Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Performance Machine News

Performance Machine News

PM Adds to Raceline Wheel Series

Californian manufacturer Performance Machine has come out with two new lightweight wheel designs in its CNC-machined forged aluminum Raceline Series of performance products for the performance bagger enthusiast - the 'Assault' and the 'Revolution'. They are both available in ABS and non-ABS versions with PM Raceline Series hubs and shipping with included 1" brackets to raise the front fender for proper clearance.  

The latest generation of PM Raceline hubs are lighter by a further 1.5 lbs each side at the front compared to the company's standard 'Image' series hubs, and 1.5 lbs less at the rear for a 4.5 lb total weight reduction in addition to the saving achieved by the way PM cuts these wheels.
The 'Assault' features aggressive 11-spoke styling and lightweight agility. The rim lip is back-cut to reduce mass at the outer edges of the wheel for decreased rotational inertia and a reduction in unsprung weight. 

The Raceline Series hubs are a design with all of the excess material machined away for improved weight reduction, "this wheel is serious about maximizing performance on the street or at the track."
The 'Revolution' is a one-piece lightweight "masterpiece" that is also captured between the ultra-light modular PM Raceline Series hubs to create a wheel that weighs less than even the lightest stock wheels.
The nine-spoke transitioning to 18-spoke design and back-cut rim lip "provides the strength you need with the weight reduction and decreased rotational inertia you are looking for in a high performance wheel for the street or for the track."
Both wheels are available in a 21" x 3.5" front and an 18" x 5.5" rear in choice of either black or gold anodized finishes.



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Monday, 30 March 2020

A message from the Mayor of Sturgis regarding the Surgis 2020 Rally

STURGIS | Mayor Mark Carstensen said the Sturgis motorcycle rally held annually in August is still on.  "We're 100 percent on planning the rally," said Carstensen at a March 25 news briefing at Sturgis City Hall.

Carstensen said the rally is five months away and he hopes the virus will have run much of its course well before the end of summer.  He said city planners would continue to assess the situation, with June providing a potential time frame for any decision regarding the rally. To receive the most accurate updates he encourages people to use the "official" channel at the City of Sturgis.

“Obviously, this is an ever-changing thing. It’s late March, we still have a little time here to see what develops before we start talking seriously about anything from that,” he said.

Black Hills Vacations

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Metalsport Introduces Three New Designs for 2020

Metalsport Introduces Three New Designs for 2020

South Gate, California based Metalsport Wheels has introduced its first three new wheel designs for 2020 - "always starting with USA forged wheel blanks made from 6061-T6 prime aluminum, each of these designs are meticulously machined.

3D Don Juan 10

"One of our most popular designs, the Don Juan, now offers two new versions. First up is the 3D Don Juan 10 which features all ten spokes evenly spaced. The second design is the 3D Don Juan Crossblade. 

3D Don Juan Crossblade

"This new wheel features seven spokes with blades crossed. The detailing in both designs goes into the lip area to give you the complete 3D look. You can get both designs in a chrome or all black anodized finish. Sizes available from the 16 x 5.5 up to and including the monster 34".

2D Equalizer

"Our third design is called the Equalizer. This 2D wheel features ten spokes that have been split and overlapped - check out the detailing in the lip. The Equalizer is available in sizes 16 x 3.5 up to and including the monster 32". You can get this design in a chrome or all black anodized finish. All our wheels come with hubs and we offer matching rotors and pulleys. We can even offer the wheel with tire mounted."


Kuryakyn Tracer L.E.D. Fairing Lower Grills


NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Tracer L.E.D. Fairing Lower Grills
High-tech and high-output diffused lighting for Harley-Davidson fairing lowers.

New Kuryakyn® Tracer L.E.D. Fairing Lower Grills feature an intense “racetrack-style” diffused lighting effect that completely transforms the look of Harley-Davidson® fairing lowers.

