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EICMA/'Milan' Show Canceled for 2020

EICMA/'Milan' Show Canceled for 2020

Following the news that INTERMOT (Cologne, Germany, October) had been canceled until its next due event in 2022, Confindustria ANCMA (the National Association of Manufacturers of Bicycles, Motorbikes and Accessories) that owns and operates EICMA at Milan in November each year has, as expected, confirmed cancellation of its show until November 2021.

Paolo Magri, the President of Confindustria ANCMA and Managing Director of EICMA S.p.A., the company that organizes the show, is quoted as saying that "the decision has been taken with and for the whole sector.
"The importance and international status of our exhibition means that it would be inappropriate to gamble on how the health situation linked to the COVID-19 emergency will evolve and, above all, to listen to our stakeholders and protect the whole of the two-wheeler industry, its customers and the wider public."
Milan and the state of Lombardy were 'ground zero' for the COVID-19 pandemic in northern Italy, and while much of Italian society, commerce and manufacturing is embarked on a slow and careful path to reopening, the risks of acting too optimistically, too soon, are obvious.

It was only a matter of time before the decision to suspend the 78th iteration of a show that traces its origins back more than 100 years became official, especially once BMW and KTM/Husqvarna (big players in the German and Italian trade associations) had both announced (in early April) that they would not be exhibiting at either event.
Dates for 2021 are 9th to 14th November at the Fiera Milano, Rho - west of the Milan city center and around 30 minutes from Malpensa airport.



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Get out of the shadow and tame the city with the limited-edition Black Shadow. Attract the looks thanks to its silver iridium visor that disturbs the darkness of the matt black. The assertive character of its dark style will be reinforced by an exclusive scarf.
With the Black Shadow, black becomes indiscreet! 

The BOXXER BLACK SHADOW is available from XS/54 to XXL/63. Find this limited edition at all of our official retailers, that you can find on our store locator : http://www.roof.fr/en/retailers 

The limited edition BLACK SHADOW benefits from all the technical innovations of the BOXXER :

• 180° ROTATIVE CHINBAR AND JET & FULLFACE CERTIFIED Often copied, never matched, ROOF, a pioneer in the field, innovated in 1995 with the very first helmet with a 180°

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Voor de tweede keer in de geschiedenis vraagt TRIUMPH Motorcycles Benelux Fred Krugger (Basse-Bodeux), om zijn visie toe te passen op 1 van de Triumph-modellen.
Na het succes van de Bobber Basse-Bodeux, was het de beurt aan de Scrambler 1200XE voor Krugger. Het algemene succes van dit model met eigenschappen als : onbetwistbaar, krachtig, wendbaar en veelzijdig, wilde Krugger gebruiken om deze machine nog speelser en trendy te maken geïnspireerd op de dirt-track.

Volgens Krugger is de basis van deze motorfiets al zeer goed qua kwaliteit en gebruikte onderdelen met een reeds bewezen ontwerp, zoals het merk in Hinckley in zijn gehele assortiment toepast. Maar zoals gewoonlijk richtte Fred zich op elk individueel onderdeel. Van een verlaagde brandstoftank, tot het vernieuwde zadel, tot de uitlaten die uit elke kant van de motor komen, tot details zoals de smalle « Dakarachtige » voorvorkkroonplaat, tot het verhoogde voorspatbord en zijn ongelooflijke pasvorm. Het oorspronkelijke Brembo-remsysteem vond hij niet voldoende. In plaats daarvan leverde Beringer speciaal voor Krugger gemaakte schijven. Om de originele achterste olietank te kunnen verwijderen en vrij zicht te houden op het tandwiel van de versnellingsbak is hij uitgevoerd met een duimrem voor achter.
De afwerking en "decoratie" verwijst naar het horlogemerk REBELLION. Fred Krugger, een liefhebber van mechanica, bewondert de grote horlogemerken en in het bijzonder REBELLION. Hier vinden we de perfecte combinatie tussen de mechanische perfectie die nodig is in de horloge-industrie en de productie van onze dubbele wereldkampioen. Alles straalt precisie uit!

We moeten echter de originele motorfiets naast de creatie van Fred Krugger zetten om ons te realiseren hoeveel werk dit is geweest. We zijn in de aanwezigheid van twee verschillende motoren, ook al zijn hun genen identiek. De kwaliteit van de afwerking is wederom ver boven onze verwachting en doet ons denken aan een speciale editie rechtstreeks uit de speciale afdeling van de Triumph fabriek in Hinckley.

