Monday, 15 June 2020

GBRacing new product release — universal brake lever guard

GBRacing new product - universal brake lever guard

GBRacing is excited to introduce a completely new product to its constantly expanding range. Designed to conform with the various motorcycle sport governing bodies' requirement for front brake lever protection, this innovative new brake lever guard has been designed to save costs as well as improve rider safety.

Made with our patented long-glass material and designed to fit race-style clip-on tubes in sizes from 14-18mm using three different size inserts to ensure a secure fit without causing damage or any deformation of the tube. This is vitally important to reduce the possibility of the throttle twistgrip tube sticking to a handlebar that has a 'high spot' due to over-tightening of a fixing, or through a poorly-designed guard clamp.

Road versions will be available in due course — these will mount via a bolt that will utilise the original threaded part that takes the bolt for the OE bar end for ease of fitment.
Pricing is competitive with the full kit costing just £38.33 / €46.38 / $61.33 (plus taxes according to country).
The composite part is available separately for just £20 / €24.20 / $32 (plus taxes according to country) making it perfect for racers on a budget, as well as for professional teams needing an easy-to-change part in the event of a crash.

These are available now, right in time for the — somewhat delayed — racing season.
Key points:
• Super-competitive price
• Easy-to-fit with the ideal-sized insert for each inside diameter of handlebar tube
• Replacement moulded part available separately, further reducing ongoing costs
• Tough long glass-fibred nylon is resilient to bending and breaking
• Designed for high strength and striking aesthetics with subtle yet bold branding

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