Available for all 2014-newer H-D twin-cooled models with fairing lowers, Tracer L.E.D. Fairing Lower Grills provide powerful full-time white running lights with additional amber switchback turn signals to significantly enhance rider visibility. The advanced diffused lighting technology combines high-output L.E.D.’s and specially designed lenses that absorb and distribute light over a greater viewing angle, eliminating shadow effects for crisp, concentrated and uniform illumination.

Housings are made from durable and lightweight injection-molded ABS offered in chrome or satin black, with both finish options featuring opaque polycarbonate smoked lenses and honeycomb-styled steel grills. These direct “snap-in” replacements for the OEM radiator grill panels also feature plug-&-play wiring through existing harnesses in the fairing for hassle-free installation.

Additional Kuryakyn Tracer lighting products are currently in development with expected release dates slated for early Spring 2020. For more information, visit www.kuryakyn.com.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Harley-Davidson NEWS

Harley-Davidson NEWS

More From Milwaukee - 
Two More 'Biggies' This Week...

In line with Wisconsin's emergency ordnance, Harley production in and near Milwaukee is now closed down until around the final week of April.
In another aftershock from the invitation for former CEO Matt Levatich to vacate his post, and maybe also in connection with the shareholder unrest that has now spilled into the public domain, ex-Chief Operations Officer Michelle Kumbier has now also been invited to seek pastures new.

Michelle joined Harley in 2007 as Vice President Materials Management & Quality and garnered a number of resume bumps, including responsibility for Product Development (2010) and VP Product & Operations (2015) en route to, effectively, being Levatich's second-in-command in product and operations terms as COO (2017).

ex-Chief Operations Officer Michelle Kumbier

Harley shares closed at $15.34 at close on Monday March 23rd, having been as low as $14.31 during the day, and before recovering to $20.75 at close on March 26. Polaris shares closed at $41.77 on March 23rd, having been as low as $41.22 - after starting the year at $103.03 on January 1st and having still been as high as $92.48 on March 4th. By close on March 26, Polaris had recovered ground to $53.09 - the market cap. is now $3.27 bn; Harley's is $3.18 bn.
All the major motorcycle manufacturer share prices are seriously down on their respective indexes around the world, with only KTM occasionally showing the flicker of a pulse. From Japan to Italy, China to Germany, there is no, or very little, production of any of the top dozen selling brands of motorcycles or scooters taking place. There is some limited small displacement local model production activity taking place in South America, India and elsewhere in Asia.


Zodiac International Additions

ODI V-Twin Moto Handlebars

Motocross technology in a V-twin handlebar - these black, hard anodized aluminum handlebars are slotted for internal wiring and notched for throttle-by-wire, available in black in 1" and tapered from 1 1/8" in the middle to 1" at the controls. The clutch side is knurled for improved grip adhesion and the 1 1/8" diameter will work with stock Harley or aftermarket 1" handlebar controls.

ThunderMax M-8 Oil Cooler Fan 

Zodiac says that the ThunderMax oil cooler fan is the answer to overheating of oil-cooled M-8 engines in Touring models. The fan works by using the engine temperature and vehicle speed sensor to reduce heat and keep the engine running cool. It fits 2017 to present Touring models, except models with a twin-cooled M-8 engine.

Universal Stainless Mufflers

Universal stainless steel mufflers for 1 3/4" (44.5 mm) or 2" (50.8 mm) diameter headers. Mufflers are 10" (25 cm) long, have a 65 mm baffle diameter and include a body mounting clamp. Both sizes are available with oval or triangle style muffler.

Vity's Design Road Glide Signals

Sleek little EU approved, high brightness LED diamond front turn signals that bolt straight onto the fairing. They are available in black or chrome for 2015 to present FLTRX and FLTRXS Road Glides.


