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Limited edition staat stil bij samenwerking Triumph met 25e James Bond Film, 
No Time To Die  

De naam is Bond Edition, Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition. Deze nieuwe limited edition van Triumph staat stil bij de samenwerking van het premium Britse motormerk met EON Productions voor de komende 25e James Bond Film, No Time To Die. In de nieuwe Bond-film spelen Triumph-motoren een dynamische rol.

De Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is de allereerste officiële motorfiets die direct gekoppeld is aan de populaire Bond-franchise. De Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is een uiterst speciale, limited edition Scrambler 1200 met een uniek 007-ontwerp. De oplage is wereldwijd beperkt op slechts 250 exemplaren. Exclusiviteit is daarmee gegarandeerd.
De speciale Bond Edition is geïnspireerd op de Scrambler 1200 uit No Time To Die en beschikt over alle opvallende kenmerken en capaciteiten van de top-of-the-range Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, aangevuld met unieke details.

De motorfiets is per direct te bestellen bij de Triumph-dealers. De levering start medio juni. Er komen slechts tien exemplaren naar de Benelux. Geïnteresseerden moeten daarom niet te lang wachten met bestellen.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition – Highlights

• Fraai en uniek James Bond-design
o Premium 007-bodywork, inclusief:
• Fraai sierelement op uitlaat en 007-afwerking van onderste zijpaneel van uitlaat
• Premium 100% lederen afwerking van zadel met geborduurd logo
• Unieke Bond-graphics te zien op TFT-scherm tijdens opstarten
o Onderscheidende 007-kleuren geïnspireerd op motor uit 25e James Bond-film
o Zwarte afwerking, met:
• Zwart geanodiseerd achterspatbord en hooggeplaatst voorspatbord
• Elegante zwarte voorvork
• Hoogwaardige motorbadges met gouden accenten
• Zwart gepoedercoate achterbrug en tandwieldeksel
• Zwart geanodiseerde handgreep, carterbescherming en zijpanelen
o Prachtige kenmerken en details, zoals:
• Mistlampen met unieke zwart geanodiseerde bescherming
• Arrow uitlaatdemper met carbon fiber sierstukken
• Gefreesd voorremreservoir
• Zwarte kettingspanners
• Roestvrijstalen rooster voor koplamp

• Zeer gelimiteerd
o Productie wereldwijd gelimiteerd op slechts 250 stuks
o Elk model is genummerd, zichtbaar op de motorfiets
o Speciaal Bond handover pack.

• Inclusief uitzonderlijke prestaties en mogelijkheden van Scrambler 1200 XE
o Parallelle tweecilinder met een krukhoek van 270°, 1.200 cc, 90 pk (66,2 kW) bij 7.400 toeren per minuut en 110 Nm bij 3.950 toeren per minuut
o Toonaangevende state-of-the-art technologie, specificaties en uitrusting
o Adembenemende Scrambler-stijl

Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition – In detail

De Triumph Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is gebaseerd op de Scrambler XE en biedt zodoende ook de prestaties en capaciteiten van dit model. De Bond Edition biedt daarnaast toonaangevende technologie, een zeer rijke uitrusting en unieke hoogwaardige details en afwerking.

Mooi en uniek 007 ontwerp
De gelimiteerde motorfiets is geïnspireerd op de Scrambler 1200’s die in diverse actiescènes te zien zijn in de nieuwe Bond-film No Time To Die. De Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is afgewerkt in een premium Sapphire Black-lakschema, met een oversized Triumph-tankbadge en geborstelde kniebeschermers met handbeschilderde gouden lijnen. Andere exclusieve 007-items zijn een sierlijk uitlaatnummerbord, 007-afwerking van het onderste zijpaneel van de uitlaat, een premium lederen zadel met geborduurd logo en een uniek 007-opstartscherm op het TFT-display. 

Zwarte details
Dit alles wordt aangevuld met diverse zwarte geanodiseerde details, zoals het achterspatbord, de handgrepen en de carterbeschermer. Andere kenmerken zijn een zwarte voorvork, hoogwaardige motorbadges met gouden accenten, een in zwart gepoedercoate achterbrug en tandwieldeksel.