Als zodanig gepresenteerd, behoudt de motor al zijn wettelijke vereisten (op de foto zonder kentekenplaathouder) en dient deze machine om andere eigenaren en wellicht zelfs de fabriek in Hinckley te inspireren om misschien ooit een speciale "Krugger" editie aan te bieden.
Met dank aan Triumph Motorcycles Benelux, Rebellion, Wildhog, Beringer, Signtec, Couleurs ardentes, Belgian Coating, Thierry Dricot (Foto) , Christopher Roxxs (Video)

Fork 35mm
Suspension rear 25mm
Wheels 19 inch Excel front wheel rim with Triumph DUNLOP hub, back 18
Tank Modified Triumph Bobber Tank
Saddle Custom saddle covered by Wild Hog Italy during the confinement or the small stainless steel logo with the Belgian and Italian flags to support my Italian friends.
Mudgard Tailor-made rear mudguard. Shortened rear frame buckle. Manufacture of a new rear mudguard integrating electronics
Frontfender Original Scrambler modified front fender. Half height mudguard support made to measure integrating the aluminium fork protectors

Brakes Beringer front and rear brake, special matt finish with original crown

Other Beringer materials Beringer handlebar lever, Beringer front brake and Beringer hydraulic clutch + rear brake control by thumb with a third jar of oil to remove the original jar located at the gearbox out-put pinion and to clear the visual on it.
Grips Original heated grips and Kellermann handlebar end flashers
Light Custom made stainless steel tail lights with approved LEDs
Exhaust Stainless steel exhausts, catalytic converter suppression. Fabrication of a steel cover integrated in the right side cover to fill the void of the original double exhaust system
Other changes Fabrication of a steel cover integrated in the right side cover to fill the void of the original double exhaust system, cutting of the left side cap ,Triumph Bobber Handlebar Bridges, removal of the protective plates at the footrest, aluminium number holder (2 lateral) and windproof, lightening and finishing of the headlight supports (suppression of the supports of indicators), footrests, stand; support of footrest, selector and rear brake lever.  

Corbin New Product - Edge Backrest

Edge Backrest

Our newest backrest style! The Edge Ovalbac backrest looks perfectly at home on a cruiser or a sportbike and is designed to compliment bikes with more angular lines. Naturally this model will work properly in all Corbin seat models that accept a removable backrest. For seats that take two rests, you can use it in the front as a Rider's rest or in the rear as a Passenger rest.

The angle of the backrest easily adjusts to individual's posture for a tailored fit. Naturally, we've slightly curved the contact area to make it fit your back ergonomically. This creates a greater area of body contact and maximum comfort. We build it up with the same materials that have made Corbin the first name in Motorcycle saddles. Have your backrest covered to match your seat with a range

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Comment by AMD's Robin Bradley - No 'AMD' World Championship until at least the Spring of 2021

No 'AMD' World Championship 
until at least the Spring of 2021

Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

"We didn't know for sure until mid-June, but the news that INTERMOT has been cancelled for 2020 comes as no great surprise. Despite Germany doing a better job of managing the coronavirus pandemic (and therefore of managing its economy) than any other of the 'Western' nations, its 'long game' approach has meant that, even by October, a public event that would bring together over 200,000 people in a confined indoor space was always looking vulnerable.

And even though it means there will be no AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building this year, let me be quite clear about this - I one hundred percent support and back this decision.
The complex mix of city, state and national policies and politics that confront an expo center in Europe, and the public, employee and exhibitor safety issues that the organizers have had to try to reconcile, are a mind-bendingly complex matrix of often competing priorities that has left major events in Europe such as INTERMOT entirely unsustainable - for this year at least. And even though it means there will be no AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building this year, let me be quite clear about this - I one hundred percent support and back this decision.
The complex mix of city, state and national policies and politics that confront an expo center in Europe, and the public, employee and exhibitor safety issues that the organizers have had to try to reconcile, are a mind-bendingly complex matrix of often competing priorities that has left major events in Europe such as INTERMOT entirely unsustainable - for this year at least. 

Factor in the politics of an understandably risk averse exhibitor community that includes third party parts, accessory, gear and apparel vendors, as well as the motorcycle manufacturers themselves, and this was a square that was never going to be circled.
When BMW and KTM specifically, and in a clearly coordinated move, announced that they were pulling out of INTERMOT (and the EICMA/Milan Show), it just became a question of time before the trade association and exhibition center had to bow to the inevitable. For now, all that remains is for the Italian trade association (ANCMA) to similarly announce cancellation of EICMA for this year.

