Tuesday, 3 March 2020

S&S SuperStreet Two into One Exhaust System for late model Sportsters

NEW - S&S SuperStreet Two into One Exhaust System 
for late model Sportsters

We heard S&S Cycle this one under wraps for a hot minute and are finally ready to set it free. The S&S R&D team took their proven 2:1 SuperStreet exhaust internals and finally ported them over to the Sportster platform. 

None of the shorty system fluff that kills power, they are here for the gains and this pipe is designed to make power. How about a 11% bump in Hp? Highly engineered bends wrap around factory controls (works with mids or forwards), exiting through a stepped header and 4” muffler. The entire system is coated in their latest super durable black and topped off with an aluminum race-style cap. 

How does it sound? We knew you’d ask. The high volume muffler produces a rowdy tone that unleashes the true v-twin sound the Sportster was designed for. 

Click below for more info and hit up your dealer to grab one. https://www.sscycle.com/superstreet-xl

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