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What Sturgis Police Will Be Watching For During This Year’s Motorcycle Rally

What Sturgis Police Will Be Watching For 
During This Year’s Motorcycle Rally

Nothing puts a damper on fun quite like a run in with Johnny Law, and with the increased police presence in and around the city of Sturgis during the annual motorcycle rally, knowing the state and local laws is a must. To make sure you have the 411 on what law enforcement officers will be looking for, Sturgis Rider® News sat down with Chief of Police Geody VanDewater of the Sturgis Police Department. Make sure you and other riders on the road can have a safe and fun time during this year’s Sturgis motorcycle rally by checking out his list of dos and don’ts.

Drinking and Driving

This is a no-brainer. If you plan on kicking back some cold ones, please designate a sober driver to get you back to your home base safely. If that’s not an option, there are modes of public transportation you can use that will cost you significantly less than a DUI. The Sturgis Party Shuttle can get you where you need to go with stops at most of the area's campgrounds and hotels including Sturgis and Deadwood. With the Buffalo Chip as its headquarters, the Sturgis Party Shuttle has shuttles that route every 30 minutes from 12 p.m. to 3 a.m. Aug. 4-13 at both the Chip’s east and west gate.

Illegal Drug Use

During the Sturgis motorcycle rally there are plenty of rides, concerts and activities that’ll give you a high that’s just as good as the hard stuff. According to their website, the Sturgis Police Department has a zero tolerance policy on all drug arrests no matter how small and will not relax charges on any violations. Just say no to drugs and you can avoid spending the bulk of your vacation in the clink.

Traffic Violations

Failure to Stop at Red Lights and Stop Signs

Traffic congestion is to be expected when you come into the city of Sturgis, but it’s important to remember to obey all traffic laws. When stopping at red lights and stop signs, you must come to a complete stop.
“Some people can balance their bike at a complete stop, but to be safe, we suggest you put at least one foot down and stop for 2-3 seconds.”
 - Sturgis Chief of Police Geody VanDewater


Passing on the Sidewalk or Shoulder

You might get impatient when waiting in traffic, but don’t try to pass on the right shoulder or sidewalks. If you are caught doing this, Sturgis police will stop you and issue you a $111 ticket. You can also use Fort Meade Way to avoid the hassle of waiting through heavy rally traffic.

Bike Modifications

Recent law changes allow you to have handlebars on your bike at the height of your choosing, but there are other modifications that are still illegal. For example, there are rules about how loud your exhaust system can be. All modifications must be factory altered. Removing the baffles in your exhaust is still against the law.

There is no specific decibel level for exhaust in the state of South Dakota, but every motorcycle must at all times be equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise. Sturgis Police will be listening for unusually loud exhaust to determine if you are violating South Dakota's vehicle noise law, 32-15-17. If you are, they’ll fine you $120.

Indecent Exposure

When the number on the thermometer starts climbing, you might be tempted to wear less. While there’s no dress code, it’s smart to remember the law requires you to keep your naughty bits covered. Failure to do so will get you charged with indecent exposure, which will land you a $111 fine.

Helmets and Eye Protection

Helmets are required for any passengers under 18 and protective eyewear is a must. Beyond that, there are no restrictions on what you can wear on your bike, but Chief VanDewater recommends you play it safe and wear the right gear when riding. Full leathers and closed-toe footwear are encouraged.
Get great gear recommendations from seasoned riders prefer by checking out “10 Essential Pieces of Gear You Shouldn’t Ride Without.”

Parking Violations

The most common complaint the Sturgis Police Department receives during the rally involves parking violations. Parking downtown can be a real pain in the you-know-what, but that doesn’t mean you can park just anywhere.
You are allowed to park anywhere on downtown streets within the barricades, except for intersections. If you are parked in handicap spots or in zones outside of the barricades that are painted yellow or red, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed. Avoid parking in alleyways or private parking lots. Public Works cleans the streets nightly to keep Sturgis looking beautiful, so if you leave your bike parked downtown after 2 a.m., it will be towed. Chief VanDewater suggests taking advantage of public transportation to keep you and your bike safe.
Outside of the city, you won’t find parking to be nearly as regulated. Remember, there is always plenty of free parking available at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads.