Mega MotorTreffen verplaatst naar mei 2021

Mega MotorTreffen verplaatst naar mei 2021

Het is met pijn in ons hart dat we jullie moeten meedelen dat het Mega MotorTreffen verplaatst wordt naar mei 2021. Oorspronkelijk stond ons evenement gepland voor zaterdag 16 en zondag 17 mei 2020 in het Autotron, maar door de verscherpte overheidsmaatregelen vanwege het COVID-19-virus zijn we genoodzaakt maatregelen te nemen.

Alle MOTO73-, Promotor-, Classic & Retro en digital-abonnees, die een gratis toegangsticket hebben ontvangen, krijgen volgend jaar wederom een gratis toegangsbewijs. Iedereen die via Ticketpoint een kaartje voor het Mega MotorTreffen 2020 heeft gekocht, krijgt via Ticketpoint het geld terug. Je hoeft daar niets voor te doen, je geld wordt zo spoedig mogelijk teruggestort.

‘De gezondheid van onze bezoekers, participanten, medewerkers en vrijwilligers staat voorop. Het Mega MotorTreffen is hard op weg een zeer groot motorfestival te worden, wat dit jaar voor de vierde keer georganiseerd zou worden. Het is in de huidige situatie onverantwoord grote groepen mensen bij elkaar te brengen en wij staan dan ook volledig achter de maatregelen, die de Nederlandse overheid heeft aangekondigd. We vinden het als organisatie ontzettend jammer dat het Mega MotorTreffen niet op 16 en 17 mei 2020 plaats kan vinden en dat we de beslissing hebben moeten nemen om het evenement naar 2021 te verplaatsen. We hadden graag met duizenden motorrijders een fantastisch motorfeest gevierd, maar nemen onze verantwoordelijkheid door het welzijn van iedereen voorop te stellen.’

Nick Glättli – Algemeen Directeur MotorNL:

Thursday, 26 March 2020

TecMate - Get Smart, Lithium or Lead Battery, why is a different battery charger needed?

TecMate - Get Smart

Martin Human, CEO and CTO of TecMate, answers a common question - why is a different battery charger needed for a lithium battery if it works in a motorcycle that originally came with a lead-acid battery?

As with many things to do with battery types and motorcycle electrics, diagnostics and charging, the answer is not as simple as many people expect.

The safe working voltage range for both lead-acid (Standard lead-acid, AGM and Gel) and lithium LiFePO4 (LFP) battery types is 12.8V to 14.5V. As long as voltage is within that range, yes, a lithium battery works fine in the same system as a lead-acid battery, but below this safe voltage range, lithium and lead-acid batteries need different care.

An over-discharged lithium battery will accept charge at low voltage, but the healthier cells demand all the charge and weaker cells keep on falling behind. Charging at high current will damage that battery. A gentle low current pulse charge brings all cells back to good health simultaneously - once above 9V-10V the battery is ready to receive normal charge. 

An over-discharged lead-acid battery is unable to accept charge at low voltage due to a high concentration of lead-sulphate that inhibits the ability of all cells to accept charge. To ‘convince’ the battery to once again accept charge, a higher pulsed voltage is required to break through.
A single battery charger that can differentiate between battery chemistries and deliver the right recovery method for the connected battery would be ideal, and fortunately the OptiMate 1 DUO fits the bill. 

OptiMate 1 DUO recovers batteries from as low as 4V; the smart programming automatically figures out which recovery program is right for the attached battery, never mind the chemistry. A deep discharged lead-acid battery receives a higher voltage pulsing mode up to 14.5V, so it remains safe for lithium, and a deep discharged lithium battery receives a mild pulsing current that gently recondition the cells until they are equal and the battery recovers to above 9V - then a suitably higher charge current is delivered. 

Here is a valuable tip learned from many years of experience - below 4 volt batteries need care from a chemistry-specific charger; OptiMate Lithium 4s 0.8A can safely recover lithium batteries from as low as 0.5V and test battery health as it does so. The best option for lead-acid batteries is the OptiMate 4. 

