Saturday, 29 August 2020

Curtiss 1 _ Betas by Curtiss Motorcycle Co.


Curtiss 1 Betas

Curtiss is excited to share some updates on the assembly of our three beta pre-production Curtiss 1 testers! 

We are making significant progress on the final assembly, with the chassis together while we wait for the final round of carbon fibre parts to finish the suspension sub-assemblies. We have been experimenting with mixing and matching colours, mixing black with raw aluminum components, as well as different finishes on the battery casings. 

You’ll notice on the black monocoque we have prototyped our concept for interchangeable insert panels; these are simple flat metal panels that are secured within the negative spaces milled into the frame and will allow us to offer a variety of colour and material choices to clients who wish to personalize their Curtiss 1. And they are easily exchanged if the client wishes to change the combination; as they are simple flat panels, we can offer them in different metals, different finishes, or even different materials. How about leather, or fabric, or carbon fibre, or copper? Anything our clients can dream up can be accomplished!



Our battery supplier CIE Solutions is making progress on our battery modules. There are five modules stacked in each Curtiss 1 Power Pak. One module is 1.5 kw-h, for a total of 7.5 kw-h in the Power Pak. We calculate the nominal maximum capacity at 6.6 kw-h, using approximately 90% state of charge. 

Something important to note is that Curtiss is the first EV motorcycle company to employ a liquid cooled battery pack. The pack is fully submerged in a dielectric coolant, which is circulated through the battery casing, inverter and motor via a small electric pump. No other motorcycle uses a liquid cooled battery – all our competition uses air cooled packs, even if they employ a liquid cooled motor.

Curtiss’ liquid cooled solution is safer and more efficient, and will show the way forward for EV motorcycle design.



Stay tuned for further updates!


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