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These inner and outer Batwing style fairings are made from fiberglass in precision build moulds by Tommy & Sons. Available as stock replacement inner and outer fairings, as well as a special detachable version that fits straight on to all Road King models, except FLHRS. This version installs with the brackets from the OEM Road King windscreen. For FLHT models we have Heavy-Duty upper and lower fairing bracket kits available. Tommy & Sons fairings come with a white gel coat finish, ready for your painter's preparation. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:

Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA                  521,00

Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.                513,00

España, Euro incl. IVA                              521,00

Finland, Euro incl. ALV                             543,00

France, Euro TTC                                       515,00

Hungary, Euro incl. AFA                           547,00

Italia, Euro incl. IVA                                   526,00

Nederland, Euro incl. BTW                       521,00

Norway, Euro incl. MVA                            534,00

Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt                      517,00

Poland, Euro incl. PTA                              530,00

Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS                    538,00

United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT          517,00


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Part Number Information

761114          Stock replacement for FLHT 1993 thru 2008 models

761115          Fits 1993 to present FLHR Road King models

Caberg - Bergamo emergency services special edition

Caberg  - Bergamo emergency services special edition

Caberg has launched a special edition helmet that recognises the extraordinary work of the emergency and medical services in Italy this year - especially those in the Bergamo area of northern Italy where Caberg are based, very much the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Northern Italy.

From December, the company will be offering a special edition of its top-selling ECE 22.05 P/J approved LG Chem high-impact ABS shell HORUS flip-up in the colours of the Italian flag with a "BERGAMO 2020 LEST WE FORGET" logo at the rear.
With this special edition Caberg is supporting the National Alpine Soldiers Association of the city of Bergamo for the great help provided to the community during the past hard times. "For each HORUS Tribute sold to our official distributors and dealers, Caberg will donate 3% of the sale to this precious volunteer association."  
Conceived as a comms ready urban and touring crossover, the ultra-wide view HORUS has the anti-fog Pinlock Max Vision lens as standard and a chin guard rotation movement that is independent from the visor, allowing the chin guard to be much closer, which means that the Caberg R&D team has been able to reduce the headwind effect while riding with the chin guard open.


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Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo gaat niet door! Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo Cancelled!

Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo Cancelled!

Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo gaat niet door!

Door de maatregelen vanwege de tweede golf corona-besmettingen is duidelijk geworden dat het organiseren van de Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo vrijwel onmogelijk is geworden. We hebben dan ook de vervelende beslissing moeten nemen om deze definitief niet door te laten gaan.

In de hoop dat rond deze tijd de corona-pandemie enigszins beteugeld zou zijn, hebben we in april j.l. de organisatie van de Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo 2020 in gang gezet. In de zomermaanden leek het er op dat het redelijk onder controle was, maar helaas pakte dit anders uit. Door het steeds verder toenemend aantal besmettingen hebben een aantal standhouders uiteindelijk hun reservering ingetrokken. Ook buitenlandse standhouders haakten af vanwege quarantaine-verplichtingen.

Van de 120 vorig jaar hielden we voor dit jaar uiteindelijk slechts 44 stands en kramen over. Veel standhouders zijn druk geweest om een mooie stand  te realiseren, maar helaas is dat voor niets geweest.

Voor de Bikeshow geldt eigenlijk hetzelfde: van de slechts 45 inschrijvingen bleven er nog 27 over, want ook daar waren buitenlandse inschrijvingen bij.

Ondanks onze gezamenlijke inzet en het vele werk, zijn we alsnog door het virus verslagen. Natuurlijk hadden we er wel rekening mee gehouden, maar het blijft toch zuur.

Zoals eerder aangekondigd, krijgt iedereen z’n entreegeld terug (minus één euro kosten). Dit geldt overigens ook voor de standhouders.

