Tuesday, 30 July 2019

New Suff at W&W: S&S SH74-Series Early Shovelhead Style Engines

S&S SH74-Series Early Shovelhead Style Engines

The legendary Early Shovelhead generator engine was made by the Motor Company for 4 years only, from 1966-1969, and today it’s a rare bird. This version by S&S with stock 74 cubic inches combines authentic retro style with today’s technology for thousands of trouble-free miles. 

Fully assembled with the best components S&S has to offer, so factory specs are at least met and in most parts exceeded. The latter include bullet-proof steel flywheels, reinforced connecting rods, billet oil pump, billet rocker boxes, and roller rockerarms. The installed S&S 513G cam provides higher lift and increased valve timing for better performance. 

SH74 Early Shovelhead engines come without intake manifold, carburetor and ignition, so you can choose whatever seems appropriate for your needs. Crankcases, cylinder heads and the gear cover have a cast finish, cylinders are black powder-coated and the rocker boxes are polished. Top end oiling is provided through the pushrods which makes external oil lines obsolete.

alternator style
stroke: 3-31/32 ”
nominal bore: 3-7/16 ”
74 in³
compression: 7.5:1
cam: S&S 513G

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