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Gunfighter & Lady Saddle 2017-2019 Honda Rebel 500 & 300

Gunfighter & Lady Saddle
2017-2019 Honda Rebel 500 & 300

Our Gunfighter & Lady saddle design for the Rebel gives your bike excellent passenger capability. Designed to maximize the comfort and usability of your bike while providing a custom look and longer riding range without fatigue. Corbin saddles are shaped to provide contoured support that lasts all day and will become your favorite accessory the first ride out. Naturally we offer a wide selection of customizing options for a one of a kind look. 

Accepts a removable backrest for your passenger to add more comfort and security. Corbin's backrest models install with a single screw and adjusts easily to your copilot's riding posture. We have several models of backrest available to suit your taste and the
amount of support needed. Our new Ovalbac model #02-S (shown) also has backing plate options for a custom look and makes a great handhold for your passenger.
As an extra added value, Corbin's Ovalbac backrest models have a custom finishing plate option included at no extra charge. We have a standard leather-look plate (shown), a Carbon-Fiber look or you can even get a finishing plate that is paintable if you want to have it matched to your bike by your favorite paint artist. Please be sure to choose your finishing plate option when ordering below.

Looking to add a little storage real easy? Corbin's glove box option mounts to the rear of the backrest (models #297-S and #02-SB only) to add four liters of convenient, locking storage. Perfect for all your small travel essentials like GDO remotes, water bottles and your cell phone. Lined on the inside to protect your cargo. Available in raw ABS or pre-painted gloss black.

This saddle uses our new backrest hardware cover with the sliding door as shown below. To install the backrest, just slide the cover over to the side. When the backrest is not needed, just slide it closed. It doesn't get easier than that! 

Available wherever Corbin Saddle products are sold

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The finest and most comfortable motorcycle saddles available.
Manufactured with pride in the USA.

#H-REV-17-GL     Dual Saddle, 2017 - 2019 Honda Rebel 500 & 300     $393

#02-SB     Ovalbac Standard Backrest (each)     $257

#GLOVE-BOX-B     Glovebox Only, Painted Black     $393
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