Dit jaar zit het niet mee, maar we gaan er van uit dat we volgend jaar weer een dijk van een beurs neer kunnen zetten! Voor nu rest ons alleen om alle betrokkenen te bedanken voor hun getoonde interesse en inzet.

Deus Berlin, Germany - The Fountain of Eternal Effervescence is officially open

Deus Ex Machina welcomes the Fountain of Eternal Effervescence to the Deus Flagship family – our new home in Berlin, Germany.

At a mere 10-minute ride from the pulsing city centre lies the most exciting new addition to the Deus lifestyle. Not too far from the centre, but enough to be away from the chaos of everyday life, the place is located on the historic site of the Berlin Waterworks, a 130-year-old compound that is still providing one million Berliners with fresh water until today.

In the surroundings, historic machine houses and grassed areas frames and divides the Deus temple from the boredom of the city. On the ground floor, you’ll find the Deus Store which is a synthesis of the life we love: the new and classic Deus collections, the motorbikes, bikes and

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Corbin New Product Alert -Touring Fairing for 2020 Triumph Rocket III


 Touring Fairing

2020 Triumph Rocket III


Old School visual appeal blended with the Rocket III styling and combined with Corbin's attention to aerodynamic design. This stunning fairing looks great while giving excellent wind protection so you can go out and rack up mileage on your Rocket. Subtle sculpting makes it beautiful to look at. Another example of form and function expertly combined in Corbin fashion.

 As the fairing is designed to slip through the wind, it creates less turbulence and buffeting, which gives you a quieter and smoother ride than the standard plexiglass windshield. Fairing includes a handy storage pouch on the rider's side to provide convenient access to small items like Sunglasses, Cell phone, or a pair of summer gloves.

If you're looking to keep the Rock rolling, we offer an audio kit upgrade for your Rocket III fairing. Using your Bluetooth device as the source, you'll have 500 watts of power at your fingertips. The dash-mounted controller gives convenient access to most functions so you won't need to fumble with your cell phone-- something quite tricky with gloves on. Included with your kit is a pair of JL Audio 5.25" Coaxial speakers pre-mounted in the fairing.

Corbin's Touring fairing is simple to install with complete directions and all required brackets included. To assure a perfect look on your Rocket the brackets come painted to coordinate with the bike and give a subtle appearance. Installation can be accomplished by an average weekend mechanic. If you opt for dealer installation, it will most likely be only an hour of shop time.

Proudly made in the U.S.A.


for more information on this product, click  HERE




 The finest and most comfortable motorcycle saddles available. 

Manufactured with pride in the USA.

#T-R3-20-FAIR  Touring Fairing for Rocket III, Single Color

 #T-R3-20-FAIR-B Touring Fairing for Rocket III, w/ Multi-Color Graphics

 #T-R3-20-AU    Audio Kit for Rocket III Fairing

                   Corbin World Headquarters

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Hollister, CA 95023

 831-634-1100 Tel | 831-634-1059 Fax

800-538-7035 Toll Free

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Following its highly successful world debut at Salon Privé́ in late September, the exclusive new British motorcycle brand – Langen Motorcycles – kicks off to a smoking start

Just a few short weeks after its reveal at Blenheim Palace, pre-orders for around a third of Langen Motorcycle’s exclusive debut model – the advanced but nostalgic road-legal Two Stroke – limited to 100 handmade examples only, have already been placed, with the order book now officially open

Langen’s striking new 250cc V-Twin Two Stroke combines 75bhp with a featherweight 114kg to achieve a 660bhp/ton power-to-weight ratio that will outstrip most supercars

With the well-received Langen Motorcycles brand hitting the ground running, the Wigan-based specialist handcrafted motorcycle maker is already looking to expand its team with new design engineers and technician/fabricators required

After a decade as the Chief Design Engineer at acclaimed CCM Motorcycles, where he created a number of ground breaking motorcycles, in 2019 Christofer Ratcliffe (a.k.a. Langen), took the bold decision to break the shackles of a larger company and establish his own British motorcycle brand with some original and innovative new motorcycles.