OptiMate 1 DUO’s 24-7 maintenance program is also adaptive, it can sense what is required. In a parked vehicle a lithium battery needs protection against total discharge by that vehicle’s system and the OptiMate 1 DUO delivers when needed. On the other hand, an AGM battery - the most popular lead-acid in powersport – receives hourly maintenance to remain at full charge and prevent lead-sulphate build-up that weakens the battery.  

Best of all is that the OptiMate 1 DUO has no buttons, no need to guess what battery is in the motorcycle. Simply connect to the battery and let that smart charger do the thinking. 

In today’s world everyone wants ‘easy’. OptiMate 1 DUO is as EASY as connect and forget, no more battery problems - and that is what people want and need these days!
As time goes on, more and more reputable brands are choosing to partner with OptiMate 1 DUO for their diagnostics, maintenance and charging - the latest to offer the OptiMate 1 DUO is Moose Racing - and the Moose Racing OptiMate 1 DUO is distributed by Parts Europe, Parts Unlimited and Parts Canada.


due to the current situation we face regarding Coronavirus seriously affecting Europe and the World, PARTS EUROPE wants to ensure you that we do all we can to operate as usual and provide you the best service under the current circumstances.

All employees here in PARTS EUROPE are working hard to keep the service at the best possible level and we will go on doing everything possible to support you.
Contact our Sales Teams as usual on the phone or via email: sales@partseurope.eu, www.partseurope.eu    

To all: We all continue to see the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, and we wanted to share some of the steps we are taking to help keep our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities healthy and safe. We have business continuity plans in place at all of our sites, and we continue to closely monitor and react to this situation. Our internal COVID-19 response team, which includes senior leadership, meets several times daily to review the newest developments and to make prompt decisions. We remain fully operational, and we are taking necessary steps to continue to provide the service we are known for, with minimal disruption. Keeping the lines of communication open is very important and whether we’re in the office or working remotely, we stay committed to serving the needs of our partners. We are asking you to likewise maintain good communication with us and take appropriate steps to keep all our partners healthy and safe. Rest assured that LeMans is focused on providing the high-quality service you expect in a safe manner. We are confident in our continuity plans, the actions we are taking, and the leadership of our preparedness efforts. We want to express our concern for you, your families, the other important people in your lives and our communities. Our thoughts are with you and your families during these challenging times.  We will plan to contact you with any notable updates.
Stay safe and healthy.

Your Parts Unlimited, Parts Europe & Drag Specialties Leadership Team

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Drag Specialties 'King of the Baggers'

Drag Specialties 'King of the Baggers'

'King of the Baggers' Teams for Laguna Seca
Fourteen teams have signed up to compete in the inaugural Drag Specialties 'King of the Baggers' invitational event that hopefully will be part of the MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest at Monterey at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, July 10-12, with the grid now full for the exhibition race.

Fourteen teams have committed to racing in the inaugural Drag Specialties 'King of the Baggers' invitational at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, July 11.

"It's been really cool to see how well the 'King of the Baggers' invitational has been received since we made the announcement," said MotoAmerica's Senior Sponsorship Manager Lance Bryson. "The guys over at Drag Specialties have really stepped up with our event at Laguna and we've got a lot of great companies building tricked-out Performance Baggers for the race. It's going to be a lot of fun and we think our fans are going to like what they see with this and the rest of the cool stuff we have planned for the Superbike Speedfest at Monterey."
"In all my years of working in the motorcycle industry, I have never been to Laguna Seca," said Brandon Holstein, owner/builder of The Speed Merchant. "So, I am beyond excited to be going for the first time and being a part of the first ever Drag Specialties 'King of the Baggers' race."
Alex Fox, founder of SLYFOX Performance, added: "I'm honored to have my brand be a part of this first-ever event of this magnitude. That Corkscrew section will be something to keep an eye on. This day will be one for the history books."
"This is for the fans and for the brands who love to build and ride – racing is part of Saddlemen's heritage, and we're honored to be on the starting grid with our moto family," said David Echert of Saddlemen.

