Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Cyron Motor LED Products Mini Bulbs



If physical fitment is an issue for your car/truck/motorcycle, then this is the answer for you. Small body size makes this bulb fit in more than 90% of housings.

No mechanical fans
No external drivers
No bulky heat sinks

Idea behind design of this light was to sacrifice a bit of power but instead give an LED option to installations that would not be possible with traditional LED bulbs having mechanical
cooling systems. Smaller body size makes for easier fitment in DIY installations.

·  90% Beam Accuracy

·  EMI noise free per E9 standards

·  10,000 hours Life

·  Superior color contrast in all road conditions

·  Low power draw will not drain battery

·  Smart Driver cooling system

·  DIY Installation

·  Wide operating voltage

·  Remains bright regardless of battery condition

·  Dual beam, Hi/Lo H4

·  Sold in single units

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