Saturday, 30 January 2021

Daytona Bike Week 2021 is ON!



Bike Week 2021 is ON




Our buddy Brian Holt was on hand for the City Council meeting in Daytona Beach while they were discussing the possibility of holding the traditional Spring breakout rally given possible Covid-19 concerns. We're happy to report they have decided to roll ahead (no pun intended) and provide for permits and rally business in 2021. 

The official rally dates are March 5-14, 2021, but Corbin will begin offering our traditional rally discount a full week earlier. Come by our shop in Ormond Beach for 10% off anytime from February 27 to March 14, 2021. 

Shop info and directions can be found HERE.

Friday, 29 January 2021

BMW to abandon INTERMOT and EICMA permanently

 BMW to abandon INTERMOT and EICMA permanently

Described as a realignment of its strategy for product launches, BMW Motorrad has announced that it will no longer exhibit at the two major international European trade fairs that it has historically supported from its head office corporate communications budgets - INTERMOT and EICMA.

"New live and digital formats will increasingly take the place of traditional trade fair appearances at BMW Motorrad in the future. In particular, this means that the traditional commitments at the two leading motor shows EICMA in Milan and INTERMOT in Cologne, which were previously organised centrally by BMW Motorrad, will no longer apply.
"This realignment of the communication strategy for new BMW Motorrad products and offers includes in-house BMW Motorrad and BMW Group formats as well as external formats - both live and digital - taking into account the respective defined requirements of the different target groups and media genres."

Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, is quoted as stating: “Our strategic communication realignment in which we make use of increased live and digital formats will enable us to inspire even more people worldwide for BMW Motorrad products and offers in the future and to approach them in an optimally targeted manner.
"By using our own trade fair-independent live and digital formats, we cannot only time world premieres and product launches more flexibly, but it also enables more intensive interaction with all target groups as well as an increased information reach."
The company says that it will "continue to present its product range to visitors at selected regional motorcycle shows and will be open to new formats", but not ones where it would actually mean meeting, you know, people!
Ever since the tightening of the coronavirus lockdown in Germany was announced in January, there has been increasing industry speculation that many of the planned motorcycle events in the first half of 2021 could yet end up going the same way as most did in 2020, and that even an event slated for November, such as EICMA, was already looking vulnerable - and that was before this news threw a Molotov cocktail into the hen house.
Indeed, in announcing that it was severing its long-standing relationship with Garmisch-Partenkirchen for its annual BMW Motorrad Days celebration of all things 
"blue and white" - in favour of Berlin - the lack of a confirmed date (aside from a vague statement about the summer of 2020) appeared to presage uncertainty about that investment too.

As this INTERMOT/EICMA news started to circulate towards the end of January, there were two mutually opposing and competing perspectives doing the rounds - namely that this move either suggested that BMW would also abandon the planned Berlin event, or that it will step-up its Berlin plans for a mono-brand-fest at Berlin that gave it the opportunity to tightly regulate its messaging and brand presentation without competitive pressures to distract its disciples.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

MCN London Motorcycle Show cancelled

 MCN London Motorcycle Show cancelled

UK motorcycle newspaper MCN (Motorcycle News) has confirmed that it is having to cancel its 2021 London Motorcycle Show.

It had been slated to be held at London's Excel Exhibition Complex from 12 to 14 February. The pandemic has dealt show plans a double hit as not only do present UK restrictions make all such events an impossibility, but the Excel Exhibition Centre, alongside the River Thames in London's Docklands on the east side of central London, is presently hosting the largest of the UK's 'Nightingale' emergency COVID-19 hospitals.
"It is with great sadness that we have to confirm the cancellation of the 2021 MCN London Motorcycle Show," the organisers have stated. "We must all follow the Government guidelines, and the latest lockdown measures mean we are unable to run the event this year."

In 2020 the event was one of the last motorcycle shows in Europe to be staged before the widespread lockdown started in March and usually attracts some 40,000 visitors.

Zodiac News: Rick’s Good Guys design air cleaner

Rick’s Good Guys Design Air Cleaner
Now available at your Zodiac Dealer

Rick’s Good Guys design air cleaner is made in Germany and characterized by an elaborate construction and an equally appealing design. Housing and base plate are milled out of billet aluminum CNC and feature an integrated engine ventilation that leads the oil back into the intake passage, preventing uncontrolled oil leakage from the air cleaner body. The air cleaner features integrated noise reduction which is not visible from the outside. The noise reduction can be removed to optimize performance, but note that this will void the TÜV approval. However, the technical appearance is only the visible part of the filter. Thanks to the K&N filter element and clever flow optimization this air cleaner meets the highest requirements. TÜV approval is for the Rick’s air cleaner in combination with original exhaust systems and some adjustable aftermarket exhausts.



Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Indian FTR Lineup Tuned for Optimal Street Performance

 FTR Lineup Tuned for Optimal Street Performance

Delivers World-Class Handling

Indian Motorcycle redefined what an American V-Twin can be with the introduction of its category-defying FTR platform in 2019. Now, America’s First Motorcycle Company is taking the beloved FTR platform to a whole new level of street performance with the 2022 FTR lineup.

Indian Motorcycle Raises The Bar With FTR Delivering The Ultimate Street Tracker

Already admired for its unique styling, strong engine and great handling, the FTR is now at the top of its game when it comes to performance on the tarmac. With close attention paid to refining the engine tune, optimising suspension settings plus a steeper head angle, shorter trail and now running asphalt oriented 17” tyres and wheels; the 2022 FTR delivers world-class performance and agility while feeling more compact too.

Heightening its street performance credentials, all FTR models now feature the sporty profile of Metzeler Sportec tyres and fully-adjustable suspension with the flagship FTR R Carbon benefitting from top quality Öhlins units front and rear. The new engine calibration takes advantage of the running gear enhancements by refining engine performance for a smoother, more predictable throttle response as well as cylinder deactivation to manage engine heat when the motorcycle is idle.

“The FTR is unlike any other motorcycle in its ability to deliver superior performance while making a powerful statement of style and self-expression. The updates we’ve delivered further solidify that promise for even the most discerning riders,” said Mike Dougherty, President of Indian Motorcycle. “Indian Motorcycle has always pushed the bounds of motorcycling, innovated, and continuously improved and I think the new FTR is another great example of that.”

In addition to its American heritage, iconic silhouette, and class-leading fit and finish, the FTR delivers an unmatched feature set including a 110mm (4.3-inch) digital touchscreen display and a 1203cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that produces 92 kW (123 hp) and 120 Nm (88.5 ft-lb) of

TOP Mountain Crosspoint Motorcycle Museum News:


"Last week, a malfunctioning TV-monitor caused a disaster
for our TOP Mountain Crosspoint."

"Our motorcycle museum with almost 300 unique exhibitions was ablaze and unfortunately was almost completely destroyed.
Only the exhibits of the special exhibition "Indian Motorcycles" on the ground floor could be saved.

The exhibits in the main hall of the museum are all irretrievably lost, 15 years of passionate work destroyed, a tremendous loss to us and the entire motorcycle world.

Luck of the draw: no one was injured and the entire cablecar and restaurant section of the TOP Mountain Crosspoint were unharmed.
We would now like to thank the voluntary fire brigade of the Ötztal and the rescue and police services for their hard work!

Right now the clean-up work is in full swing and we will start rebuilding our TOP Mountain Motorcycle Museum as soon as possible - we will be back and it will be spectacular, we promise!"

The Scheiber family with the entire TOP Mountain Crosspoint team

"Afgelopen week heeft een defecte TV-monitor een ramp veroorzaakt voor onze TOP Mountain Crosspoint.

Ons motormuseum met bijna 300 unieke tentoonstellingen vlam en werd helaas bijna volledig verwoest.

Alleen de tentoonstellingen van de bijzondere tentoonstelling 'Indian Motorcycles′ op de begane grond konden worden gered.
De tentoonstellingen in de hoofdzaal van het museum zijn allemaal onherroepelijk verloren, 15 jaar gepassioneerd werk vernield, een ontzettend groot verlies voor ons en de hele motorwereld.

Gelukkig is niemand gewond geraakt en de hele kabelbaan en het restaurantgedeelte van de TOP Mountain Crosspoint bleven ongeschonden.

Wij willen bij deze de vrijwillige brandweer van het Ötztal en de reddings-en politiediensten bedanken voor hun grote inzet!

Op dit moment zijn de opruimwerkzaamheden in volle gang en starten we zo snel mogelijk met de herbouw van ons TOP Mountain Motorfiets Museum - we komen terug en het wordt spectaculair, dat beloven we!"

Familie Scheiber met het hele team van TOP Mountain Crosspoint

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Harley MY21 Model Line-Up

Harley MY21 Models:

2021 H-D Street Bob 114 "Adds Gritty Performance to Cruiser Line-Up"

Harley is describing its 2021 Softail range as motorcycles that "combine modern power and technology with authentic American styling to offer a pure riding experience."
The headline news in Softail terms centers as much on the models that are not now in the line-up as on those that are - at least in terms of anything new for dealers to be able to raise pulses with. It has been a necessary trimming, but one that maybe hasn't gone deep enough yet.

