Saturday, 26 September 2020

W&W News - The Cyclery IOE Cylinders

 The Cyclery IOE Cylinders

Protect your valuable and irreplaceable original crankcases from worn-beyond-repair original cylinders (a.k.a. time bombs). These accurate reproductions are cast from state-of-the-art alloys to modern specs and stand up to all horsepowers you can pack on an IOE lower end. Now you can finally have both that stock factory look and a safe engine. Racers around the globe use them with great success since years. Sold as pairs only.

  Exhaust valve seats are unmachined.

 cast iron, cast finish


item №  - version

 64-072 - Early small flange cylinders with 3-5/16” bore for 61 cui./1000 cc engines, IOE models 1915-1923, inner Ø: 83.9 mm; replaces OEM DA700, DA701, IA700P, IA701, 2-20, and 3-20

64-077 - Later large flange cylinders with 3-5/16” bore for 61 cui./1000 cc engines; IOE models 1924-1929; replaces OEM 2-24, and 3-24

64-073 - Large flange cylinders with 3-7/16 ” bore for 74cui./1200 cc engines. These are cast like the later style 1928/1929 cylinders with straight, over-the-head fins next to the valve pocket and horizontal carryover fins from the pocket to the cylinder proper for increased stability. . Fits DCA & DCB motors 1923-1924, 74”/1200 cc IOE models 1925-1929; nominal bore: 3-7/16 ”; inner Ø: 86.9 mm; replaces OEM 4-23, and 5-23;

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