Saturday, 20 July 2019


Text & Photos: Horst Roesler,

Magic Bike Show 2019

Top-Bikes can be seen at every corner at Ruedesheim: In fact the complete Rheinstrasse promenade is a full scale bike show for 4 days, this years visitors coming from all over Europe. "Motographer" Horst Roesler had been responsible for the show in the early years, marking the top 3 winners of every class for a ride up and down Rheinstraße  Ruedesheim's Mainstreet and then for a final "General Public Display" in the rose garden of the upper castle. When that Location was rented first to the Harley-Davidson demo rides, then to other vendors, other experienced Bike Show enthusiast took on the burdon of organisation for several years. With changing locations and outdoors, the Magic Bike Show always attracted cool motorcycles, but never massive numbers. When the weather is fine, the owners want to ride, when the weather is bad, they don't want to display outdoors. So the idea was born to move the Magic Bike Show into the main show tent, which has been empty of action before 8.30 pm, when the trophy ceremony and concerts start the evening. "Motographer" Horst Roesler was approached to take over the organisation again – and with a few phone calls he got the established team of the CCE "European Championship" at Mainz to Ruedesheim, setting up a one-day fotostudio. In 2019, participation was only 17 bikes, but that was good news for the participants, as each bike received a "World Championship" fotoshoot from all angles – and MAGIC BIKE organizers added two free weekend ticksts for all participants! Ranging  from 125 cc "Honda "Rebel" to 10.200 cc/900 hp Boss Hoss, quality of the bikes exhibited was excellent – it's only time to spread the news about this show!

Bikeshow Impressions

Best Antique/Classic/Youngtimer
1. 1975 Kawasaki Z 900, Egon May
2. 750 WLA 1949, Maniac MechaniX
3. 1996 Honda "Rebel" 125, Florian Fischer
Best "Sportster Engine"
1. Sportster "Forty Eight", Silke Laing
2. "Little Bastard 21", Marcus Doppler
3. Sportster "Forty Eight", Marc Lisowsky
1. "Armageddon II" by Gifty Z.
2. "Rocky" Dog-Sidecar, Dr. Silvia Hartmann
3. "Franky's Bike", Frank Damm
Best "Old School"
1. "Oma" 1953 Shovelhead Frisco Style Chopper, Osst
2. 1994 Softail Evo, Romina Giusti (Frankfurt Customs)
3. 1970 XL 1000 "Ironhead", Adrian Kilka
Modified Harley
1. 2011 Softail Blackline Umbau, Anna Maria Junius/HD Hannover
2. White Dragster, Constanza Kühle
3. "300", by Miro
1. "Stingray II" Boss Hoss Special, Christian Kirchner
Best of Show
1. "Stingray II" Boss Hoss Special, Christian Kirchner

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