Saturday, 3 August 2019

W&W Good Stuff: CRS Ceriani 180 Four Leading Shoe Brake

CRS Ceriani 180 Four Leading Shoe Brake

As we all know, the stopping power of stock Harley front drum brakes is not 
exactly what you really need in an emergency situation. 

A completely different animal, however, is the CRS reproduction of the Ceriani 180 four leading shoe drum brake. It was made for the race track and it doesn’t make a secret of it. Four cams and four leading brake shoes will stop any Milwaukee beast, however mighty. Two large air scoops with help with cooling everything. These mechanical masterpieces are made in small numbers using traditional workmanship, which gives them the classic appearance and power of the originals. Installation should be left to the professional mechanic as it requires fabrication of brake anchors and cable operation.

⚠︎ This racing brake is not intended for heavy Full Dressers, 
but for lighter bikes like Sportsters, Choppers, etc.

cast aluminum
width: 122 mm
Number of Spoke Holes: 40
outer Ø: 236 mm
Inner Ø: 180 mm
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