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#ABavarianSoulstory - Episode 10: The BMW R 18 Dragster by Roland Sands

BMW R 18 Dragster custom bike by Roland Sands

The renowned custom bike designer Roland Sands stripped down the BMW R 18 to create a straight line dragster featuring the iconic and massive boxer powerplant. The result: the R 18 Dragster. He and his team have created a unique masterpiece built around the impressive 2-cylinder Big Boxer, giving their creativity free reign in the process.
Roland Sands’ personal story served as a source of inspiration for his work on this bike. “With an engine that’s so visibly the center piece, I immediately thought of muscle cars. My family has always been into going fast and my dad was a drag racer, so I thought it made sense to strip the bike down to the essentials and shape it to go fast on a straight track,” the designer explains.
The new BMW R 18: a cruiser rooted in history.
With the new R 18, BMW Motorrad presented the brand’s first series production bike for the cruiser segment in April 2020. Like no other BMW motorcycle before it, this model stands entirely in the tradition of historical BMW motorcycles – both technically and with regard to its design. It is based on illustrious models such as the BMW R 5 and shifts the focus back to the motorcycle essentials: purist, no-frills technology and the boxer engine as the center of riding pleasure, combined with “good vibrations”. The “Big Boxer” continues the line of traditional air-cooled boxer engines that have offered inspiring riding since BMW Motorrad first began production in 1923.

The technical design process used by Roland Sands.
Roland Sands always starts by sketching his ideas on paper. This allows him to figure out the basics of the shape and what the stance and the geometry of the bike could look like. “In the end, the real magic happens when we bring the sketch to life”, Roland explains.

More than any other motorcycle, the new R 18 offers a highly customizable design. It features an easily removable rear frame and a simple-to-dismantle painted parts set. This gives the customer a high degree of freedom for easily converting the rear end of the new R 18 to suit personal preferences. In addition you can also change the paint finish to suit your personal taste. “The electronics were definitely the most difficult task we had to deal with as we put in nitrous oxide, stripped out the stock exhaust and changed the intake drastically. It was a bit of an experiment, but we dialed it in! The final product is impressive and characterised by a high level of

Where is Anna Ride Out GEANNULEERD

Ride out -  Where is Anna GEANNULEERD !!!!!!!

Beste Where is Anna sympathisanten,

Gezien de constante negatieve evolutie van het COVID 19 virus zien wij ons als organisatie genoodzaakt om dit jaar alsnog te moeten annuleren.
De overheid en gemeenten leggen ons richtlijnen op die niet haalbaar zijn organisatorisch.
Tevens kunnen wij niet garanderen dat de grenzen zullen openblijven en dat er geen beperkingen zullen opgelegd worden qua quarantaine.Toch zouden wij  jullie als deelnemer of sponsor en onze vrijwilligers alvast willen bedanken in de interesse die er is voor het evenement.
Hopende jullie volgend jaar ook zo talrijk onder betere condities te mogen verwelkomen.
Deelnemers die reeds ingeschreven zijn en reeds betaald hebben mogen de storting eerstdaags op hun rekening terug verwachten.
Keep it safe and see you next year!

Het Where is Anna team

Chers sympathisants Where is Anna,

Compte tenu de l'évolution négative constante du virus COVID 19, nous, en tant qu'organisation, sommes obligés d'annuler cette année.Le gouvernement et les municipalités nous imposent des lignes directrices qui ne sont pas réalisables sur le plan organisationnel.
Nous ne pouvons pas non plus garantir que les frontières resteront ouvertes et qu'aucune restriction ne sera imposée en termes de quarantaine.Néanmoins, nous tenons à vous remercier en tant que participant ou sponsor et nos bénévoles pour l'intérêt qu'ils portent à l'événement.
En espérant vous accueillir en abondance dans de meilleures conditions l'année prochaine.
Les participants qui sont déjà inscrits et qui ont déjà payé peuvent s'attendre à recevoir prochainement le dépôt sur leur compte.
Gardez-le en sécurité et à l'année prochaine!

