Tuesday, 8 September 2020

New RO200 ❗ All the qualities of RO200 CARBON are within reach❗


All the qualities of RO200 CARBON are within reach

The RO200 CARBON has made his mark! Since September 2019, the most lightweight racing full face helmet of the world was able to win over the riders, journalists and bikers to get its prime position on the premium-quality full face market.


In order to make these exceptional technologies available to as many people as possible, ROOF is today unveiling the new RO200! This new model retains its sporty design and incorporates all the proven technologies of the RO200 CARBON in a high quality fiberglass shell. At just only 1.280g, the RO200 is one of the most lightweight full face helmet of the market.


This performance is the result of in-depth research on every component, from the shell to EPS protection and not forgetting the visor articulation mechanism, chin-strap anchors or air vents. Many patents have just made all the hard work of our French Riviera Design Office a reality.


Coming standard with an additional DAYNIGHT visor and a 100% MAXVISION PINLOCK lens, the RO200 is available in 5 outstanding colors and 8 sizes from €419.

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