Street Bob 114

The two 'hero' initiatives are the Street Bob receiving a displacement upgrade with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine ("in addition to its stripped-down styling and no-nonsense performance") and, entering its 31st year, "the 2021 Fat Boy 114 kicks sand in the face of its historically tamped down, mean streets, big and bad positioning with a "brilliant chrome" bling restyling.
"With its steamroller stance, the Fat Boy remains one of the most

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Sedrick Mitchell - In loving Memory

Sedrick Mitchell

In loving Memory

 Mitch, we met many times at international motorcycle rallies. Your face always smiling, always friendly to everybody, making everybody to feel comfortable and at ease with you. 

In Faak, 2004

You were a great photographer, with eye for detail and knowledge about the custom bike scene. We always had great fun when we were riding on my Dyna Glide, you on the back, sitting in the opposite way so you could take riding shots when we worked together doing photo shoots of famous custom bikes and builders. You did a great job as photographer and writer for many international custom bike magazines, especially Barnett's. Now Covid-19 took your life.

Sedrick 'Mitch' and buddy David

I can't believe you are gone my Friend, we will miss your company, your smile, your friendly voice, telling bullshit and jokeing around among friends and serious when necessary. 

My love and condolences to your friends and family. Shit, I'll miss you Brother. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

BMW Motorrad presents new R 18 custom bike - “Spirit of Passion” by Kingston Custom.

BMW Motorrad presents new R 18 custom bike.

“Spirit of Passion” by Kingston Custom.

 Munich, 18 January 2021. Unmistakable design that is distinct from all others – that is the new “Spirit of Passion” by Kingston Custom. After Roland Sands, Dirk Oehlerking lends the BMW R 18 his inimitable signature with the second R18 gem in the “SoulFuel” series, a collaboration between BMW Motorrad and selected customisers. Previously, a sensation was also caused by an R 18 conversion created by Bernhard Naumann – also known as “Blechmann”.

Oehlerking’s Kingston Custom is well-known for its extreme customising. Anyone expecting a complete rebuild of the R 18 will be in for a surprise, however. “The BMW R 18 is so perfect that I left the technology as it is. The frame is 100 % original and so sophisticated that nothing should be changed here,” says Oehlerking. But the bike has still been transformed into an unmistakable Kingston Custom conversion.

The “Spirit of Passion” in detail.

The biggest eye-catcher – and also the greatest challenge – is the Kingston fairing. The bodywork is finished in handmade Kingston design, as are the handlebars and mudguard. The BMW R 18 exhaust has been modified by Oehlerking in Kingston Roadster style, while his saddle is drawn from the range of universal accessories. The turn indicators have been replaced with Kellermann indicators and the LED front headlight is now integrated in the fairing. The original paintwork and lines have been adopted for the fairing and wing, with the addition of some details in Kingston style. The wheel suspension and fuel tank are original. The design as a whole is based on

Top Mountain Museum - update

 Top Mountain Museum - update January 19, 2021

some photos I just received. This is devestating.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Some motorcycles saved in Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum Inferno

 Some motorcycles were saved in 

Top Mountain Motocycle Museum Inferno

At the time of the fire a special Indian Motorcycle Exhibition was one of the many high-lights to be seen in the Austrian Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum

Major fire in the Mountain Top motorcycle museum - Großbrand in Mountain Top Motorradmuseum

Austria - Hochgurgl: Major fire in the Mountain Top motorcycle museum

The fire brigade in Hochgurgl (Imst district) has been on a large-scale operation since the morning hours. Around 4 a.m., a fire broke out in the motorcycle museum at the Timmelsjoch toll station. The firefighters are currently trying to prevent the flames from spreading to the cable car and the adjacent restaurant.

The fire brigade was informed by the museum operator at around 4 a.m. that smoke was leaking from the building. When the fire brigade arrived, the false ceiling was on fire, and within a few minutes the entire museum was on fire, said Matthias Klotz, commander of the Gurgl volunteer fire brigade.

Additional extinguishing water from the snow-making system

Around 70 to 80 fire brigades from the rear of the Ötztal are currently trying to prevent the flames from spreading to the adjacent restaurant and the Kirchenkarbahn valley station. The fire brigade has meanwhile tapped the snow-making system to increase the extinguishing water capacity.

When the fire broke out, there were two people in the building, but they were woken up by the fire alarm system, according to Klotz.

View from nearby place of Solden, Austria

So far, according to the latest news, only a few motorcycles could be saved.

