Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Forbikes - Get inside a Bubble with FK

Forbikes - Get inside a Bubble with FK

FK Visors by Reggio Emilia, Italy based Forbikes is now distributing vintage Bubble visors. They are described as "icons of style and safety, Bubble visors add even more retro style to jet helmets and offer the best protection features for the rider".

The Bubble visors come in a wide variety of colours, so that each rider can choose the one that best suits their taste - transparent, brown/transparent, light smoke, dark smoke, silver mirror, multicolour mirror, blue/transparent, yellow, pink/transparent, orange, orange/transparent.

"Attachment is by three universal and adjustable snap-buttons - they are lightweight, offer extremely clear, optically correct vision and are designed to fit any 3-stud motorcycle helmet thanks to the adjustable centre distance. They are injection-moulded for durability, precision and strength and no tools are required for installation. In a Bubble design, the larger distance between the visor and the face results in greater comfort and less issues with misting and negative airflows".
A 3-stud visor flip mechanism is also available, so the rider can flip the visor up or down at will. Simple and robust, it is available in two colours - black or transparent. "A must-have accessory for Bubble visor lovers".


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