Om het Bond-thema en de zwarte premium-afwerking perfect aan te vullen, is de Bond Edition uitgerust met een reeks unieke hoogwaardige details en functies. Denk aan een hooggeplaatst voorspatbord met unieke zwart geanodiseerde afwerking, mistlampen met zwarte geanodiseerde beschermkappen, een hoogwaardige Arrow-demper met carbon eindkappen, een gefreesd voorremreservoir, zwarte achterwielverstellers en een roestvrijstalen rooster voor de LED-koplamp.

Zeer speciale Limited Edition
De Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition is een van Triumph’s meest exclusieve en begeerlijke Modern Classics. Alle 250 exemplaren zijn uitgerust met een individueel genummerd plaquette. Zo is elk

German motorcycles registrations

German motorcycles registrations

Germany: Motorcycles -28.14% in March
Evidence that Germany's success in protecting its population from the coronavirus pandemic better than elsewhere has translated into also protecting the German economy better than elsewhere - seen dramatically in the latest data from the IVM, the motorcycle industry trade association in Germany.

Yes, new registrations for April are down, of course they are, but at -28.14% (following -18.70% in March), the impact has been less than elsewhere in Europe. Italy and Spain for example saw April new motorcycle registrations down by more than 90%, but Germany, with April traditionally the second strongest sales month of the year, was still worth 12,064 new motorcycles (-28.14%) and 17,604 new PTWs in total (-25.81%).
Having been +6.38% for January and February combined (13,698 units), registrations were down -8.99% for Q1 (30,279 units YTD). In total PTW terms, Germany was -15.81% in March (22,987 units) and -2.52% for Q1 (43,114 units YTD).
In market share terms, BMW remains 'Top Dog' in its home market at 27.11% share YTD (11,478 units sold), followed by Kawasaki, KTM, Honda and Yamaha. Harley-Davidson was in 6th spot with 3,400 units sold YTD for an 8.03% market share in Germany - ahead of the likes of Triumph, Suzuki and Ducati.
The top selling model was BMW's R 1250 GS (3,955 units YTD), followed by the Kawasaki Z900, Z650, BMW R 1250 RS and Yamaha MT-07. A record 10 of the Top 22 best sellers were BMW models. Harley's best seller YTD in Germany has been the Street Bob (27th), followed by the Sport Glide and XL 1200 X.
For context - the German motorcycle market grew by +4.38% to 113,039 units in 2019, with PTW sales growing by +6.53% to 165,311 units - both the best performance since 2008 (excluding the rush to register pre-Euro 4 models before the law changed at the end of 2016).

Harley-Davidson News

Harley-Davidson News

Jochen Zeitz - "Significant Changes to the Company…"

The conference call with analysts that always follows release of Harley's results each quarter is usually a pretty bland affair. But after evidence of investor disquiet emerged in January, the Q1 call in April provided the first opportunity for acting President/CEO Jochen Zeitz to go public with his observations about where he thinks Harley has been going wrong, and some of the changes that he thinks need to be introduced - and he did not hold back, neither did he deny that he could take the CEO job permanently…

"From my observations over the last two months, it is clear we are at a critical time in our history. COVID-19 has dramatically changed our reality for the foreseeable future and the crisis has added to an already challenging environment. 

After a significant number of conversations with our management, employees and other stakeholders, several other things have also become clear to me. First, we are providing dealer support, but we do expect the dealer network to contract through the crisis. As a consequence, we will work to optimize the network and improve dealer profitability going forward.
We have tremendous strength in our product, our riders and our dealers. However, we have challenges to address that have become more apparent in this crisis, including the high level of complexity across the organization that needs to be minimized.
Leadership has become isolated and overly centralized and, as a result, slow to respond. The speed of decision-making needs to increase. I've observed that after multiple rounds of cost cuts and reorganizations over the past years, morale has suffered. There is frustration as some cost-cutting initiatives have tried to improve efficiency of things that are fundamentally inefficient. As a result, we need to reignite our Harley-Davidson soul and culture.

