Sunday, 19 May 2019

S&S 'Shadow' Pipe for 'Sidewinder' 2 into 1

S&S Cycle  

'Shadow' Pipe for 'Sidewinder' 2 into 1  

S&S Cycle has a solution for those who "love the performance of a two into one but need the aesthetic of dual exhaust" on their touring bike.

The big power of the stepped header 'Sidewinder' 2:1 system is the "ultimate addition to any performance bagger and to keeps things balanced, we just launched our 'Shadow' pipe." 

Perfectly matched to the 4.5" 'Sidewinder' system, the 'Shadow' pipe fills the left side gap under the saddlebag for a" well sorted, symmetrical look." Available for 1995-2019 HD touring models.


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