What to Do If You Get Pulled Over 

(Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Make your own decisions out there.)
Getting pulled over by the police can be an extremely nerve-racking experience. Even if you’re not breaking any laws, seeing those flashing lights in your mirror can turn your stomach to knots and make the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. However, you can help make any future stops by the police go as smoothly as possible by checking out this list of dos and don’ts.
What to do if you get pulled over:

A smooth encounter with police begins with you finding a safe place to pull over.
Kill the engine, and remove the key.
Be polite and respectful. Bad-mouthing an officer is always a bad idea, so don’t do it. Refer to them as “sir” or “ma’am.”

Remain calm. Keep your words, emotions and body language under control. Acting nervous or threatening only creates suspicion. Remain seated on your bike.
Know in advance where your license, registration and proof of insurance are so you can produce them immediately when the officer requests them.
Keep your hands where the police can see them at all times.
If the state is a single party consent state, record the interaction if you can. Single party consent means that only one party (you) is required by law to consent to an audio or video recording. A simple low profile handle bar camera that you can hit record on as soon as you’re pulled over would suffice.

If you feel your rights have been violated:

Remember officers’ badge and patrol car numbers.
Write down everything you remember ASAP.
Try to find witnesses’ names and phone numbers.
If you are injured seek medical attention, but be sure to photograph your injuries as soon as possible.
File a written complaint with the police department’s internal affairs division of civilian complaint board. 

What NOT TO DO if you are pulled over:

Do not run–on foot or with your vehicle.
Do not touch any police officer.
Do not resist, even if you believe you are innocent.
For the love of everything holy, do not argue with the officer. Anything you say can be used against you, so keep your responses short, factual and courteous.
Police may "pat-down" your clothing if they suspect a concealed weapon. As stated earlier, don’t physically resist, but make it clear that you do not consent to any further search.
Do not complain or tell the police that you’re going to file a complaint.
Do not make any statements regarding the incident. Whatever you say WILL be used against you. Police who suspect criminal behavior will attempt to glean incriminating statements from you BEFORE advising you that you’re under arrest. Ask for a lawyer before answering questions.
Do not obstruct or interfere with the police - you can be arrested for it.

If you are arrested:

Ask for a lawyer immediately. If you can’t afford a lawyer, you have the right to a public attorney and should ask the police how to contact one.
You have the right to remain silent; exercise it. Say, “I choose to remain silent” to invoke your right. Don’t tell the police anything besides your name and address. Make your defense in court, based on what you decide with your lawyer.
After your arrest, you may have the right to make a local phone call. If you call anyone other than your lawyer, it CAN be recorded and used against you in court. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding who to call.

Follow the tips on this list so that if you do get pulled over on your way to the Best Party Anywhere™, you can ride away and continue to enjoy your vacation. To learn more about dealing with police and local and state laws of interest to anyone attending the Sturgis Rally, check out the Laws and Safety page from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®. For more tips on motorcycle safety, packing, repairs, and general advice on how to make the most of your Sturgis Rally experience, subscribe to the Sturgis Rider® Newsletter.

You don’t have to head out on the highway after you’ve put down a few and draw the heat. The Chip has everything you need to party, eat and sleep all in one place. The best thing you can do is stay the night at the Chip if you’ve been partying.

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Text & Photos: Horst Roesler,

Magic Bike Show 2019

Top-Bikes can be seen at every corner at Ruedesheim: In fact the complete Rheinstrasse promenade is a full scale bike show for 4 days, this years visitors coming from all over Europe. "Motographer" Horst Roesler had been responsible for the show in the early years, marking the top 3 winners of every class for a ride up and down Rheinstraße  Ruedesheim's Mainstreet and then for a final "General Public Display" in the rose garden of the upper castle. When that Location was rented first to the Harley-Davidson demo rides, then to other vendors, other experienced Bike Show enthusiast took on the burdon of organisation for several years. With changing locations and outdoors, the Magic Bike Show always attracted cool motorcycles, but never massive numbers. When the weather is fine, the owners want to ride, when the weather is bad, they don't want to display outdoors. So the idea was born to move the Magic Bike Show into the main show tent, which has been empty of action before 8.30 pm, when the trophy ceremony and concerts start the evening. "Motographer" Horst Roesler was approached to take over the organisation again – and with a few phone calls he got the established team of the CCE "European Championship" at Mainz to Ruedesheim, setting up a one-day fotostudio. In 2019, participation was only 17 bikes, but that was good news for the participants, as each bike received a "World Championship" fotoshoot from all angles – and MAGIC BIKE organizers added two free weekend ticksts for all participants! Ranging  from 125 cc "Honda "Rebel" to 10.200 cc/900 hp Boss Hoss, quality of the bikes exhibited was excellent – it's only time to spread the news about this show!

