information please visit www.the-mec.com

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