Thus Langen Motorcycles was born, with the exciting new Langen Two Stroke being the first evidence of Christofer’s endeavours. Making its public world debut at the prestigious Salon Privé́ vehicle Concours at Blenheim Palace in late September 2020, the handmade 250cc V-Twin Two Stroke instantly meet with huge interest and praise, with around a third of the bike’s planned limited production of 100 examples now already reserved in under three weeks since its launch.

Priced at £28,000 +VAT for the limited 100-unit allocation, Langen will commence handcrafted Two Stroke production for customers in summer 2021 at a rate of two-to-three examples per week. Already certified as fully road legal for the UK, Two Stroke riders will also be able to enjoy their Langens in other countries for track use. If there is sufficient interest from overseas clients, Langen Motorcycles will also consider producing a further 150 Two Strokes in homologated form for the rest of the world, featuring a high specification, including ABS braking and so on.

Christofer’s inspiration for his new 250cc limited production Two Stroke has been to create a pure, performance-orientated two stroke bike in the best café racer traditions. Unlike traditional performance two stroke motorcycles of the past however, the Langen Two Stroke cleverly combines modern technology and inherent power/performance advantages with an environmentally considerate V-Twin engine with a modern fuel injection system, ECU-controlled oil injection and electronic exhaust valves, yet also passing the all-important two-stroke ‘sniff test’.

This advanced technology results in a healthy 75 bhp with 33lb.ft. of torque, courtesy of Langen’s tailored Vins injected 250cc V-twin lightweight motor which revs to 14,500rpm and features a counter-rotating crank. This engine is housed in a bespoke and painstakingly-built aluminium tube space frame with high-specification motorcycle parts, including Öhlins front forks, K-Tech twin shocks suspending the rear, Hel Performance brakes and Dunlop tyres to ensure the Langen Twin Stroke stops and turns as well as it pulls.

To help achieve the Langen’s light weight of just 114kg (including oil and water) the Two Stroke’s bodywork and fuel tank are produced in hand-laid carbon-fibre, complete with hand-finished gold leaf detailing, although a range of customisation options are also available, allowing clients to personalise everything from the bike’s paint work, the chassis finish, and even the fork type and wheels. A 1990’s Grand Prix racer-style dual-exit exhaust system, complete with right-hand-side and under seat pipes, emits the pleasingly smoky sights and smells that bike enthusiasts relish with two-stroke motorcycles.

Speaking of the enthusiastic response to the Two Stroke’s debut at Blenheim Palace, Langen Motorcycles founder, Christofer Ratcliffe, said: "My dream has always been to create a small piece of British motorcycling history. To be able to launch this special motorcycle under a completely new brand really is a hugely rewarding realisation of this dream. I just want to create some interesting bikes and my aim is to continue to push boundaries, which I hope will really please people."

Christofer added: “Judging by the hugely positive response to the new Langen Two Stroke at Blenheim Palace, included more initial pre-orders than I was expecting, my desire to produce motorcycles with a simplicity and purity of days gone by seems to be shared by countless other bike enthusiasts who really seem to savour the amazing sounds and smells of our new Two Stroke.” He concluded: “For me, with all these electric bikes now launching, the first Langen is a final swansong for the two-stroke; an intriguing modern twist on a proud performance café racer tradition.”

Pre-orders for the remaining first 100 Two Stroke bikes are now being taken, with a £1,000 refundable deposit needed to secure Langen’s inaugural motorcycle. More details can be found at

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Indian Motorcycle Racing Wins Fourth Consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship With Wrecking Crew Sweep At Atlanta Short Track I


Indian Motorcycle Racing Wins Fourth Consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship With Wrecking Crew Sweep At Atlanta Short Track I

Indian Motorcycle Racing Wins Fourth Consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship With Wrecking Crew Sweep At Atlanta Short Track I




Indian Motorcycle Racing - 4th Manufacturer’s Championship


Wrecking Crew Rider Jared Mees Narrows the Season Standings with Back-to-Back Wins

Indian Motorcycle Racing, presented by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and its championship-winning FTR750 clinched its fourth consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship. Fittingly, Indian Motorcycle secured the championship with a Wrecking Crew podium sweep at Atlanta Short Track I.

