Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Motorcycle Storehouse News

Motorcycle Storehouse News

Clamping Force by Bessey

Founded in 1889, German bright steel tool manufacturer Bessey started to specialize in clamping and cutting technology in 1936. Today Bessey offers a huge high-quality industrial grade range from screw clamps, C-clamps and angle clamps all the way to highly specialized clamps for use on machining and welding tables. Clamping can be done with a spindle screw system with two-component handle, a Tommy bar or a lever action toggle clamp with trigger release or even a combination of both in all shapes, sizes, weights and strengths. Bessey also produces professional metal snips, in straight and left or right cutting versions, using compound action to cut metal sheets with the least amount of required force.

Halder Hammers

Another German tool specialist, Halder Hammers have been in business for over 80 years and design and manufacture all their own products at their 200-employee facility in southern Germany. Halder mallets come in all shapes and sizes - including the time-honored classic, the Simplex. Available with wooden or fiberglass handles with cast steel, reinforced cast steel or aluminum hammer head housings. The heads have removable inserts in rubber, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), nylon, plastic, superplastic, copper or a combination, depending on user preference and for what objects the mallets are to be used. If you are interested in a custom mallet system, individual hammer head housings, wooden or fiberglass handles, head inserts in different degrees of hardness are available in various sizes and weights which allow you to compose and build your own custom one-off Halder Simplex mallet.

Picard Hammers 

With origins from way back in 1857, and based in the Wuppertal area in Germany, Picard (founded by Johan Hermann Picard) is another hammer manufacturer with a reputation for quality. Picard is making hammers in all shapes, weights and sizes, for every conceivable industry.

Segura Jackets

The Segura 'Natcho' and 'Lady Natcho' jackets have a comfortable body fit with waterproof membrane and CE-approved protection. Inside the jackets there is a 90 g, fully removable thermo-alu lining for warmth, CE-approved elbow and shoulder protection, a back pocket for an optional protector and a removable hood.


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