Friday, 30 October 2020

Verge Motorcycles October Update



October 2020 Update

2020 has been a year to remember for many reasons.  The year started positive for us at Verge Motorcycles.  We began our European tour at the Utrecht motorcycle show in the Netherlands followed by the IMOT show in Munich.  Visitors of the shows loved seeing our first motorcycle, the TS, and enjoyed the opportunity to pick our brains about who we are and what we want to become.   

Then, everything came to an abrupt halt with the global outbreak of Covid-19. People and businesses have been struck hard by this event, and Verge Motorcycles are no different, especially being a start-up on the verge of releasing our first motorcycle.


Our supply chains were frozen and we had to accept the fact that we would be delayed for the foreseeable future.  We quickly realised that we could not operate at 100% capacity and had to go in to damage limitation mode.  

Reluctantly, Verge Motorcycles temporarily shut down operations, but our dedicated team kept working from home, voluntarily.  This truly illustrated that every member of the team are 100% committed to building Verge Motorcycles in to a respected brand within the motorcycle industry.



Even though our progression towards our production date has been in flux, we adjusted our focus towards aspects of our company, and motorcycle, that had full control of.  Key work was completed on improving our revolutionary motor technology even further, poising it to become the most innovative drive-train on the motorcycle market.


The second focus was on fine-tuning our wiring harness design.  The ultimate goal of this work has been to maximize reliability and enhance the riding experience of not only the TS model, but all future models that

will join the TS in the Verge Motorcycles catalogue.


Aside from creating one of the most anticipated motorcycles of 2021, we are in reaching distance of securing ISO 9001 certification.  To some this might not mean much but to those who are familiar, achieving this certification further cements our intent to become a global player in the motorcycle market, not just a “one bike wonder”.



So, what to expect from Verge Motorcycles...


Building up content - 

  • We will be giving you an insight to our progress as company operations start to get back to up to speed, pushing towards production.
  • This includes getting to know some of the faces within our company and also learning about the “WHY” of Verge Motorcycles.
  • We are revising our European tour plans that include “first ride” and “pre-release breakdowns” of the TS with your favourite media outlets and motorcycle content creators.


Our first motorcycle, the TS - 

  • We will be releasing an in-depth specification list as soon as we lock down final component information from our suppliers. 
  • And last but not least, an introduction to our fully integrated, Rider connection system.  Features that include over-the-air updates without the use of a mobile phone, live diagnostics, direct customer support, navigation and a whole spectrum of riding data all designed to make the experience of a Verge motorcycle like no other 2-wheeled vehicle.


With all that said, make sure you keep posted on our social media channels and we look forward to sharing the Verge Motorcycles journey with you.  If you want to see the October update in video form, click HERE.

From all the Verge Motorcycles Team,

Have a great weekend!


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