L'équipe Where is Anna

Dear Where is Anna sympathizers,

Given the constant negative evolution of the COVID 19 virus, we as an organization are forced to cancel this year. The government and municipalities impose guidelines on us that are not feasible from an organizational point of view.
Nor can we guarantee that the borders will remain open and that no restrictions will be imposed in terms of quarantine.Nevertheless, we would like to thank you as a participant or sponsor and our volunteers for the interest there is in the event.
Hoping to welcome you in abundance under better conditions next year.Participants who are already registered and have already paid can expect to receive the deposit back into their account soon.
Keep it safe and see you next year!

The Where is Anna team

Introducing the Deus Bombshell


Deus Ex Machina


Deus Ex Machina



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Cyron Motor WILL be there




Projector and Reflector in one device

Well suited for bikes with passing lamps....

A strong tight low beam augments the side-to-side coverage of passing lamps.
When switching to high beams, which turns off the passing lamps on most bikes, a super wide high beam fills the void.

Also works well with bikes without passing lamps and riders who want to make sure they see

BMW Motorrad has reported global growth of +9.8% for June

BMW Motorrad has reported global growth 
of +9.8% for June 

- its best ever June result - with a total of 20,021 BMW motorcycles sold. Despite understandably weak sales March to May, BMW Motorrad sold 76,707 motorcycles worldwide in the first half of 2020 for a decrease of 'only' -17.7%. Sales of 13,937 units in Europe (+2,684 more than in the same months of the previous year) saw the company post +23.9 % for Europe January to June; with a +58.2% increase in its German home market. The company says it expects to see U.S. sales buoyed by the new R 18 Cruiser.

After having hoped to be able to stage a delayed 2020 annual Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in October this year, BMW has conceded that it will have to cancel entirely for this year, with May 28-31 confirmed for 2021. One of the most upscale and prestigious of the world's summer season of automotive and motorcycle 'beauty pageants', the event for classic and vintage cars was founded in 1929 and takes place near the Villa d'Este hotel in Cernobbio, on the shores of Lake Como in Italy

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“Long Way Up” to Debut Globally September 18 on Apple TV+

“Long Way Up” to Debut Globally September 18 on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ today unveiled a first look at “Long Way Up,” an epic new motorcycle series, starring and executive produced by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, which reunites best friends after more than a decade since their last motorbike adventure around the world.  The first three episodes of “Long Way Up” will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, September 18, and new episodes will roll out weekly.

Covering 13,000 miles over 100 days through 16 border crossings and 13 countries, starting from the city of Ushuaia at the tip of South America, Ewan and Charley journey through the glorious and underexposed landscapes of South and Central America in their most challenging expedition to date, using cutting edge technology on the backs of their electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire® motorcycles in order to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

The new series will follow Ewan and Charley as they journey through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and up through Colombia, Central America and Mexico.
Harley-Davidson is thrilled to be featured in Apple’s Long Way Up with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire™ model is an exhilarating electric motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of performance, technology and design in the two-wheel world. The LiveWire motorcycles ridden in the new series are production-based and modified to push these boundaries to the edges of the earth for this epic collaboration. Riders can experience a LiveWire motorcycle at select Harley-Davidson dealerships around the world.

“Long Way Up” is a new original series that follows Ewan and Charley’s previous adventures in “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down."

Apple TV+ heeft een eerste preview van "Long Way Up" onthuld. 
De epische nieuwe motorserie herenigt de beste vrienden Ewan McGregor en Charley Boorman na meer dan tien jaar sinds hun laatste motoravontuur over de hele wereld. De eerste drie afleveringen van "Long Way Up" gaan wereldwijd in première op Apple TV+ op vrijdag 18 september en nieuwe afleveringen zullen wekelijks uitrollen.