Bikeshow Impressions

Best Antique/Classic/Youngtimer
1. 1975 Kawasaki Z 900, Egon May
2. 750 WLA 1949, Maniac MechaniX
3. 1996 Honda "Rebel" 125, Florian Fischer
Best "Sportster Engine"
1. Sportster "Forty Eight", Silke Laing
2. "Little Bastard 21", Marcus Doppler
3. Sportster "Forty Eight", Marc Lisowsky
1. "Armageddon II" by Gifty Z.
2. "Rocky" Dog-Sidecar, Dr. Silvia Hartmann
3. "Franky's Bike", Frank Damm
Best "Old School"
1. "Oma" 1953 Shovelhead Frisco Style Chopper, Osst
2. 1994 Softail Evo, Romina Giusti (Frankfurt Customs)
3. 1970 XL 1000 "Ironhead", Adrian Kilka
Modified Harley
1. 2011 Softail Blackline Umbau, Anna Maria Junius/HD Hannover
2. White Dragster, Constanza Kühle
3. "300", by Miro
1. "Stingray II" Boss Hoss Special, Christian Kirchner
Best of Show
1. "Stingray II" Boss Hoss Special, Christian Kirchner


Magic Bike Ruedesheim 18th edition:
4 days full throttle at the annual Rhine-Valley custombike- and touring event!
Text & Photos: Horst Roesler,

This year a bit late on the event calendar – but the bikers made the best of the fact that this weekend featured some of the "longest days" of the year. Not that in any other year of Magic Bike would have been short – Magic Bike means "Party" almost around the clock. 

The thursday bank holiday for the "Corpus Christi" weekend offers a great opportunity for an extended riding weekend along the shores of Germany's Rhine river where the scenery is crowded with castles and wineyards. Or just to sit in the numerous street cafes and watch bikes and riders pass by. Increasing crowds rolled into town every day and participated in the guided touring rides, concerts and the saturday parade, which has become a "classic" also for the inhabitants of the "Rheingau" area who seem to enjoy the peaceful "invasion" that is now

Flaunt Girls at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Get Your Sexy on With the Flaunt Girls 
at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

A dance troupe ready to soar on silk and light a fire!

Sturgis, SD – The Flaunt Girls will leave audiences dazed and amazed when they perform their full show with aerial acrobatics on the Wolfman Jack Stage prior to Skid Row on Friday, Aug. 2.  The dance troupe will also be performing nightly and offering their renowned ‘School of Burlesque’ on the Buffalo Chip’s Kinison Stage at the Flaunt Playground. Each show is uniquely different; part dance, part cirque and 100% tease performed to a variety of classic rock, current rock, country and pop. See the announcement video here:


The Flaunt Girls Performance Schedule Friday, Aug. 2 – Saturday, Aug. 10:
• 6:00 P.M. nightly – Flaunt Playground - Aerial bartending babes who cast an occasional burst of flame.
• 7:00 P.M. nightly – Wolfman Jack Main Stage – Teaser performance featuring choreographed dances and exciting props including fire drums.

• 8:00 P.M. nightly – Kinison Stage - School of Burlesque, The Flaunt Girls will help participants develop a Flaunt name and learn about dialing in their own Flaunt-style look including makeup, hair and outfits like fishnets and corsets. Most importantly, they’ll teach some of the moves they use to entice audiences all over the United States. Those who pick things up naturally may be chosen to perform that evening with the Flaunt Girls on stage!
• 10:00 P.M. - Kinison Stage - Performances with burlesque dancing, fire drumming, and more. The Flaunt Girls astonish audiences at other motorcycle rallies, NFL Stadiums, NASCAR Speedways and festivals around the world, but these provocative performers pull out the stops at The Best Party Anywhere®.

