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Magic Bike Ruedesheim 18th edition:
4 days full throttle at the annual Rhine-Valley custombike- and touring event!
Text & Photos: Horst Roesler,

This year a bit late on the event calendar – but the bikers made the best of the fact that this weekend featured some of the "longest days" of the year. Not that in any other year of Magic Bike would have been short – Magic Bike means "Party" almost around the clock. 

The thursday bank holiday for the "Corpus Christi" weekend offers a great opportunity for an extended riding weekend along the shores of Germany's Rhine river where the scenery is crowded with castles and wineyards. Or just to sit in the numerous street cafes and watch bikes and riders pass by. Increasing crowds rolled into town every day and participated in the guided touring rides, concerts and the saturday parade, which has become a "classic" also for the inhabitants of the "Rheingau" area who seem to enjoy the peaceful "invasion" that is now
running for eighteen years... 

The year 2019 marked the 18th edition of the event – and organizing "Buddies and Bikes" work hard on a event that demands the very best of the small comitee that organizes this event! Rising costs, especially those connected with the ever-increasing "German Angst" from terrorist attacks, pleague almost each and every event-organizer in Germany, be it concert, town celebration or x-mas market. Equally, increasing regulation madness on enviromental issues, trash pollution and a law-making machine will make live for events miserable, if not impossible in a very near future! 

Since yet, the inhabitants of Ruedesheim love and embrace the "rumble" of the V-Twins, as usually they a pleagued of other sounds rolling through Ruedesheim day and night: There are only 20 minutes of silence every day – when no freight train rolls screaming along the Rhine-Valley rails, for this has become one of the main freight lines of Europe. Street Café, Restaurant and Hotel owners also like the sound of money ringing in their pockets, as in those 18 years, the motorcyclists have become the strongest and best-spending crowd of the entire year!

The 2019 event saw the visitor numbers rising every day, rolling into the wine- and tourist town which is the embarkation point for most ship boarding Rhine valley tourists – but altogether not as big as in previous years. Not all riders enjoy cruising under guard of machine guns, entering the town through "Volkssturm style" barricades. Well, this is the Germany celebration culture of 2019, unfortunately also extended to motorcycle events now...

The complete shut-down of the Rheinstraße promenade from Thursday to Sunday helped to stem the traffic, allowing only motorcycles into the heart of the event. Around noon, both sides of the promenade are usually locked solid with parked motorcycles – and when on thursday about 500 bikers departed for the traditional "World Heritage Rhine Valley tour" this year passing the Loreley, the Lahn River Valley bridge and Koblenz into Boppard, where the crowd blocked the complete market square for more than one hour, as with the last motorcycle, a full scale thunderstorm came up from the Mosel valley. 60 km up-river, the remaining Ruedesheim crowd also got some of the "refreshment" from above, yet when the tour arrived back in town, it was dry again...

With the returning tour on top of the alreday packed town, parking even smaller motorcycles became more difficult. The eventsite itself is situated between the Brömserburg castle and the railways station, allowing the choice of a "full" entrance fee or the reduced "afternoon" fee, if you leave before the main music attractions on thursday and friday. Most Harley-riding visitors book the complete extended weekend anyway – and Hotels in the area are booked solid. From thursday on, the town is jammed solid with motorcycles. Concerts in multiple locations, wine cellars and the main tent invite to party all night – and that is something the inhabitants of the tourist town know well. 

Surprisingly few locals of "Buddies & Bikes", supported by the Harley-Club Rüdesheim and local HOG Chapters, organise the event and spend a lot of time planning the touring rides and new and interesting destinations. Their only "minute off the job" is the official opening on thursday evening, when the event is already in full swing anyway and the main act of thursday's music programm is arriving at the main stage. Following the previous oldie-style bands, this year Swiss Hard Rockers "Krokus" rocked the main tent on thursday night.
Friday afternoon saw another tour through the Taunus Montains, this time with no less than four groups and only one stop in Bad Schwalbach. There is no doubt that the tour-planers of the Harley-Club Ruedesheim this time scratched the absolute maximum of turns and bends possible from the route. This was one fast paced and curvy ride! Back in Ruedesheim, the main street is still blocked for through traffic and open to motorcycles only, but somehow the organizers managed again to clear the area for Friday's outdoor top act: This years "special guest" for the Stunt Show was be Polish "Long Distance Burnout" record holder Maciej DOP Bielecki, bringing some highclass stunt action to Ruedesheim Friday afternoon. The Polish Stunt ace left no doubts who's the burnout-champion, also performing world-class acrobatics all along the Rheinstraße. 

Saturdays highlights include the massive parade from Assmannshausen through Ruedesheim and into the smaller wine towns along the Rhine, using the old roads that still leads through the scenic town centers. Superb weather granted a several thousand strong crowd of participants and even greater numbers greeting the riders left and right of the road: This is a popular part of Magic Bike ever since the start of the event and the Rheinstraße was "packed" as always! 


The "Magic Bike Show" did allow competitors to ride in the parade or enter the bike after the Parade participants were back in town – which on saturday was easyer said than done! Again thousands of Motorcycles blocked every inch of parking at Ruedesheim and the eventsite. As in previous years, the "Magic Firework" – only two songs long but with the intensity of almost a complete "Rhine in Flames" barrage – did not signal the end of the party but the start of it – Ruedesheim nights can be long and certainly are during MAGIC BIKE. Be prepared for it when you roll along the Rhine to Ruedesheim...
Text & Photos: Horst Roesler,

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