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These 6 1/2" (16.5cm) long and 4 1/4" (10.8cm) wide mini floorboards feature a versatile rotating mounting that allows installation on stock 1/2" female clevis mounts in stock, 1" (2.5cm) forward and 1" (2.5cm) backward position. The thick rubber padding reduces vibration and increases grip. Sold in sets of left and right. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:

Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA                172,00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.                169,00
España, Euro incl. IVA                              172,00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV                             179,00
France, Euro TTC                                       170,00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA                           181,00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA                                  173,00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW                       172,00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA                            176,00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt                      171,00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA                              175,00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS                    178,00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT          171,00


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754260          Two-Rail design mini floorboards, chrome

754262          ASR design mini floorboards, chrome

754261          Two-Rail design mini floorboards, black

754263          ASR design mini floorboards, black

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