Motorcycle museum in Hochgurgl

The "Top Mountain" motorcycle museum is 2,200 meters above sea level

In the motorcycle museum, around 230 historic motorcycles and some cars were exhibited on an area of ​​3,000 square meters. The building is largely made of wood. The exhibition house was built in 2016 by the brothers Alban and Attila Scheiber.

Source: red, 

Hochgurgl: Großbrand in Mountain Top Motorradmuseum

Seit den Morgenstunden läuft ein Großeinsatz der Feuerwehr in Hochgurgl (Bezirk Imst). Gegen 4.00 Uhr brach im Motorradmuseum bei der Timmelsjoch-Mautstation ein Brand aus. Die Feuerwehrleute versuchen derzeit ein Übergreifen der Flammen auf die Seilbahn und das angrenzende Restaurant zu verhindern.

Die Feuerwehr wurde vom Betreiber des Museums gegen 4.00 Uhr darüber informiert, dass Rauch aus dem Gebäude dringe. Beim Eintreffen der Feuerwehr stand die Zwischendecke in Brand, innerhalb weniger Minuten stand dann das gesamte Museum in Flammen, schilderte Matthias Klotz, Kommandant der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Gurgl.

Zusätzliches Löschwasser aus Beschneiungsanlage

Rund 70 bis 80 Mann der Feuerwehren aus dem hinteren Ötztal versuchen derzeit das Übergreifen der Flammen auf das angrenzende Restaurant sowie die Talstation der Kirchenkarbahn zu verhindern. Die Feuerwehr zapfte mittlerweile die Beschneiungsanlge an, um die Löschwasserkapazität zu erhöhen.

Beim Ausbruch des Brandes befanden sich zwei Personen im Gebäude, diese seien jedoch durch die Brandmeldeanlage geweckt worden, so Klotz.

Motorradmuseum in Hochgurgl

Das Motorradmuseum „Top Mountain“ liegt in 2.200 Meter Höhe

In dem Motorradmuseum waren auf 3.000 Quadrameter Fläche rund 230 historische Motorräder sowie einige Autos ausgestellt. Das Gebäude ist zu einem großen Teil aus Holz gebaut. Das Ausstellungshaus war 2016 von den Brüdern Alban und Attila Scheiber gebaut worden.

Source: red,

Friday, 15 January 2021

NIEUW: STADLER Treasure Pro & Quest Pro

NIEUW: STADLER Treasure Pro & Quest Pro

-Gemaakt voor ontdekkingsreizigers-

Motorkledingspecialist STADLER uit Duitsland presenteert ‘s werelds meest ventilerende

3-laags GORE-TEX laminaat motorpak met een zeer innovatief ventilatiesysteem.

Dit pak, bestaande uit de Treasure Pro jas en de Quest Pro broek, beschikt over het nieuwe SASS ventilatiesysteem, diverse ruime zakken en een comfortabele pasvorm. Het pak is geschikt voor gebruik onder veeleisende reis- en weersomstandigheden, zelfs voor offroad.

De buitenlaag van dit pak is gemaakt van 3-laags GORE-TEX laminaat. Dit ademend, klimaatregulerend membraan voorkomt absorberen van water aan de buitenzijde en  ophoping van transpiratie aan de binnenzijde.

In dit nieuwe motorpak zit het STADLER Air Scoop System (SASS, gepatenteerd) ingebouwd. Dit systeem werkt middels “luchthappers” die door waterdichte ritsen opengezet kunnen worden. Wanneer deze opengeritst zijn, zullen de luchthappers uit gaan zetten, vergelijkbaar met een parachute in de rijwind. Dit systeem zal frisse lucht opvangen en vervolgens door de gehele jas en broek geleiden. Ook bij hoge temperaturen en lage snelheden zal een variabele luchtstroom het lichaam verkoeling bieden. Door gebruik te maken van het 3-laags laminaat membraan en het ventilatiesysteem is dit motorpak inzetbaar onder allerlei weersomstandigheden.

‘’Met de nieuwe Treasure Pro en Quest Pro hebben we alles uit de kast getrokken. We wilden een pak ontwikkelen welke bestand is tegen alle mogelijke gebeurtenissen tijdens een motorrit. Ventilerend en licht in de zomer maar ook waterdicht en warm wanneer nodig.’’ Hans Jürgen Stadler, eigenaar van STADLER GmbH.

De Treasure Pro jas is uitgerust met CE-level 2 protectie op de ellebogen, schouders en rug. Een borstprotector is als accessoire verkrijgbaar. De in totaal 11 ventilatieopeningen op de armen, borst en rug voorkomen warmte-ophoping. Verder bevat de jas 5 zakken: een binnenzak, een borstzak, een mesh-zak op de onderrug en twee verwijderbare, waterdichte zakken aan de