're-evaluate our strategies to reach new riders and build ridership'

 Additionally, our organization has become accustomed to over-committing and under-delivering. We need to set achievable plans and realistic goals. As I reviewed our strategy, I know that elements of the 'More Roads' plan are good in principle, but it is clear that our strategy needs to be refocused to better align with our capacity and capabilities and to be updated given our new reality.
We’ll continue to expand beyond traditional products and markets, however, we have over-indexed on new riders and new market growth and lost focus on critical profit sources. We made progress with our product line and to some degree our customer base, but profit is lagging and our expectations are unreasonable, especially given the economic environment that we are likely to encounter as the COVID-19 ripple effect will likely be with us for some time.
We’ve continued to move forward with the highest potential elements of 'More Roads', but our strategy must be reassessed. As a result of my observations and assessment, I’ve concluded that we need to take significant actions and rewire the company now in terms of priorities, execution, operating model and strategy to drive sustained profit and long-term growth. We're calling it The Rewire and is our playbook for the next few months, leading to a new five-year strategic plan, which we’ll share when visibility to the future returns.

'reignite our soul and culture'

I'll highlight some of the key elements of The Rewire. First, we’ll enhance our core strength and better balance expansion into new spaces. It's more important than ever to return focus and strength of our brand and company, starting with our dealers, customers and our stronghold product and committed employees around the world. HDFS has also a strategic advantage with a track record that will help us navigate through this crisis. We re-evaluate our strategies to reach new riders and build ridership.
Second, we prioritize the markets that matter; we’ll invest in the markets, products and customers that offer the most profit and potential. This includes building on our strong position in the U.S.
We’ll narrow our focus, time and energy in the most critical countries and market segment that can move the needle for us today. We’ll also diligently play the long game by identifying select strategic markets that may not contribute to enterprise profitability in the near term but are critical for our future. We will also simplify the market coverage model and take costs out of the process.
Third, we’ll reset our product launches and line-up for simplicity and maximum impact. Launches six to twelve months out will reflect our new reality and allow our launch calendar for the first time

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Corbin New Product Alert - Classic Solo for 2019-2020 Can-Am Ryker

Classic Solo
2019-2020 Can-Am Ryker

An outstanding Solo Saddle for your Can-Am. Designed to provide maximum rider comfort combined with a classy, clean look. Provides the use of our removable rider's backrest for a total of 10 inches of vertical back support. Our sculpted seating position gives maximized body contact and provides true touring comfort. Corbin's neutralized seating platform offers an easier reach to the ground and a more ergonomic position while reducing sliding.
Corbin's backrest offers an additional 10 inches of adjustable support and is easily installed with a single bolt. We have several styles of backrest to choose from but we visually prefer the #02-S model shown here. Naturally, you can choose any of the models we have available to suit your taste.

As with all Corbin saddles, genuine leather seating is included in your choice of colors and styles. Leather makes a great seating material due to its durability and its ability to breathe with your body. Leather will also break in with the foam shape for a personalized fit. Coordinated vinyl side panels complete the look and keep


Now available at your Zodiac Dealer

These fork braces are CNC machined from forged aluminum, eliminating flex 
in your front fork. The race-inspired design allows for simple & fast
 installation without disassembly of your front end. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA  253,00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.  249,00
España, Euro incl. IVA   253,00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV   264,00
France, Euro TTC    251,00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA   266,00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA    256,00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW  253,00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA   260,00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt  251,00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA   258,00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS  262,00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT 251,00

These products in the Zodiac Online Catalog:
The Zodiac Online Catalog:
Where to buy:

Part Number Information
Fits 49mm forks on Dyna models 2006-2017, except FXDWG Wide Glide
A20350 Method fork brace, anodized black
A20351 Method fork brace, chrome
Fits 39mm forks on FXR models with 19" front wheel and Sportster models 2000-2017, except XL883N Iron, XL1200N Nightster, XL1200NS Iron & XR1200
A20354 Method fork brace, anodized black
A20355 Method fork brace, chrome

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Veloce Books News - Classic Motorcycle Racer by Andy Reynolds

Classic Motorcycle Racer 
by Andy Reynolds

The life of a classic motorcycle racer, who was fortunate enough to ride the best classic machines between 1976 & 2016 at the highest level, and on some of the best-known courses in the world. Told in his own words, this book recounts his successes, friendships, and hardships, and gives a great insight into the world of motorcycle racing.

The story of a classic motorcycle racer who was fortunate enough to be able to ride many of the best classic machines between 1976 & 2016, at the highest level, and on many of the most famous road racing courses in the world. There are tales of success, friendships, and the loss of racing pals. Machine preparation and mechanical failures feature heavily, and the story recounts the author's frustrations and joys. Andy Reynolds maintained and built many of the bikes he raced, and ultimately retired from riding to become both a machine scrutineer and a sponsor.

