Friday, 21 June 2019

Darkhorse Signature Series 'Man O'War' Crankshafts

Darkhorse Crankworks

Darkhorse Signature Series 'Man O'War' Crankshafts

Internationally recognized for innovations such as its Pro Plug System, Osman, Wisconsin based Darkhorse Crankworks has long been regarded as producing the strongest foundations for all Twin Cam, and now M-8, performance engines.

At the heart of the "Darkhorse Difference", dealers can "put even more HP to the road without the concerns commonly associated with relying on OEM crankshafts in performance motor builds," says co-owner and General Manager John Dahmer.

"built with a true bottom-up approach"

Built to order in five to eight business days lead time, John said that "Darkhorse Crankworks has always manufactured and sourced absolutely the best products available for building or remanufacturing Harley-Davidson crankshafts. Continuing in that tradition, our Signature Series 4", 4 3/8" and 4 5/8" stroke A or B model sets are a true "built to order" application-specific crankshaft.
"We build with a true bottom up approach, one that allows us to focus strictly on the foundation of all engine builds. We can utilize our nearly 40 years of experience to balance factors from our vast library of engine dynamics with being able to install a wide variety of components and connecting rods that dealers and engine builders simply cannot get 'off-the-shelf' from a distributor.
"This is the primary reason why so much of our business is repeat business. Our dealers know they can rely on our experience, craftsmanship and components for a rebuild and price that makes them look good with their customers.

"vibration analysis and runout measurements"

"It all started with authorized Harley dealers wanting a premium OEM crankshaft replacement, with a premium built crankshaft built specifically for them. They do not want a 'one size fits all' off-the-shelf crankshaft. Now all custom shops and engine re-builders have come to benefit from that premium approach - bottom ends that benefit the bottom line!
"New Darkhorse certified crankshaft assemblies meet our stringent tolerances and are balanced to our specifications. We have formed alliances with top flywheel manufacturers across the USA who supply us with components that we are able to mate with our own precision made parts. The end result is an affordable, top-of-the line crankshaft. 
"Each crankshaft we manufacture is truly unique. They are designed and built specifically for an intended application and customer. If an "off the shelf" crankshaft is all that your build or budget requires, we also stock Harley-Davidson OEM, S&S and other manufacturers' crankshafts, but we have been a pioneer in offering full service to pressed together Harley-Davidson and Buell crankshafts.

"the Darkhorse Difference"

"Our exclusive line of PRO parts includes H-Beam Chromoly connecting rods that are second to none. Options range from inexpensive competition rods for those with a restricted budget that are made from imported forgings, right through to our impressive "Made in the USA" forgings and Carrillo-made connecting rods. 
"Centerlines are machined to within .0003" of each other. They are the only rod that can provide the true .001" stack-up tolerance which is quickly becoming industry standard. All our proprietary

bearings and races are available exclusively through us, and our precision balancing method has proven to our dealers, and their customers, the benefits of a properly balanced crankshaft - often said by customers to be the smoothest and most reliable in America.
"the Crankshaft Craftsmen"

"In no small part this is due to our crankshaft vibration analysis and runout measurements. Since 1980, we have performed extensive testing on crankshaft balancing and conducted vibration analysis. We have concluded that the most important unit of measure is the runout at each main bearing race. Runout measured at the end of each shaft is a by-product of those measurements. We are the Crankshaft Craftsmen"!


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