For the biennial INTERMOT, the next show (and therefore in theory the next AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building too) won't be until October 2022.
That means a 24-month delay and a 48-month gap between INTERMOT 2018 and the next show. That, for an expo that already had serious issues in terms of exhibitor community confidence and numbers, may well be such a momentum killer that the IVM and Koelnmesse must be concerned that this may well, effectively speaking, mark the end of the road for the show as anything other than a domestic German event.
Indeed, this may well be the final endgame for an outbreak of show wars that burst out into the open some 20 years ago when EICMA/ANCMA decided to end the traditional Cologne/Milan alternate annual show cycle that had served the market in Europe well for decades. In the late 90s, and then again conclusively for 2005, ANCMA's membership approved a plan to double dip profits by going annual.

Previously the two trade associations, the IVM in Germany and ANCMA in Italy, had gotten along well with each other, and there are various theories as to why the relationship fell apart. When the IVM was formed out of three weak and competing multi-purpose trade associations in Germany in 1996 after the last staging of the old IFMA 'Cologne Show' (then a joint motorcycle and bicycle market expo), the first move of the newly-formed IVM was to create a new show, INTERMOT, and take advantage of the sweetheart deal on offer from the new, state-of-the art expo center at Munich.
At that first show in 1998, ANCMA stunned everyone, including its German hosts, by announcing that they were going to take EICMA annual and by doing so, go into competition with IVM and INTERMOT. By 2005 the EICMA motorcycle show was annual, and ever since then 'Milan' has threatened to overshadow INTERMOT.
In the years following the financial crisis and up to the nadir of the market in Europe in 2014 both shows suffered, but as growth returned, EICMA's annual frequency put it in pole position and by last year had clearly become first choice with exhibitors and was attracting many more visitors.

INTERMOT had started to hemorrhage vendor confidence before the COVID-19 emergency and that would have resulted in a contraction of the show in October this year anyway. Now, with a 48- month cycle between shows in a market of uncertain strength in the years ahead, maybe we are now seeing the end of 20 years of head-butting and mutually assured destruction.
In terms of our involvement at INTERMOT with the AMD World Championship, whether or not the show (and by implication the IVM) has the budget or reason to stage custom-specific initiatives by 2022 remains to be seen. Personally, I would be very pleasantly surprised if they are able or willing to do so.
IVM and Koelnmesse have been unstinting in the generosity of their support for the 'AMD' since 2014 and, by extension, for the custom motorcycle market, and we are immensely appreciative of that support. But nothing is forever, and the 'AMD' has prospered by being prepared to embrace change in the past, and will no doubt now do so again now.

While we will explore future-facing options for 2021 and beyond, one thing is for sure, namely that while the health emergency remains, it would be singularly inappropriate for us to even start trying to plan an 'AMD' staging solution until at least into the spring of 2021 at the soonest. Nobody is safe until everybody is safe."

Motor Saloon Amersfoort - Road Glide Special Patriot

Road Glide Special Patriot - Een hommage aan snelheid

Verder gaan, sneller gaan en meer epische reizen maken. Dat is de spirit van American Touring. De Special Edition two-tone paint set in ‘Billiard Blue’ heeft een ‘Stone Washed White’ striping die vanuit het midden van de motor loopt en trots het klassieke Harley-Davidson #1 race-logo op de tank laat zien en Harley-Davidson in geschreven letters op de zijkoffers. 

Van deze Patriot uitvoering zijn slecht 750 stuks wereldwijd geleverd. 
Naast het indrukwekkende uiterlijk zijn ook het comfort en de performance 

FK Visors compatible with Momo Helmets

FK Visors compatible with Momo Helmets

The popular and respected FK Visors programme was created as a brand of Forbikes S.r.l., a leading Italian accessory vendor, and is one of the leading independent motorcycle helmet visor producers.

Made to deliver the best possible quality and optical purity standards, 30 years of experience go into every FK visor - and one of the latest helmet brands for which FK visors are available is MOMODESIGN.
FK takes care of the entire visor production process for the helmet manufacturer - from technical specification and design to the mould, testing of prototypes and then the final product.
The branded visor compatible with MOMODESIGN helmets is available in eight colours: transparent, dark smoke, silver mirror, blue mirror, red mirror, gold mirror, pink mirror and green mirror.
The mirroring has a water-repellent treatment and is a non-homogeneous multilayer which allows the presence of different colours on the visor while maintaining a predominant colour on the others. It is made using an 80% smoke material that guarantees vivid colours.