• Midnight – Kinison Stage – The Flaunt Afterparty! The Flaunt Girls will be taking over the Flaunt Playground from the time the main stage lets out until bar close, pulling out all the stops with a mix of solo and group choreographed burlesque routines, aerials done on the stage and on the pole out front, complete with fire. The show is different every night, so audiences will want to end their night with this sexy show every night of the festival.

“These girls put on a fantastic show and draw a considerable crowd to the Kinison Stage each evening,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President. “They are real dance pros and not only can the performers light a fire, they reach out and teach the art of Burlesque to anyone

Corbin Gunfighter & Lady Saddle 2017-2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Gunfighter & Lady Saddle
2017-2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Corbin's Gunfighter & Lady design offers excellent sport touring comfort for two while providing a clean look. Our ergonomic shape maximizes body contact area for more square inches of support in both the rider and passenger seating areas. Inside, the saddle is constructed with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam to provide firm support that lasts. For passenger's added comfort, this model accepts a removable passenger backrest!

Corbin backrests are removable AND easily adjustable to tailor its fit to your co-pilot's posture. A simple setscrew on the rear of the backrest sets the angle without removing it from the seat. Installation is also very simple and requires just a single screw under the

Drag Specialties News

Drag Specialties Additions

M-8 FXWB Headlight Mount Conversion

For FXFB customers looking for a more traditional cruiser look, this new Drag Specialties headlight mount converts the stock rectangular headlight on 18-19 FXFB to a conventional 5 3/4" bottom mount headlight. Use with any bottom mount 5 3/4" headlight and headlight mount block (sold separately). They are constructed from strong, lightweight 6061 aluminum, available in a chrome or gloss black finish and mount with existing hardware. Made in the U.S.A.

LED Turn Signal Inserts

Drag Specialties says these LED turn signal inserts are a "great, longer lasting and more energy efficient upgrade to conventional 1156/1157 bulb-style turn signals. They produce a bright light output with a wide viewing angle for maximum visibility." They have a plug-and-play design for easy installation and are sold in pairs. A load equalizer may be needed.

XL Transmission Pulley

This Drag Specialties replacement 29-tooth transmission pulley for 91-03 XL models is a heat-treated steel construction for strength and durability. It is a direct replacement for OEM #40505-95.

Reusable Air Filter - XL

This Drag Specialties reusable air filter gives "noticeable additional performance" on '14-'19 Sportsters. "Increases in engine efficiency and power are achieved through a durable epoxy-coated wire mesh designed to maximize airflow and provide peak filtration. It also uses high-flow four-layer surgical-grade cotton filtration and a super tough urethane body that won't crack or curl like rubber." It is pre-oiled for fast installation and 100% washable.

XL Predator III

Drag Specialties Seats has expanded its popular Predator III line with seats for '14-'19 Sportster models. "This uniquely styled seat is made narrow up front for better leg clearance and features a 6" tall driver support that gently slopes down to the passenger seat area. The automotive-grade vinyl cover is available in Smooth, Classic stitch, Double Diamond stitch with black thread or Double Diamond stitch with silver thread. Molded polyurethane foam is used for maximum comfort and styling with a 3/16" ABS thermoformed seat base for a perfect fit." It features rubber bumpers and a fully carpeted bottom to protect paint during seat removal and installation. Its fits with most sissy bars and measures 27 1/2" L X 11" W in the front and 6 3/4" W in the rear.


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Harleydag Woerden - Zaterdag 20 juli 2019


Zaterdag 20 juli 2019 is van 10.30 tot 18.00 op het Exercitieveld in Woerden weer de HARLEYDAG WOERDEN.

De mannen van Harleydag Woerden hebben gelukkig een vergunning gekregen om dit mooie evenement wederom te mogen organiseren.

Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
Riders Rejoice As Lego Group Introduces Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

The LEGO Group revealed its latest LEGO Creator Expert model – 
a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy that will cruise into LEGO Stores globally on August 1, 2019.
Developed in collaboration with Harley-Davidson, this detailed LEGO interpretation of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle captures the beauty of the real-life machine with finishes, surfaces, and design elements crafted to replicate the full-size Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Featuring 1,023 pieces, the model comes complete with solid-disc wheels, teardrop fuel tank, integrated speedometer, and dual exhaust pipes.

