Saturday, 13 July 2019

ProLogic - A Futuristic, High-Tech Bagger

ProLogic - A Futuristic, High-Tech Bagger 
built by Lithuanian based company Tommy & Sons

"It all started two years ago, while having a coffee. Our soon to be new customer 
wanted to realise what it means to become one of the HOG members," says Tommy. 
"He decided to buy and customise a Harley-Davidson Touring."

From the start, the guy was very committed and the most valuable thing that he gave us was the unlimited time scope. In bike builds you can either make fast or make astonishing. With the time in our hands we decided to look at the baggers from a completely different angle. We committed in making the Bagger of the future. 

All body parts were first designed on the screen of the computer, then created with the help of the 3D printer and modified to perfectly fit the bike. All the lines, especially the rear, are not of the ordinary, as are the saddlebags and rear fender that blends in a curved line leaving as less space in between as possible. 

The front fairing has the futuristic predator look, and the chin spoiler stands out with the two horns on the side. The horns hold the turn signal LEDs and are very uncommon if not unseen for the chin spoiler style. 

The floorboards design blends together with the speaker grills, the air filter cover and derby cover are mixed with organic glass to reveal the processes inside - all designed and CNC milled by Tommy&Sons. Front 26” wheel is covered with the custom made front fender and together with the engine is coloured in grey, to match the context. 

The bike catches the eyes, it takes seconds before the cameras start flashing at your face. This project is a result of two years of work – it makes us proud, pushes forward and raises the bar for our upcoming projects. This project inspires us to move on and as Tommy says – "best Ferrari is next Ferrari.” So hold on tight :)"

Tommy. & Sons (UAB Total Customs)
Akademijos str. 7, LT-08412, Vilnius, Lietuva (Lithuania)
gsm: +370 670 25765

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