On the outside the FK visor has an anti-scratch treatment ensuring transparency and durability. All FK visors are Made in Italy "combining technology and craftsmanship. The artisan workmanship is an important step in our production process, but we also use the most advanced technology to ensure millimetric precision".
The visor for MOMODESIGN helmets has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is produced in high quality polycarbonate. The rubber gasket around the perimeter of the visor ensures that no air or water can penetrate.


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Nu bij Motor Saloon Amersfoort - H-D GOLDUSA twee-in-een helm

H-D GOLDUSA twee-in-een helm
Nu verkrijgbaar bij Harley-Davidson Motor Saloon Amersfoort

De Goldusa X07 Harley-Davidson helm kan met of zonder het geventileerde face mask gebruikt worden. Goudkleurige doodskop grapics en vele opties; deze helm is cool voor iedereen! 

Combineer hem met de nieuwe T-shirts die uiteraard ook allemaal bij Motor Saloon verkrijgbaar zijn, in de kledingshop maar ook via de webshop. Je kunt In de Motor Saloon webshop lekker rondneuzen, er is een uitgebreide collectie stijlvolle kleding te zien, fijn en veilig voor op de motor, maar ook om casual te dragen!

Verkrijgbaar bij Motor Saloon in Amersfoort Tel. 033-4617398


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NEW DATE: 34th Biker Fest Int. - September 17th-20th, 2020 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine-Italy)


With thousands of presences and the best national and international customizers, Biker Fest is the most historic and important Biker meeting in Italy and one of the most famous in Europe.
The 34th edition will be held from 17th to 20th of September in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) a beautiful seaside resort that takes its name from the particular colour of its golden fine sand. Biker Fest offers to its guests favourable accommodations for every taste and free entry to the whole kermes area.

The event takes place in 4 different areas of the city to accentuate and diversify the peculiarities of each attraction proposed, so that the entire community is involved in the event. This solution is very appreciated by public and by shop keepers that make it a dynamic event able to involve everyone: it’s why it’s different from any other.

It is the event that has given birth and has always supported the best of the entire Custom and Biker movement in Europe, expanding to Off Road, Dirt Track, Motorcycle Tourism and Great Globe Trotters, with the presence of all Official Motorcycle Brands and their Demo Rides.
Many national and international trends are born here and it is no a coincidence that the Biker Fest Custom Bike Show is the most historic in Europe (born in 1987) and it was affiliated with the "Rat's Hole" of Daytona and Sturgis (USA) in the past.

An absolute exclusivity is the Final of the Custom Bike Show IMC Championship (Italian Motorcycle Championship) and the only date of  AMD World Custom Bike Show Championship in Italy with the exhibition of the most beautiful bikes in Europe. Prizes includes 4 reimbursements of 1000 Euros and free boots in the best motorcycle trade shows like Motor Bike Expo in Verona and Rome Motodays.

Biker Fest also presents freestyle motocross shows, international Stunt Men, a great Off-Road area attended by hundreds of racers, an oval track for Dirt Truck training courses and races, organized Moto-Tours, 10 Rock concerts, a Pin Up Contest and much more. Another national exclusive is the spectacular and exhilarating Scrambler Challenge (from 2014) in the Off Road area, the first and only European event dedicated to this motorcycle segment. The Parade of Lights is always spectacular and fascinating with thousands of motorcyclists parading along the streets of the city on Saturday evening; departure from Luna Park at 7 p.m.

Thanks to success of the last years, Official Motorcycle Brands will be present at the Stadium Zone and will offer free more then 2000 Demo Rides with all their new models.
On Sunday the great final with the U.S. Car Reunion, the most historic meeting of AMERICAN CARS in Italy (since 1995) www.uscarreunion.it at the Luna Park. In the last edition it has collected over 300 American Cars V8 of great prestige and uniqueness as you can see from the pictures.

The big news of this year is the E-Mobility Village, in this special area we will give at the visitors the chance to test all types of electric and hybrid vehicles for free, from motorcycles, scooters, passing to e-bikes and cars. There will be present International Press and Media, the main companies of this sector, electric services supplies, mayors and public administrators.
All this and much more you can find at the 34th edition of the Biker Fest International! We hope many of you will come from 17th to 20th of September in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine – Italy).