The finished model measures over 7 inches (20 cm) high, 7 inches (18 cm) wide and 12 inches (33 cm) long and features several moveable parts for owners to engage. Spin the rear tire to see the Milwaukee-Eight engine with moving pistons and dual exhaust pipes, spring to life. Turn the handlebar, move the gear shift and brake levers, and flip down the motorcycle’s kickstand for easy parking. Finished with an authentic dark red and black color scheme with Harley-Davidson logos on each side reflective of the 2019 Fat Boy motorcycle’s Wicked Red paint scheme, it’s a perfect display centerpiece for any home, office, or anywhere to channel the inspiration to ride. 

“Bringing this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to life in brick form is incredibly exciting,” said Mike Psiaki, Design Master at LEGO Group. “The model truly captures the iconic design, advanced engineering and attention to detail of this iconic motorcycle, offering an immersive building experience and a unique collector’s item for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and LEGO fans of all ages.”

“It’s been exceptionally exciting for Harley-Davidson to collaborate with the LEGO Group – another brand that champions creativity and expression,” said Heather Malenshek, Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson. “Not only do we want customers to be inspired by the end result, we want them to enjoy the building process.”

“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish.” said Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling & Design, Harley-Davidson. “We looked at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. Working with the LEGO team on this project allowed us to bring that same attention to detail to a collaborative product, and to celebrate a brand that inspired the imagination and creativity of many of us at Harley-Davidson from a young age, including myself.”

To celebrate the launch, LEGO Master Builders created a life-size model of the motorcycle, complete with silver coated parts, Wi-Fi animation control, sound and light effects to imitate a real Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and 6,000 special LEGO elements. The extraordinary creation took 865 hours to build, is made of 69,569 pieces and will be on display at select LEGO stores and Harley-Davidson events for fans to see. 

The LEGO Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy model is available for $99.99 directly from LEGO Stores and exclusively for VIP members beginning July 17, 2019, with general public availability beginning August 1, 2019. Customers in the United States will also be able to purchase on and through Harley-Davidson Dealers across the country.

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Daling voertuigdiefstal vlakt af

Daling voertuigdiefstal vlakt af

De eerste 6 maanden van 2019 is het aantal gestolen personenauto’s slechts licht gedaald ten opzichte van 2018. Het eerste halfjaar werden er 3606 gestolen tegen 3642 in dezelfde periode van 2018. Ook het aantal diefstallen van andere voertuigen daalt licht. Alleen brom- en snorfietsen worden fors meer gestolen (+12,8%). 

Jonge voertuigen 0-3 jaar populair

Opvallend is dat de diefstal van jonge voertuigen toeneemt met 12%. Diefstal van 2 jaar oude voertuigen stijgt het meest, met 38,7%. De Audi A1 en de Fiat 500 dragen met name bij aan deze stijging. De VW Golf en de Polo, worden ondanks forse daling, nog steeds het meest gestolen. De diefstal van hybride voertuigen blijft nagenoeg gelijk waarbij Toyota en Lexus het meest populair zijn. De Mercedes Vito en Sprinter en de VW Transporter zijn bij elkaar goed voor 58 % van de gestolen lichte bedrijfswagens. Bijna 50% van de motorfietsen wordt gestolen in Amsterdam en Den Haag. 

Het totale aantal voertuigen dat op de eerste dag wordt teruggevonden, is wederom licht gestegen van 34,4% naar 36,6 %. Het versnelde aangifteproces bewijst daarmee blijvend zijn toegevoegde waarde. Opvallend is dat voertuigen die een grote diefstalstijging laten zien een laag terugvindpercentage hebben: bij de Audi A1 is dit 16% en bij de Fiat 500 maar 15%.

Van gestolen Harley-Davidsons wordt slechts 5,3 % teruggevonden. 

“De diefstal toename van jonge voertuigen toont de georganiseerdheid van de autodieven aan en dus blijft aandacht voor preventie en intensieve samenwerking bij de opsporing essentieel.” zegt Hendrik Steller, Manager van Landelijk Informatiecentrum Voertuigcriminaliteit.