Saturday, 26 September 2020

Curtiss Motorcycle Co. Pre-Production Update




This week, our dash and light assemblies have arrived so you can finally see what the cockpit of Curtiss 1 will look like. These round TFT displays will be programmed with a digital speedometer beneath a power use needle and battery/range reserve scale; very simple and easy to read at a glance, we are deliberately avoiding gimmicks and information overload with our display design.



Our first complete battery pack from CIE solutions has been shipped and will be installed as soon as it arrives; once the final assembly is complete and the battery installed it’s just a matter of bringing the bikes to New Eagle in Ann Arbor, Michigan to finish programming the power train. Then we have running bikes to start testing!



We will be teasing a bit over the coming weeks ahead of a major public launch of the completed bikes. We have a series of video and photo shoots scheduled to reveal Curtiss 1 to the world, so stay tuned for updates and event dates.


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