For more details and info about 34th Biker Fest International: Web: www.bikerfest.it Facebook: Biker Fest International / Evento Biker Fest International Instagram: Biker Fest Int Linkedin: Evento Biker Fest Twitter: Biker Fest International
For accomodation, motorbike tours and more please contact: email: booking@bikerfest.it / info@bikerfest.it - Ph: +39. 0432.948777

WHO ORGANIZES: Biker Fest, or the Italian Bike Week, is one of  the most historic event that has increased the Biker and Custom culture in Italy and Europe. Since 1987 it has offered countless new and innovative ideas to everyone. Its organizers are considered among the greater and most coherent European experts in the matter, with cultural roots and genuine Biker culture since the early 70s, from then they are always present as protagonists in the most important world events.

WHEN: From 16th to 20th of September. The end of summer, with its dry and pleasant climate, invites you to enjoy landscapes, engines, sea and the long golden beach of Lignano.
WHERE: In Centre of Europe and precisely in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) in Friuli Region, an accessible and welcoming town on the Adriatic Sea where Ernest Hemingway
spent part of life and wrote some of his successful books like “A farewell to arms”.
Wide availability of Camping and Hotels for all budgets. Ideal place to spend a week of vacation or to visit the uncontaminated nature of the region (only 1.2 million inhabitants) cities of art or historical sites: the organizers propose 7 different Motorcycles Tours.
Lignano Sabbiadoro is the ideal place to entertain families on the beach, to swim or
relaxed in a SPA while you can enjoy a delirium of engines of all kinds and power
with 2, 3 and 4 wheels maybe pushed by a mighty V-8.

WHY TO PARTICIPATE: Because it boast the most historic Custom Bike Show and it is one of the most followed event in Europe and absolutely the most important in Italy. Because the period is ideal, the place is clean, cheap, relaxed, full of shops and proposals for all tastes, and it’s excellently organized by the most historic experts in this sector created by themselves. Because Institutions are welcoming and well-disposed. Because it is undoubtedly the event that offers more in terms of performances, variety of proposals, hospitality and attractions of all kinds, where you can spend an unforgettable week and to be able to say with pride: I was there!
HOW: If possible by motorcycle, but you can reach it with every vehicle, airplane or boat included.

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New Corbin Dual Touring Saddle 2020 Triumph Rocket III

 Dual Touring Saddle
2020 Triumph Rocket III

Corbin's popular Dual Tour is available for the Rocket III with the option of electric seat heaters! This model provides you and a passenger with the most comfort and support available. Our sculpted seating gives proper weight distribution to allow long range comfort. Generously contoured platforms eliminate hot spots and centralized pressure that causes discomfort. On the inside, Corbin's exclusive Comfort Cell® foam material gives firm support that conforms to your body over time for a personalized fit. Naturally, we keep a nice flowing line on the bike that integrates with the vintage theme.

Corbin's Dual Touring Saddle accepts a removable rider's backrest in the front seating position. Backrest is adjustable for a tailored fit to your posture and installs or removes easily as desired. Dual Touring saddle fits both the GT and R models of the Rocket III, but works best if you have the Triumph passenger sissy bar installed.

Speaking of backrests, we're happy to introduce our newest model shown for the first time here. The #BR Edge model (above) has a design similar to our Ovalbac models with a sportier, edgy look. Naturally it features over 100 degrees of adjustment like our other models. It also provides an added nine inches of vertical support. Due to the limited length

Wednesday, 17 June 2020


Now available at your Zodiac dealer

Classic style sissy bar, made from solid steel to fit most hardtail frames. 

Suspension of INTERMOT 2020

Suspension of INTERMOT 2020

Digital INTERMOT events at year’s end to keep motorcycle community informed of innovations and industry News

Classic trade fairs returning to the venue in Cologne beginning in autumn

Following extensive consultations, and in coordination with the conceptual sponsor, the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM), Koelnmesse GmbH has decided to suspend INTERMOT 2020 – an event it originally planned to host from 6 to 11 October 2020. A digital format for this is under preparation and will be implemented by year’s end. Regardless of the decision on INTERMOT, preparations for trade fairs scheduled for autumn 2020 at the venue in Cologne – such as spoga+gafa, DMEXCO and Orgatec – are proceeding as planned.