De reis die in 100 dagen meer dan 20.000 kilometer, 16 grensovergangen en 13 landen beslaat, start vanuit de stad Ushuaia, op het puntje van Zuid-Amerika. In hun meest uitdagende expeditie tot nu toe reizen Ewan en Charley door de glorieuze en onderbelichte landschappen van Zuid- en Midden-Amerika, waarbij ze gebruik maken van geavanceerde technologie in het zadel van hun elektrische Harley-Davidson LiveWire®-motorfietsen, om zo bij te dragen aan de duurzaamheid van de planeet.
De nieuwe serie volgt Ewan en Charley tijdens hun reis door Argentinië, Chili, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador en omhoog door Colombia, Midden-Amerika en Mexico. 

Harley-Davidson is enthousiast over de verschijning van LiveWire in Apple's Long Way Up met Ewan McGregor en Charley Boorman. Het Harley-Davidson LiveWire-model is een opwindende elektrische motorfiets die de grenzen van high-performance, technologie en design in de wereld van tweewielers verlegt. De LiveWire-motorfietsen die in de nieuwe serie worden gereden, zijn gebaseerd op productiemodellen en aangepast om deze grenzen verder te verleggen naar de randen van de aarde voor deze epische samenwerking. Iedereen die zelf een LiveWire wilt ervaren, kan hiervoor terecht bij geselecteerde Harley-Davidson-dealers over de hele wereld.

"Long Way Up" is een nieuwe originele serie die de eerdere avonturen van Ewan en Charley in "Long Way Round" en "Long Way Down" opvolgt.

Comp Master Complete Replacement Upgrade Clutch Kits for Pre-Evo Big Twins 1936 - 1984

American Prime Manufacturing

Comp Master Complete Replacement Upgrade Clutch Kits for Pre-Evo Big Twins 1936 - 1984
Santa Fe Springs, California based performance replacement clutch specialist American Prime Manufacturing brings President Ben Kudon's 40 years of industry experience as a dealer, distributor and manufacturer to a wide range of transmission parts and related components.

Comp Master clutch kit assembly for all pre-Evo Big Twins with early dry style clutches (1936 - 1984).

"I started American Prime to fill a void that exists in the motorcycle aftermarket industry. Down the years I have had experience of not being able to source particular products, either because they are scarce and hard to find or simply not offered anymore.
"American Prime will 'fill in the gaps' and offer a range of performance upgrade replacements backed by superb customer service."
One such example of a hard-to-find replacement is the new Comp Master clutch kit assembly seen here for all pre-Evo Big Twins with early dry style clutches (1936 - 1984).
"The Motor Company went through a number of changes over the years with the way they transferred the power from the motor/transmission to the rear wheel," says Ben. "Around about 1936, the one most commonly known and the longest lasting stock configuration was introduced - one that looks like the one seen here (without the starter ring gear).

"This clutch was state-of-the-art performance gold in its day - robust, reliable and, for the times, remarkably powerful. While there are still the faithful out there who still swear by the original - but it is hard to source and materials, manufacturing technology and power handling requirements have moved on dramatically, especially since the design went out of service with the end of the Shovelhead line in 1984.
"The old style stud and coil spring clutch had three major disadvantages that a diaphragm spring clutch doesn't have. The more you compress the coil springs to engage better, the harder it is to pull in the clutch lever. The friction plates ride up and down on the studs by approx. 1/8" and wear grooves in the studs, allowing the friction plates to hang up on the grooves.
"The needle bearings are trapped in a stamped steel retainer that is so sloppy, it lets the clutch hub wiggle and wobble. The friction liner on the rear of the hub then tends to contact the rear of the clutch basket and that's when the clutch pulls you through a stop sign with the clutch lever pulled all the way in!
"Our Comp Master clutch for Knuckles, Pans and Shovels has diaphragm spring technology at its heart - it just works better because it's easier on the wrist, it holds way more power and is infinitely easier to adjust.
"Plus, we replace the needle bearings with a double row automotive type sealed bearing housed inside a billet aluminum bearing retainer - totally stable with no more wiggle or wobble!"