All aspects of motorcycle racing are covered in the author's easy-to-read and entertaining narrative. Altogether a fascinating adventure story for any motorcycle enthusiast. Come into the world of Classic Racing Motorcycles – but bring your cheque book and medical insurance!

A personal account of a life racing classic motorcycles
The thrills of racing on some of the best classic motorcycles in the world
Follow the author’s journey from sixties rocker to racing sponsor
An in-depth account of the well-known characters on the scene
Includes all aspects of racing, both human and mechanical
Features many famous circuits across Europe and the UK
An honest look at the financial sacrifices necessary to compete at this level
Demonstrates the dedication of the author to race preparation, and his attention to every detail
Highlights both the successes and the dangers associated with motorcycle racing
An easy to read autobiography that will appeal to anyone with an interest in motorcycle racing. V5481
Publisher: Veloce
ISBN: 978-1-787114-81-4
By Andy Reynolds
Paperback • 14.8x21cm • 240 pages • 57 pictures

Veloce Books News - Racing Mustangs


Stock update from Veloce Publishing!

We know Mustangs are fast, but even we were unprepared for how fast Racing Mustangs flew off the shelves! 
BUT … we've checked the tyres and brimmed the tank, and Racing Mustangs is back in stock and available to buy RIGHT NOW …

An International Photographic History 1964-1986

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Essential Buyer's Guide

Racing Ford Mustangs in period action! 
Racing Mustangs is a photographic historical study capturing many Ford Mustang road racing cars in action throughout the world in the period 1964 to 1986. Includes hundreds of period images of Mustangs, many of which have never been published before.

PRICE: £25 UK • $35 USA • $46 CAN SKU: V5511
FORMAT: Hardback • 20.7x25cm • 176 pages • 250 pictures


The "Ducati Cares" program continues, dedicated to the needs of Ducatisti and to reduce any inconveniences related to mobility limitations caused by Covid-19
Ducati extends the warranty for three months free of charge on both new motorcycles and those incorporating the “Factory Ever Red” warranty extension
The extension also includes a free check with an updating of the engine and vehicle software (service available at dealers participating in the program)

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), After presenting "Ducati Cares", the program that sets out the guidelines to be adopted to welcome Ducatisti back to official dealerships, Ducati has decided to lengthen the warranty for three months on both new bikes and those incorporating the “Factory Ever Red” warranty extension.

All owners of a Ducati, whose warranty has a deadline between 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020, can have a free extension of coverage for an extra three months. In addition - for those who have not been able to carry out scheduled maintenance due to limitations on mobility - it is possible to recuperate any coupons up to 31 July 2020 without any effect on the validity of the warranty.

In collaboration with its official network, Ducati also offers a free check that includes an updating of the engine and vehicle software. During the general inspection, safety and functional checks will be carried out, according to the standard Ducati warranty rules (service available at dealers participating in the program).

All the customers involved will be contacted directly by their Ducati dealer in the coming weeks. For further information customers can contact their trusted dealer, with whom we suggest in any case to arrange an appointment.

Italian motorcycle registrations

Italy - April 2020 motorcycle registrations -95.85%

The latest new motorcycle registration statistics from ANCMA, the motorcycle industry trade association in Italy (and the owner of EICMA), do not make good reading. After the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic started to show dramatically in the March registration numbers (-69.18%, 3,855 units), April saw only 526 new motorcycles registered in Italy (-95.85%).

For the year to date new motorcycle registrations in Italy are down -49.41% at 20,055 units. Over 15,000 of those were registered in January and February alone, when a good start to 2020 saw January at +3.13% (6,817 units) and February at +12.70% (8,857 units).
In total PTW terms (Powered Two Wheelers) March was -66.08% at 8,520 units (March 2019 was +27.27/25,121 units), with April down -96.98% (just 813 new units registered compared to 26,920 units in April 2019). April is traditionally the fourth largest month for sales in Italy.
Scooter registrations for January to April were -47.63% at 22,085 units.
The top selling motorcycle in Italy YTD is the BMW R 1250 GS Enduro (795 units), followed by the Honda Africa Twin (734 units), BMW R 1250 GS Adventure, Yamaha Tracer 900 and Ténéré 700.
For the record, the Italian market was again Europe's largest at +6.26% in motorcycle registration terms for 2019 (98,883 units), and +5.65% in total PTW terms at 231,937 units.