In contrast to trade fairs with a B2B orientation, major events such as INTERMOT draw tens of thousands of private visitors on all days of the trade fair; the hall space is limited and the time available is short. Spatial proximity and the shared experience of the trade fair form an integral part of the character of this event. At this point in time, the specifications currently in effect that have been issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), policy-makers and the public authorities cannot be met at major events.

With this in mind, after conferring with key players from the industry, and with a view to the health of exhibitors and visitors, Koelnmesse and the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM) have decided not to host this trade fair in 2020. ‘An event that depends on its appeal as an experience and event cannot be held in this form at this point in time and thus does not meet the expectations and needs of the industry. Our customers resources for 2021 are already under heavy strain as a result of the SARS/COVIC-19 crisis. As an important part of the motorcycle industry, however, and particularly in difficult times, we want to actively support our partners


INTERMOT 2020 Cancelled

Koelnmesse, the international exhibition centre at Cologne, Germany, that organises the biennial INTERMOT expo for the German motorcycle trade association (IVM) has announced that it has cancelled this year's planned October INTERMOT.

Koelnmesse stated that it " took this decision not least in the interest of the health of our exhibitors and visitors. In contrast to trade fairs with a B2B orientation, major events such as INTERMOT draw tens of thousands of private visitors on all days of the trade fair; the hall space is limited and the time available is short.

"Spatial proximity and the shared experience of the trade fair form an integral part of the character of this event. At this point in time, the specifications currently in effect that have been issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), policy-makers and the public authorities cannot be met at major events. This is compounded by uncertainties on the part of numerous customers and the complicated travel situation.
"We regret that the overall situation leaves us no other choice."

The next INTERMOT will be 5-9 October 2022 in Cologne.
Like all exhibition organisers throughout the world, Koelnmesse is aware that 2020 is clearly going to prove to be a watershed year in terms of how consumer and B2B trade fairs and exhibitions such a INTERMOT are operated. They went on to say that in future, such events " will incorporate more hybrid elements – to supplement the on-site experience with added digital reach. All stakeholders involved now have enough time to prepare accordingly for the next INTERMOT in Cologne, and to make it, once again, the meeting place of the international motorcycle community.

"We have hosted digital formats in planning that will present vehicle manufacturers' world premières for the 2021 season, together with innovations and industry news from the parts, accessories and apparel segments. There is also a B2B talk format that will discuss 'opportunities after the coronavirus crisis'. 

"All of the digital INTERMOT events are scheduled for the end of 2020 and will be broadcast as news streams to the global motorcycle community. We look forward to continuing our trusting cooperation with you at the next INTERMOT 2022."

Biker Fest - Italy, September 17-20

Biker Fest - Italy, September 17-20

Postponed from May, the 34th annual Biker Fest 
and Italian Bike Week will now be staged on the 
weekend of September 17-20 at its spectacular regular 
Lignano Sabbiadoro peninsula venue an hour 
north of Venice on Italy's stunning Adriatic coast. 

Sponsored by Bridgestone Tires, Biker Fest is a long standing AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building Affiliate and regularly sends at least three superb Italian custom bikes to compete for top honors at the 'AMD'; the event will also again be hosting the final of the 14-round Italian Custom Bike Championship.

Last year saw thousands of bikers descend on Lignano Sabbiadoro for one of Europe’s oldest custom bike events, the brainchild of father and son team Moreno and Micke Persello, creators of the original Chopper and Custom Show at Padua back in the 1990s, and publishers of leading Italian custom lifestyle magazine Bikers Life.

This will be the seventh time the ever popular Biker Fest will play host to the climax of the Italian Bike Championship with no less than four builders winning 1,000 euro each of expenses to compete at the next 'AMD XIV'. Over 100 bikes in total were on display at the impressive Terrazza Mare last year, and classes will again include Freestyle, Modified Harley-Davidson, Metric, Streetfighter/Sportsbike, Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Bagger and Old Style, with the three ‘Best in Show’ winners and ‘Public Vote’ pick scooping the ‘AMD’ prize money being put up by the show organizers.

While it remains to be seen what impact the coronavirus pandemic has on an event that is being staged in northern Italy, an area that has been particularly hard hit, last year there was an expanded additional "customizer" vendor area opposite the Terrazza (in addition to the usual vendor lot at Luna Park), with some 35,000 riders attending the event weekend.