Wrecking Crew Rider Jared Mees narrowed the season standings with back-to-back wins at the Atlanta doubleheader. Joining Mees on the Atlanta Short Track I podium was reigning AFT Grand National Champion and Wrecking Crew Rider Briar Bauman and Wrecking Crew Rider Bronson Bauman. The bar-to-bar battle between Briar and Mees saw Mees take a final pass on the final lap through turn four to cross the finish line just .308 seconds before Briar. Bronson completed the Wrecking Crew sweep as he earned his first podium of the 2020 season by charging his way from the middle of the pack and making several passes in the final laps of the Main.

“It’s been incredible to see our team compete at a consistent level and again bring home the Manufacturer’s Championship for the fourth straight year,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle. “With four races remaining, we’re excited to see who can walk away with the No.1 plate. Briar’s been hot and Mees hates to lose, so we should be in a dramatic and entertaining finish to the season.”

Atlanta Short Track II continued the dramatic, bar-to-bar racing from the night before, as Indian Motorcycle Privateer Brandon Price held Mees off as long as he could, coming up just short as Mees made his pass with only a few laps remaining. Price’s second-place finished earned him his first podium of the season, while Briar rounded out the all-FTR750 podium with a third-place finish.

With 244 points, Mees is firmly in second and now just 12 points back from Briar, who has 256 points on the year. With a pair of fourth-place finishes in Atlanta, Indian Motorcycle Privateer Sammy Halbert remains in third with 193 points, while Bronson Bauman and Price are fourth and fifth with 153 and 148 points, respectively.

The 2020 American Flat Track season will continue on October 9-10 at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Progressive Charlotte Half-Mile I & II.


Indian Motorcycle is America’s first motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivalled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion are reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit


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Regina launches lube-free Z-Ring HPE chain

 Regina launches lube-free Z-Ring HPE chain

Founded in Italy in 1919, Regina is introducing what it says is the world's first motorcycle chain that eliminates the need for 1,000 km periodic and workshop service interval re-lubrication.

The company describes its High Performance Endurance (HPE) chain as a Z-Ring chain that is the result of extensive lab and street testing to demonstrate that it has a reliable useable life that is at least equivalent, if not greater, than a traditional, regularly re-lubricated Z-Ring chain.

The magic ingredient is a hydrogen-free Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) coating, currently considered to be the most advanced among DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coatings, often used on front forks, that is applied to the HPE chain bushing and roller surfaces.

"The ta-C coating reduces energy dissipation and increases efficiency in the secondary transmission, combining the very high hardness of the coated surface with a low coefficient of friction. The elimination of chain cleaning and lubricant spatter during operation minimises environmental impact.

"The innovative ta-C coating process was developed through intense R&D activity by Regina engineers and is entirely carried out in our Cernusco Lombardone (LC) plant in Italy [between Milan and Bergamo].

"The elimination of the periodic re-lubrication and the greater efficiency of power transmission raise the HPE chain to an extremely advanced technological level compared to traditional sealed chains - unthinkable until today and unparalleled on the market," said Paolo Garbagnati, CEO of Regina.

"We would like to thank all the women and the men who made the achievement of this important goal possible, including all the passionate riders, who, confidentially and professionally, contributed to the project with many extensive test rides." The HPE chain will be available on the aftermarket starting January 2021 and works with the same front and rear sprockets used with traditional sealed chains.


