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EURO BIKE FEST 2019 will rock Southern Moravia!
23.5.-26.5.2019, Pasohlávky/Moravia/Czech Republic

EURO BIKE FEST 2019 – CCE "Bolt On And Ride" Premiere planned!
Ten years have past – and its EURO BIKE FEST # 11 already! You may remember the scenic lakeside site from the 2017 Czech SUPERRALLY, but there's one thing you may not have realized: At EURO BIKE FEST (in that year held the weekend before SR) price tags were much lower! 

Custom Chrome Europe has supported EURO BIKE FEST and the accompanying bike shows from the start in 2009 – and has explored Southern Moravia from the event with their „Bolt On And Ride“ bikes, sometimes even riding all the way from their German headquarter some 1000 km – not always under good weather conditions. There are very few locations that really serve the needs of a motorcyclist or biker as this. So it really comes as a surprise, when you ride several hundred kilometers down to the Czech-Austrian border, expecting nothing really special, just to find the perfect location for a real biker-event: The ATC Merkur Campground in Pasohlávky. 

Located on the beaches of Nové Mlyny water reservoir the campground offers facilities for thousands of visitors. Pubs and small bars by the dozens, a huge campground and even bungalows and an accompanying hotel complex. The surrounding landscape is just perfect for riding, as vineyards and hills, crowned with castles and ruins can be seen from the event site.
The 11th edition is expected to feature all the traditional events of the last years plus outstanding music program and the excellent Big Lake Custom Bike Show! The CCE Team will be out in force with East Europe Sales Rep Marcel Masaryk, Managing Director Andreas Scholz and Management Assistant Simone Willem present! Check out CCE's Music Video "At Night", which was filmed at and around the 2017 event. 

"Big Lake Custom Show", motorcycle stunt shows, excellent live music and the completely out of this world "Zombie Run" will again thrill the visiting crowd – there is hardly a better event to experience real biker lifestyle on the calendar! Did we mention the cheap prices for excellent food? Or that the Custom Chrome Europe team is planning to premiere a brand new, never
before seen "Bolt On And Ride" bike at this show? Don't miss it!

Date: May 23rd-26th 2019, Location: Merkur Campground, Pasohlávky/Moravia/CZ (40 km south of Brno/Brünn/CZ, 70 km north of Vienna/Austria),

Watch out! A new CCE "Bolt On And Ride" bike 
will roll into EURO BIKE FEST 2019!

A great location at the Nové Mlyny water reservoir in Southern Moravia. 

The ATC Merkur Campground in Pasohlávky offers facilities for thousands of visitors.

Saturday’s Bikeshow trophy ceremony is the highlight for the bike builders. 

And CCE has always some giveaways to be thrown into the crowd.

Legendary: The "Zombie-Run" on Friday is opened 
with the stage presentation of the participants! 

In 2017, the Zombies invaded the CCE tent!

Thrilling Stunt action at the 2018 event!

And new matters of mass-transportation!

Burning rubber at EURO BIKE FEST!

There's some great food to eat ...

... and scenic places to visit!

Mikulov Castle being one of them!

CCE again sponsors three top bike show classes with € 250,-- vouchers each.

Quiet roads and scenic landscapes invite for a ride!

Mikulov Castle

Competitors and winners of the 2018 "Big Lake Custom" bike show.

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