Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Custombike-Show/Germany Postponed to December 2021; Motor Bike Expo/Verona Postponed to Spring 2021


Postponed Shows

Custombike-Show/Germany Postponed to December 2021; Motor Bike Expo/Verona Postponed to Spring 2021

Following the financial problems encountered this year by custombike magazine publisher and show organizer Huber Verlag, the operators of the Bad Salzuflen, Germany, regional expo center, where Huber had staged its annual Custombike-Show on the first weekend of December each year, had taken over ownership of the show and hoped to be able to stage it as usual in December this year.

However, with infection rates, hospitalizations and deaths on the rise again in Germany and the rest of Europe, the show has been postponed until December 3-5, 2021.
Meanwhile in Italy, Motor Bike Expo (the 'Verona' Show) has announced the postponement of its 2021 show from the planned January dates to later in the spring of 2021.
"Aware of the difficult situation we all face, we have come up with an alternative solution. With the hope that the international situation will soon take a significant turn for the better, we are convinced that the best choice at the moment is to postpone MBE 2021 to the beginning of spring.

"At this stage it is impossible for us to guarantee the expected level of success of the event, both in terms of commercial results for exhibitors as well as offering the full, dynamic visitor experience.
"For these reasons - and above all for the protection of everyone's health and to offer an even more significant and satisfying edition of the event - postponement is the best option."
The organizers of Motor Bike Expo are looking at the positives where they can and have quite rightly pointed to one big upside of a spring timing, namely that many more visitors will be able to come to the show by motorcycle.
"As with every situation which may initially seem negative, we focus on the positive implications and new opportunities that this scenario can present to us, such as the possibility for visitors to reach the event directly by motorcycle, further expansion of exhibition spaces with greater use of outdoor areas, strengthening of test ride activities and an increase in outdoor entertainment activities.
"Longer days and milder weather can be a winning combination and we look forward to being able to deliver a different kind of show when we all hope the world will be in a 'better place' in terms of this health crisis."

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