Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

 Motorcycle Storehouse Additions

DK - Rocker Locker Kit

Evolution and Twin Cam engines make a lot of noise inside the rocker cover. This is due to the way H-D designed the rocker arm installation. The bolt that locks the rocker shaft is not a tight fit at all - when installed it allows the rocker shaft to rotate slightly forwards and backwards in the housing. There it hits the rocker shaft bolt, which provides you with the unnecessary clicking sound. This kit comes with four precision tapered bushings that fit around the rocker shaft bolts when they are installed, which eliminates rocker shaft movement and the annoying click. They are available for all Evolution and Twin Cam models.

Roeg - 'Greg' Track Jacket

New from Roeg moto co., the 'Greg' men’s track jacket is made from a soft knit and with vintage motorcycle inspired striping and multiple graphics. This premium jacket can be worn as an extra layer.

Wera - Joker 6004 Self-Setting Spanner Wrench

Innovation and quality are what makes Wera famous - a German tool manufacturer that feels it's okay to be different. The 6004 Joker series is a different kind of design. This tool is similar to a regular adjustable wrench in terms of functionality, but being auto-adjusting with smooth jaws, it offers a surprisingly secure grip on regular hex bolts and nuts without causing damage. Additionally, it has a built-in ratcheting function in the neck with a 30° back-pivoting angle. Available in three sizes.


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