Thursday, 4 June 2020

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires - NEW Dunlop Dragmax

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires - NEW Dunlop Dragmax

Dunlop Dragmax

Buffalo, New York based Dunlop Motorcycle Tires in the United States has created its first ever drag racing tire - the Dunlop Dragmax 190/50-17.
Created for professional and amateur drag racers, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires has created the new Dragmax, which is available in 190/50ZR17 size - "the most popular size for serious drag racers on metric and V-twin motorcycles.
"Dunlop has never focused its considerable engineering experience on building a drag racing tire until now. But the time was right to support the drag racing market due to the higher demands of the Pro Street Bike class, where horsepower and speeds have achieved new levels in recent years.
"Professional and amateur drag racers that are required to run DOT motorcycle tires had few choices. The new Dragmax is a radial tire that utilizes Dunlop’s exclusive N-TEC construction, similar to that of Dunlop’s rear road racing slicks. N-TEC combines the benefits of cut-breaker construction, which increases stiffness, with continuously wound aramid jointless tread construction for maximum feel and stability.
"This design allows racers to run very low pressures, increasing the footprint for maximum traction. The compound is also very soft, the softest street compound Dunlop has ever produced in its Buffalo, New York plant.

"A completely new profile that’s wider and flatter than a typical hypersports tire also helps lay down a bigger footprint. The tire’s construction minimizes centrifugal growth to keep that footprint as consistent as possible, which also reduces the risk of de-beading."

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