Polaris 2020 Second Quarter Results - "Far Above Our Expectations


Polaris 2020 Second Quarter Results - "Far Above Our Expectations"
Polaris has unveiled second quarter results that CFO Mike Speetzen described as nothing short of "far above our expectations" as the better than anticipated performance of the motorcycle and wider powersports markets during the pandemic lockdowns starts to translate into filings.

For Q2, the company's reported and adjusted sales decreased 15% to $1,512m and $1,510m, respectively. The company reported a second quarter 2020 net loss of $235m. Second quarter reported net loss was $3.82 per share; adjusted net income for the same period was $1.30 per share.
North American retail sales increased 57% for the quarter compared to last year, with both ORV and Motorcycle retail sales up significantly.
Dealer inventory levels decreased 47%, given the strong retail sales growth and lower shipments resulting from the COVID-19 related temporary suspension of production during the quarter.
consumer retail sales for Indian Motorcycle increased mid-teens percent

Evaluation of the company's aftermarket goodwill and other intangibles resulted in a pre-tax $379m non-cash impairment charge taken during the quarter. Operating expenses, excluding the impairment charge, decreased 15%, given the substantial reduction in discretionary and non-essential spending in response to the pandemic crisis.
Polaris' liquidity profile remains solid with debt/EBITDA below three times and total liquidity of $1.2bn at quarter end; Polaris re-initiated full year 2020 sales and adjusted earnings guidance with full year adjusted earnings in the range of $6.40 to $6.60 per diluted share and full year sales in the range of $6.650bn to $6.750bn.
Scott Wine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Polaris Inc., stated: "Polaris' second quarter results significantly outperformed expectations, once again demonstrating the resiliency and dedication of our global team. 

"We overcame a near complete shutdown of our dealers and the U.S. economy early in the quarter to capitalize on unprecedented retail demand for our motorcycles and off-road vehicles through May, June and now July. Our broad array of best-in-class products provided an attractive social distancing solution for both existing, and encouragingly, a wide range of new powersports customers.
"During the quarter, we navigated a level of uncertainty and unrest that

Black Diamond Complete Engine Valve Kits

Kibblewhite Precision Machining

Black Diamond Complete Engine Valve Kits
These Black Diamond complete engine valve kits by noted Californian valvetrain specialist Kibblewhite Precision Machining include valve spring kit, a full set of Black Diamond stainless steel standard size valves, and (where applicable) H.T. steel valve keepers and valve stem seals.

All Kibblewhite Black Diamond brand valves are impregnated by a special process to a depth of .002" with a surface build-up of .0002" - this process improves wear properties, reduces friction and provides resistance to corrosion and wear.
Compatible with leaded and unleaded fuels, they are sold as complete kits for one engine; available for 1970 - 1985 XL and 1984 - 1999 Evolution Big Twins.


Maverick Basket Weave for All Dynas

Le Pera Enterprises

Maverick Basket Weave for All Dynas
Boutique custom seat designer Le Pera Enterprises' 'Maverick' seat isn't just a stylish stock replacement but has been engineered to deliver touring comfort and maximum back support with a tapered mid-section for "stop and go ease."

For Dynas 2006-2017, it is now available with their popular basket weave pattern seating areas. The driver seat measures 13.75" wide, with the passenger seat giving 11.75".
Still handcrafting all its seats at its North Hollywood, California headquarters after more than 45 years as the market's design leader, all Le Pera seats feature a powder-coated steel base plate, a specially poured high density "Marathon" molded foam foundation and double-stitched, handcrafted cover with bonded polyester thread for durability.


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Triumph & Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride 2020 - Ride Solo Together.

 Triumph & Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride 2020
Ride Solo Together.