Honda-Hitachi to acquire Showa, Keihin and Nissin

Honda-Hitachi to acquire Showa, Keihin and Nissin

Having reduced its once controlling interest to a 33.5% stake some years ago, Honda has announced that it is to buy up all outstanding shares in Showa and two other well-known Japanese motorcycle component industry majors in which it also has significant stakes - Keihin and Nissin - in a massive deal with automotive supply giant Hitachi Automotive Systems (HAS) to create a new combined business that will swallow up all three of the component makers.

The new business will be jointly owned by Hitachi, who will own 66.6% of the shares in the combined business, with Honda owning the remaining one third. Honda currently owns 33.5% of Showa, having once held a controlling interest, 34.86% of Nissin and 41.35% of Keihin. It is reported that the combined business will have around 1.8 trillion yen in sales ($16.5 billion).

The deal will bring together, into one integrated business, three areas of component manufacturing - suspensions, fuel management and brakes - that are increasingly interdependent; a trend that can only increase in the future as automotive and motorcycle systems themselves become ever more integrated and economies of scale become ever more important.

The merged company will focus on developing components for EV and self-driving systems, along with new on-demand mobility services, combining their scale in a bid to come up with products more quickly and efficiently.
Hitachi said that the increasing complexity of vehicle technologies required bigger R&D

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Harris Performance built Royal Enfield Flat Track (FT) machine

Royal Enfield, Moto Anatomy Partner for Production Twins Effort with New S&S, Harris Flat Track 650
In addition to its partnership with AFT as the Official OEM Partner, Milwaukee-based Royal Enfield North America (RENA) is to back the Moto Anatomy campaign in the Production Twins class, with decorated flat track racer Johnny Lewis developing and racing a new Harris Performance built Royal Enfield Flat Track (FT) machine.

As the chassis engineers behind the Royal Enfield 650 parallel twins, Harris, which is owned by Royal Enfield and has an impeccable motorcycle race frame pedigree going back more than 30 years, is the ideal partner to build the Interceptor 650 based special edition with support from Royal Enfield and S&S Cycle.
"This racing effort is unprecedented in Royal Enfield's North American history," said RENA's Breeann Poland. "Johnny Lewis is a legitimate contender anytime he's on the track, and we couldn't have picked a better partner in his organization, Moto Anatomy.

"Flat Track continues to garner attention from both a professional and grassroots level and we feel strongly about our extended partnership with AFT and now Moto Anatomy. We are thrilled to bring the Royal Enfield brand to more enthusiasts, and this is a great opportunity to do that on a major scale."

Lewis has risen through the ranks of AFT and enjoyed success at both the amateur and professional levels. The concept Twins FT was first seen at the 2019 EICMA Show and was slated to make its media debut at the Daytona TT in March.
Lewis will then compete with the motorcycle for the first time at the Laconia short track event on June 13 and will run all AFT short track events for the remainder of the season in the Production Twins class. The Royal Enfield FT will also run the Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT and Peoria TT as a wildcard entry in the Super Twins class.
"I'm excited to lead the development of the Royal Enfield Flat Track Twin program in 2020," said Lewis, owner of Moto Anatomy. "Being involved at such an early stage in a brand's racing efforts has been a fantastic opportunity. While our focus is on development, there is great potential in the platform and it's encouraging to see a manufacturer with as much history as Royal Enfield entering AFT.

"It's also great to see Royal Enfield helping grow the sport of motorcycling in North America with its new rider initiatives."
Besides racing, Moto Anatomy will also use the Royal Enfield FT411, a modified variation of the Royal Enfield Himalayan set-up exclusively for flat track use, as part of Royal Enfield Slide School Presented by Moto Anatomy.
This flat track riding clinic will be available to the public at select events during 2020, giving riders the opportunity to learn the basics of flat track in a controlled environment.