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AIMExpo Columbus, Ohio, Canceled

 AIMExpo Canceled

Slated for Columbus, Ohio in January 2021, the Board of Directors of the MIC has confirmed the not unexpected news that it has had to cancel AIMExpo in January 2021 - which is itself a rebuilt date from the original early October 2020 slot.
Indeed, the entire expo was a rebuilt concept, having abandoned the consumer attendance days and folded back into the classic three-day trade expo format that the market appears to have left behind - certainly in terms of theoretically independent trade shows.

While the burgeoning market of distributor events has been hit by COVID-19 concerns, AIMExpo appears to have been hit by a double whammy - the pandemic and, to judge by the show floorplan, a decidedly lukewarm response from vendors.
Which is a shame as it had been hoped that co-joining with Tucker Powersports to host their traditional January Dealer Show at AIMExpo, and in the Midwest rather than its usual venues in Texas, should have helped to put wind back into the event's sails - however, with COVID-19 reshaping the way specialty and traditional channel based industries such as the motorcycle market do business, we may now never know if the initiative and changes would have made a difference.

Cinnamon Kernes, Vice President and General Manager MIC Events, is quoted as saying: "We have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 AIMExpo, the industry's annual trade show, and while this wasn't an easy choice, it is certainly the right one.

"With local directives limiting gathering size, travel restrictions, and a myriad of other obstacles created by the pandemic, there are too many unknown factors limiting our ability to create a safe environment that will also deliver the experience and ROI our exhibitors and attendees expect. We do not want to deliver a show that doesn't live up to their high standards. Also impacting our decision to postpone are the dealers working to rebuild their businesses after suffering devastating damage from fires, hurricanes and floods that have hit both the East and West Coasts.
"There is tremendous value in face-to-face meetings and in-person events, and we believe in their ability to create irreplaceable opportunities to connect with people and businesses to drive commerce."

For the record, we here at AMD Magazine 100 percent agree with that and hope that once the impacts of the pandemic are tamped down, there will still be a role for such events - distributor shows and independent or trade association-backed initiatives alike. It is a worry that, as is the case in Europe, if national motorcycle industry trade associations can't maintain such events, then it will be very difficult for anyone other than the market's distributors to be ae to do so.

Kernes went on to say: "The AIMExpo team will continue to work with key industry partners, including Tucker Powersports, to explore options that deliver relevant and important educational content for dealer attendees in 2021.  Likewise, the team will be looking for opportunities to connect the powersports brands through quality networking events later this year. We look forward to bringing AIMExpo back in 2022 and will celebrate the industry of powersports and everyone that makes it great."

Earlier this year, AIMExpo and Tucker Powersports announced co-locating shows. Tucker supports the decision to postpone and has made a separate announcement regarding their plans for 2021. In it, Marc McAllister, CEO of Tucker Powersports, stated: "While we at Tucker were very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the AIMExpo show this year, the health and safety of our dealers and supplier partners has to be our first priority. We want to respect public health restrictions and we don't want to put anyone at risk. We are now looking forward to reconnecting with the MIC and AIMExpo in 2022."



Poor or defective road surfaces were a contributory factor in more than 500 reported accidents

Fewer potholes are now being repaired urges all motorists, especially motorcyclists, to take extra care

Poor or defective road surfaces, one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents, were a contributory factor in more than 500 reported road accidents. That’s according to analysis by, a leading track day provider, of the latest figures from the Department for Transport (DfT).

Just as alarmingly, recent research by the Asphalt Industry Alliance found that the average local authority highway maintenance funding is now 20 per cent less in real terms than in 2010, with one in five local roads now classed as structurally poor.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, said: “These are worrying findings for all motorists and motorcyclists in particular. Poor road surfaces, such as potholes, can present a real danger.

“While there has been a slight drop in recent years in these types of accidents, it is still not enough, especially when you consider that other independent research shows that the number of potholes being repaired in England and Wales has fallen.”