Op 27 september vindt wereldwijd de 10e Distinguished Gentleman's Ride plaats en Triumph zal dit ongelooflijke evenement en geldinzamelingsactie wederom ondersteunen als hoofdsponsor.
Triumph en de Movember Foundation slaan de handen ineen voor de 2020 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride op 27 september. Met als doel: ondersteuning en fondsenwerving voor de gezondheid van mannen, is de DGR van dit jaar nog nooit zo relevant geweest als we kijken naar de uitdagingen waar de wereld nu voor staat.

Op deze dag worden duizenden goedgezinde burgers wereldwijd uitgenodigd om hun beste pak te dragen om alleen op hun motor te rijden en fondsen te werven ter ondersteuning van het onderzoek tegen prostaatkanker en ter ondersteuning van de geestelijke gezondheid.
DGR: The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride werd opgericht in Sydney, Australië door Mark Hawwa. Hij werd geïnspireerd door een foto van Mad Men's Don Draper op een klassieke motorfiets in zijn mooiste pak. Mark besloot dat een themarit een geweldige manier zou zijn om de vaak negatieve stereotypering van mannen op motoren te bestrijden en tegelijkertijd de wereldwijde motorgemeenschap te verbinden en geld in te zamelen voor iets dat belangrijk is voor elke motorrijder.

Het evenement trekt sinds 2012 steeds meer rijders aan en in 2019 werd een nieuw record van $ 6M bereikt voor het goede doel met meer dan 116.000 deelnemers in 104 landen.
Ride Solo Together: Om de missie van de DGR te behouden en tegelijkertijd aan te passen aan deze uitdagende periode, zal de DGR 2020 voor het eerst in de geschiedenis een solo-evenement  zijn, waarbij de deelnemers de sfeer en uitstraling van de Distinguished Gentleman's Ride behouden door alleen of met hun duopassagier (uit hetzelfde huishouden) te rijden.  Deze nieuwe formule zal de rijders in staat stellen om te voldoen aan de verschillende social distance regels die in elk land gelden, terwijl ze hun passie voor motorrijden delen, bijdragen aan de Movember Foundation en het bewustzijn verspreiden via sociale media.

Triumph en DGR: Triumph is trots om opnieuw samen te werken met de Distinguished Gentleman's Ride om dit ongelooflijke evenement te ondersteunen en elke Triumph-fan aan te moedigen om de DGR te steunen, zich passend te kleden, te rijden en te doneren - met inachtneming van de social distancing voorschriften die in elk land gelden.
Daarnaast schenkt Triumph vier gloednieuwe motorfietsen uit het Modern Classic-assortiment aan de drie hoogste fondsenwervers ter wereld en aan de winnaar van de “Gentlefolk-competitie”. In 2019 hadden we zelfs een winnaar in Nederland, Anthony van Haaster, die een gloednieuwe Street Twin in ontvangst mocht nemen.

De Triumph Modern Classic familie vertegenwoordigt de uitstraling van de Distinguished Gentleman's Ride: elegant, iconisch, karaktervol en gebouwd om te rijden.
De sociale-mediakanalen van Triumph zullen de hashtags #DGR2020 en #ForTheRide gebruiken om interactie en betrokkenheid met alle deelnemers wereldwijd te creëren en de DGR 2020 weer een recordbrekende editie te laten worden.

Dus zoek je mooiste tweed jasje uit, kleed je in stijl en neem deel aan de Gentleman's Ride 2020!  

Voor meer info en inschrijven kun je terecht op de DGR-website.

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Stainless steel slip-on muffler for 2014 to present XG500 & XG750 Street and XG750 Street Rod. Features the Supertrapp 4" tunable disc system which allows you to adjust the exhaust sound the way you like it. Exhaust comes with 15 discs and end cap, replacement collector heat shield and all necessary hardware. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:
Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA  473,00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.  465,00
España, Euro incl. IVA   473,00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV   493,00
France, Euro TTC    468,00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA   497,00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA    477,00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW  473,00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA   485,00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt  469,00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA   481,00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS  489,00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT 469,00

These products in the Zodiac Online Catalog:
The Zodiac Online Catalog:
Where to buy:

Part Number Information
757142 Supertrapp stainless steel slip-on muffler for Harley-Davidson Street series

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Opti-Line telefoon- en USB oplossingen voor uw motorfiets

Opti-Line telefoon- en USB oplossingen 
voor uw motorfiets of scooter!
Afgelopen mei heeft de introductie plaatsgevonden van  Opti-Line, een product  van het Italiaanse merk Lampa. Lampa fabriceert sinds 1960 hoge kwaliteit accessoires voor auto’s, vrachtwagens, motoren, fietsen en mobiele telefoons. Met het product Opti-Line
 heeft Lampa een specifieke lijn accessoires ontwikkelt voor de fiets, scooter 
en motorfiets. Dit bestaat uit een uitgebreid accessoire pakket om de 
mobiele telefoon met gebruik van je navigatie op het stuur te plaatsen.

 Opti-Line onderscheidt zich in de markt door een hoogwaardig product tegen een scherpe prijs te leveren. Opti-Line is uniek door het gepatenteerde Duo-lock systeem; men hoeft slechts eenmalig een houder aan te schaffen waarop alle verschillende beschermingshoesjes op te bevestigen zijn.
 De ontwikkelde Opti-Line accessoires bestaande uit een ruim assortiment aan telefoonhouders-en beschermingshoesjes, montagekits en USB oplossingen, en bieden voor elk type telefoon en elke motorfiets of scooter uitkomst. Opti -Line heeft universele telefoonhouders en hoesjes ontwikkeld, en daarnaast zijn voor de meest gebruikte telefoons, zoals de laatste Samsung en Iphone modellen, toestelgerichte houders ontwikkeld. Je koopt een losse case of houder geschikt

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

"The Fix" - Paul Yaffe's Rear Fender Frenched License Plate Solution

Bagger Nation

"The Fix" - Paul Yaffe's Rear Fender Frenched License Plate Solution
Paul Yaffe's Phoenix, Arizona based Bagger Nation is a veritable factory of creativity when it comes to stock upgrade ideas to improve the looks of any Harley, and this new for 2020 "The Fix" program for Sportsters and M-8 Softails is a classic Yaffe custom product.

"The Fix", seen here on Street Bob

Seen here for the M-8 Street Bobs and Slims, it eliminates the ugly and cheap looking plastic side mount license holder with an integrated frenched plate to "add a slick custom look, with hidden LED in the chrome or black license plate and optional row of four designer license frame matching 'Lightning Bolt' LED taillights.



Sport Glide

"The Fix" is a direct bolt-on replacement that is pre-drilled to use the stock hardware, is made on-site in Bagger Nation's own composite shop and ships in primer finish ready for paint; low draw COB technology 'Lightning Bullets' also available to replace the stock turn signals.


MID-USA V-Factor Gas Tanks

MID-USA V-Factor Gas Tanks

This V-Factor Street Pro stretched gas tank for custom use is designed for "long and low" style frames with 5" backbone stretch and 0 or -2" downtube stretch. It is 23" long, 15" wide and has a 2 1/2" wide tunnel.
Street Pro for custom use
There is crossover provision for 10 mm (3/8-24) banjo fittings located at the front of the tank and the 22 mm petcock bung is on the left side near the front of the tank.
The "weld-to-frame" brackets recess in the bottom of the tank gives a hidden look for the rubber isolated mounting brackets; 5.3 gallon capacity; ships in raw steel.

'Peanut' style Sportster

Also seen here, this 2.25 gallon 'Peanut' style Sportster gas tank (1995 - 2002) is available with left or right-side bung position and 22 mm external thread petcock bung. It uses a 1982 and later style vented gas cap and ships in raw steel. 'Peanut' tank for '82-'94 models are also available.


Monday, 27 July 2020



The Ness MX floorboards feature a detailed cut-through design with integrated 
rubber inserts for excellent foot traction. CNC machined from a solid block 
of billet aluminum, with extended length for added foot room and comfort.