Monday, 28 September 2020

Corbin New Product Alert - Gunfighter Saddle for 2020 Triumph Rocket III

 Gunfighter Saddle

2020 Triumph Rocket III

Comfort and style together in one package is what made the Corbin name famous worldwide. Delivering a quality product constructed of the finest materials available has made Corbin the number one manufacturer of motorcycle saddles for over fifty years! Our Gunfighter saddle for the Rocket III is a perfect example of this combination of form and function.

Up front the seating area has been ergonomically designed to distribute body weight over a greater area. This provides longer-range support and eliminates hot spots. Neutralized seating platform helps to hold your body in place and curbs sliding in the saddle. This also helps to relieve rider fatigue by taking pressure off your wrists and knees.

Our exclusive Comfort Cell foam material on the inside provides a firm, resilient ride that supports your body indefinitely. Over time, Comfort Cell will break in and adapt to provide a personalized fit to your body.

For a solo look, the Gunfighter tail section is shaped to emulate the lines of the bodywork with a fastback tail section. On the inside, the tail is padded and upholstered to provide for short trip passenger capability. Although the shaping of the tail is designed primarily for looks, the Comfort Cell foam still provides a reasonable passenger perch. This saddle looks perfect on the Roadster models and will also work on the GT with or without the sissy bar.

For those chilly morning rides we offer an option of heated rider seating. We incorporate a heater unit under the leather seating and a switch on the left side of the saddle (so you can turn it on without removing your hand from the throttle). Just flip the switch and the seat will warm up and maintain temperature automatically. Corbin's heater comes completely pre installed in the saddle and you need only integrate the included pigtail.

Corbin's saddle mounts like stock and includes latch pin on the saddle so it's ready for immediate installation. Integrates with Triumph key lock system.

 Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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 The finest and most comfortable motorcycle saddles available. 

Manufactured with pride in the USA.

#T-R3-20-G            Gunfighter saddle no Heat, 2020 Triumph Rocket III          $561

#T-R3-20-G-E      Gunfighter saddle with HEAT, 2020 Triumph Rocket III        $668

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