Meanwhile, further data analysed by from the DfT’s Reported Road Casualties Great Britain Annual Report 2019, discovered some of the other most common causes of accidents where the road environment was a factor to blame.

These included a deposit on a road, such as oil, mud or chippings, which was a contributory factor in 842 reported accidents in 2019, while inadequate or masked signs or road markings were a contributory factor in 351 reported accidents in Great Britain.

However, as autumn and winter arrives, traditionally the wettest months of the year, by far the biggest cause of accidents was slippery roads due to inclement weather, which was a contributory factor in more than 5,500 reported accidents.

Dan added: “Slippery roads cause on average more than 15 accidents a day, so we would urge all car drivers and motorcyclists to take extra care as we enter autumn and winter, normally the wettest months of the year.”

For more information about, whether it’s for an own vehicle track day on a motorbike or in a car, or for a driving experience in a supplied car, visit

Arlen Ness 'Sidekick' Air Cleaners

Legroom-Friendly Arlen Ness 'Sidekick' Air Cleaners Feature Patented Tech

Available in black, chrome and titanium finishes, 'Sidekick' air cleaners by Ness Enterprises are an angled version of its forged billet air cleaners that "provide excellent legroom and increased airflow.


"The performance air filter is made from a black synthetic filter element wrapped in a stainless steel mesh and accepts a clear polycarbonate window to view the intake system in action."
Featuring the Ness patent-pending hidden breather system and patent-pending oil catch/reservoir, they deliver "increased horsepower, torque and mileage and are covered by a California Air Resource Board Executive Order (CARB EO D-639-8)."
The CNC-forged billet aluminum backing plate's hidden breather is O-ringed at the heads, passes through the backing plate and exits inside the mouth of the throttle body through proprietary shooter tubes. This eliminates the need for any external hoses or hardware for a virtually closed loop system that prevents the oil blow-bye issues associated with M-8 engines by directing any excess breather oil back into the engine.


The patent-pending oil catch/reservoir ensures no oil saturates the filter and restricts the airflow - the integrated oil catch collects any excess engine oil before it reaches the air filter - the bolt-on design allows the oil catch to be serviced when the filter element is serviced.
The radius air inlet allows for unobstructed airflow and specially designed breather bolts are hidden under billet covers for a clean look.  The black pre-oiled performance air filter is fully washable and re-usable; rain socks/pre-filters and filter kits are separately available.


Outer air filter housing is CNC-machined from forged billet aluminum and features an angled shape for increased leg clearance and detailed CNC machine work. The clear polycarbonate window allows you to view your engine's intake system in action. The polycarbonate is hard-coated for long lasting durability and protection from engine oil and UV sunlight.
'Sidekick' air filters are available for most '99-'17 Twin Cams, '08-'17 FLT Touring, '16-'17 Softail, '16-'17 Dyna FXDLS and '99-'01 F.I. FLT, '91-up XL Sportsters, 2017 and up M-8 models. Will not fit FBW models.


Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed in Apparel Collection Deal

Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed 

in Apparel Collection Deal

With its Los Angeles outlet slated to open soon, London, UK based motorcycle lifestyle store, club and event business The Bike Shed has teamed up with Indian Motorcycle to launch an exclusive line-up of lifestyle apparel.

"Designed in celebration of motorcycles, motorcycle culture and the soon-to-open Bike Shed Los Angeles destination, the co-branded collection includes a range of men's and women's shirts and hats, along with an exclusive BSMC x Indian Motorcycle sweatshirt and riding jersey.

"Brought together through shared values and the idea that there is no wrong way to appreciate motorcycling, Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club believe in creating a welcoming environment for all riders. Whether riding the open road or hanging with friends, Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club exist to fuel the passion of life on two wheels."

Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle, is quoted as saying: "We're proud to collaborate with Bike Shed on this apparel collection and celebrate our love for motorcycles and motorcycle culture. When we found out Bike Shed was opening a clubhouse in the U.S., we knew we wanted to get involved. A special edition apparel collection was a no-brainer, and we're extremely proud to align with Bike Shed as they plan for their opening in Los Angeles."

This year, The Bike Shed will "expand its ever-growing community" with the opening of its first-ever U.S. location. "Home to a thriving moto and creative community, Los Angeles' Arts District will soon welcome the highly anticipated Bike Shed Los Angeles: a 30,000 square-foot destination venue, complete with a full-service restaurant, café, bar and lounge, a barbershop, tattoo studio, events space and large retail emporium."

"We wanted to align with an American brand that shared our same all-inclusive motorcycle values," said Anthony 'Dutch' van Someren, founder of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. "Indian Motorcycle is an iconic and historic brand that has evolved to remain relevant as moto culture has evolved, balancing timeless design and authenticity with modern performance and practicality, bringing new appreciation and customers to the brand and its bikes.

"Our clothing collaboration partnership carries those same values, aligning two brands that are as much about community and experience as we are about quality products, made to be fit-for-purpose while carrying timeless style and heritage."

To help launch the exclusive apparel collection, Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club tapped renowned bike builder and founder of Brat Style, Go Takamine. Known for his work building and racing classic Indian motorcycles, Takamine exemplifies the deep passion and love for motorcycles and motorcycle culture that the Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed collaboration represents.

The exclusive Indian Motorcycle and Bike Shed Motorcycle Club apparel collection is available at select retail locations and online at and

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Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags for 2020 Triumph Rocket III

Fleetliner Saddlebags

2020 Triumph Rocket III


A little careful design work by the Corbin Wizard's and our new Fleetliner Saddlebags provide a more balanced visual while adding some much needed storage. How much storage? A whopping 100 liters with both bags combined. For those not yet committed to the metric system, that equates to over three and a half cubic feet!

Our saddlebags are designed to fit specific bike models so they're visually integrated and look awesome! Notice how the Corbin bags mimic the shape of the fuel tank and follow the graceful line of the tail. This helps the bags actually enhance the look of the bike rather than just being an add-on. We also design our saddlebags to fit close to the profile of the Rocket for improved weight handling and aerodynamic efficiency. As you can see, the integrated shape provides a look far cleaner than "one shape fits all" style hard luggage.

The Fleetliner saddlebag set includes Corbin's undertail kit which helps keep a tidy look at the rear. This component moves your license plate up under the tail light and gives a little more length to the tail section. Both the rear fender and saddlebags come hand prepainted to coordinate with your factory paint scheme. Saddlebags are available in a single color or with coordinating four color GT graphics. All saddlebags also include a durable chip resistant black epoxy paint on the wheel facing surface.

Both bags come completely lined to protect your cargo and feature locking doors for security. Molded to fit perfect with your stock turn signals relocated to our undertail. Sure seal weather stripping and adjustable lock keeps them watertight. Doors feature a soft open strut so the doors won't slam down when unlatched. Saddlebag doors are

Guernsey-based record-breaker Zef Eisenberg has died in an accident


Guernsey-based record-breaker Zef Eisenberg has died in an accident

 at Elvington Airfield. He was 47 years old.

Over the course of his career, Eisenberg set more than 90 British, World, UKTA, ACU and Guinness Speed Records on two wheels and four. The most recent of those came at Elvington in late September, when he set four new FIA benchmarks on the EISENBERG V8 motorcycle.

Eisenberg grew up in North London and attended UCS school in Hampstead. He was passionate about skateboarding from the age of 12, and would often skateboard all the way to school. Being very creative with wood, plastic and metal, he stayed behind every evening and worked in the technology department, and at the age of 15 he decided to install an electric motor in a bicycle. To his great delight it worked, and in recognition of his success he was given a grant for his innovation from a large electronics company.

At the age of 16, he decided to take up bodybuilding, and after a year of hard work and family encouragement he became junior bodybuilding champion of Great Britain. To keep in shape, he needed to take protein powder. At that time it was quite costly, so he decided to start a business making his own. He studied for a BSc in nutrition in his own time and developed a winning formula that was used by many bodybuilders, athletes and sportspeople throughout the UK.

The birth of his business coincided with the early days of the internet, and he used online channels to grow it exponentially. Maximuscle soon became the leading product in the marketplace, and GlaxoSmithKline eventually became interested in adding it to its portfolio. Eisenberg sold up, made his home in Guernsey and embraced the island life.

He applied his analytical approach and determination to the science of his other great passion – motorsport. As he once said: “The human body and a vehicle engine have close similarities. Both require the best care, fuel and maintenance to perform at their best.”

He dedicated himself to demonstrating what could be achieved when pushing the boundaries of both human and machine in record-setting challenges. The self-confessed performance junkie learned his trade with V8 muscle cars and drag motorbikes, before creating the world’s most powerful turbine motorbike. Five years of intense work resulted in a number of accolades, including a new Guinness record for the fastest turbine bike in the world at 234.01mph.

In September 2016, he survived Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash when the turbine bike

Monimoto Smart Tracker bij Motor Saloon

Vind je motorfiets terug!

Monimoto Smart Tracker bij Motor Saloon

Deze Smart Tracker speciaal voor motorfietsen kost € 169,-. Monimoto belt je als hij beweging detecteert en start met de locatie verzending naar de App.

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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Sturgis Buffalo Chip Breaks Million Dollar Charitable Giving Mark During the 80th Rally

 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Breaks Million Dollar 

Charitable Giving Mark During the 80th Rally

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Sturgis, SD (October 2, 2020): The generosity of the motorcycle community was again put on display during the 80th Sturgis Rally as bikers from around the country helped the Buffalo Chip raise significant funds and break the $1 million charitable giving mark.

It is important to remember that people who come to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event do a lot of good for communities on the local and national level,” said Rod Woodruff, President and CEO of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “Motorcyclists are a phenomenal bunch of people. They are always willing to open their hearts and wallets for worthwhile causes.”

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s efforts during its 2020 Music and Motorcycle Festival raised an additional $201,470 that has been distributed to worthy charities benefiting American children in need, veterans, and the local community. 

“We at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip are so proud as ambassadors of the motorcycle community to now have distributed more than $1 million to charities dedicated to improving the lives of our children and our veterans” said Woodruff.

Children who need emergency transport, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, veterans suffering from PTSD and many other groups in need benefitted from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip's efforts during the 2020 rally. Charities that received funds include Shriners’ Transportation Fund, South Dakota Special Olympics - Rapid City Flame, The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, Helping With Horsepower, All Kids Bike/The Strider Education Foundation, The NASCAR Foundation, SGT Colton Levi Derr Foundation, America’s Mighty Warriors, Warrior Dog Foundation, Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation Deadwood Chapter, Motorcycle Missions and Sturgis Meals on Wheels.



About the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® is the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling®. It is the world’s first and leading entertainment destination for the motorcycle enthusiast, awarded AMA Track of the Year in 2016, American Flat Track Event of the Year and South Dakota Excellence in Tourism Innovation award winner in 2017. Since 1981, the venue’s high-profile, nine-day festival, known as The Best Party Anywhere®, remains one of the world’s most televised and longest running independent music festivals. Located three miles east of Sturgis, SD on 600 creek-fed acres, it offers multiple stages of entertainment, a swimming hole, bars, mouth-watering food, showers, cabins, RVs, camping and more to visitors traveling from all corners of the world. The Chip's concerts and races are free with camping. The Motorcycles as Art exhibit curated by Michael Lichter showcases the works of the world’s best bike builders. Numerous bike and stunt shows and all shopping, live music and events at the CrossRoads are free and open to the public. More details are available at