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2019 Strider Custom Builders Announced for Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast

2019 Strider Custom Builders Announced 
for Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast

They Join Stars of “Motorcycles As Art” at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip CrossRoads

 Savvy riders who come to the Surgis Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota in August plan ahead to be at the Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast, presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. This celebrity-strewn Meet & Greet held Sunday, August 4, brings together cutting-edge custom builders and industry influencers to support veterans and provide technical education scholarships. 

In 2018, the Breakfast added a special feature: head-turning tiny custom Strider Bikes built by renowned builders that caught industry attention all the way to Mecum Auction in Las Vegas. The 2019 Class of Strider Builders are: Xavier Muriel. Donnie Smith, Jessi Combs, Billy Lane, Brian Klock, Steve Reed, Roy & Nikki Martin, James Washnok, Devin Henriques, and Eric Hermann. Alumni of Motorcycle Missions, the event beneficiary, also participate. 

Stock Strider Balance Bikes have been sent to the Builders by Strider Sports International, manufacturer of balance bikes that inspire kids to ride. The resulting customs will be unveiled at the 2019 Flying Piston Breakfast as the first stop on their year-long tour before their final stop in Las Vegas for the prestigious Mecum Motorcycle Auction. 

In addition to an exclusive first look at the Strider Customs, Builder Breakfast ticket holders also enjoy a catered breakfast and silent auction of selected items—plus the chance to meet the Chip’s own Rod “Woody” Woodruff, photographer Michael Lichter, emcee Bob Kay and the builders from the prestigious Motorcycles As Art exhibition, curated by Michael Lichter. whose work is displayed in the Buffalo Chip’s invitation-only event. 

The 2019 Motorcycles As Art theme is Skinny Bikes – Motorcycles Without the Fat. Motorcycles on exhibit come from Arlen Ness, Zach Ness, Dave Perewitz, Dalton Walker, Chris Callen, Paul Yaffe and many more. Presented in a gallery-like setting at the Chip’s Russ Brown Event Center, the motorcycles are accompanied by artwork from known and emerging artists. Admission is FREE all week during the Rally. 

The Builder Breakfast, organized by The Flying Piston Benefit, takes place Sunday, August 4 on the upper deck of the Big Engine Bar in the free-access CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip. Presenting sponsor is Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. Silent auction items are provided by Klock Werks, Kicker Audio, Biltwell, Hot Leathers, Artist Atomic Bob, Kirsh Helmets, Nash, Shurtape, CruzTools, Aeromach, The Quarto Group, Kuryakyn and more. 

A limited number of Flying Piston Builder Breakfast tickets are on sale now for $20 each at Proceeds benefit technical education programs that train and encourage U.S. military veterans and high school students to pursue motorcycling as a career. 



All riders know this problem, you have arrived at your destination, parked your motorcycle but you still end up with a bulky helmet in your hands. 

Or what if you go and pick up a friend for a ride, but you need to store that spare helmet somewhere whilst driving? The EZ-Go helmet carry strap is a universal fit for virtually any helmet. It features an extra wide shoulder strap so it doesn't drag and hurt your shoulder over time and comes with a convenient one-click clamp. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:

Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA                 19,00

Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.                 19,00

España, Euro incl. IVA                               19,00

Finland, Euro incl. ALV                              20,00

France, Euro TTC                                       19,00

Hungary, Euro incl. AFA                            20,00

Italia, Euro incl. IVA                                   19,00

Nederland, Euro incl. BTW                       19,00

Norway, Euro incl. MVA                            20,00

Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt                      19,00

Poland, Euro incl. PTA                               20,00

Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS                      20,00

United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT            19,00

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Part Number Information

782025          EZ-Go helmet carry strap, all Black
782026          EZ-Go helmet carry strap, Grey and Orange

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Nexcel develops an engine oil made entirely from waste
Chewing gum and Christmas trees included in waste items recycled to yield properties required for crucial chemical additives

Active oil management system promotes oil re-refining and sustainability
Castrol innovation business Nexcel has produced automotive-grade engine oil using entirely waste products. Chewing gum, used fryer oil, batteries, bathroom sealant and even a Christmas tree have been recycled and yielded vital properties for the ambitious programme, which demonstrates the significant potential of re-refined oil.

“The project showcases the sustainability potential of waste” says John Ward-Zinski, Nexcel’s sustainability director. “This was a hugely demanding project completed over the last year and one which we hope will open the public’s eyes as to the importance of recycling and sustainability. Few people would think that discarded Christmas trees and old chewing gum could have a commercial or environmental value, but our engine oil shows this is anything but the case.”

Nexcel’s ambitious project has been inspired by the company’s innovative sealed oil cell, which provides vehicle manufacturers with efficiency benefits and promotes used oil collection and re-refinement. “Our system has already been utilised by our technical partner Aston Martin, for use in the visceral Vantage AMR Pro at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the car became the first to tackle the legendary hill climb using re-refined oils,” continues Ward-Zinski. “In 2016, Nexcel & Aston Martin also achieved a podium finish in the competitive VLN Championship at the most arduous racetrack in the world: the Nürburgring. Sustainability, and therefore re-refinement, are of growing global significance; hopefully this project helps demonstrate the extent of what is possible.”

The most significant challenges of the project included the yielding of phenols and catechols from the waste to be used as antioxidants, forming the basis of the chemical additives required. Nexcel’s experts worked with a zero-waste goal, and after significant research, analysis of component properties and trial and error, the blend consisted of 180 chewing gum pieces, 500ml of used fryer oil, 1g of RTV silicone sealant, 14 household batteries, 1 litre of used engine oil and an old Christmas tree. Extraction of components from these waste items enabled Nexcel scientists to produce 1 litre of automotive quality engine oil.

“Re-refinement of used oil can create a high-quality product when blended with new additives, but bulk feedstocks made up of many different types of used oils can complicate the process and reduce the process yield. Nexcel’s oil management system avoids this by segregating used engine oil, keeping it in the cell during collection,” says Ward-Zinski. “For this particular project we wanted to make the entire oil from waste materials, and the challenge lay in the creation of the chemical additives. However, with creative utilization of modern technology there is huge potential in recycling. It could even help prevent the traditional Christmas tree tip-run needle-drop, from which no car interior has ever recovered.”

NEXCEL Background Information
NEXCEL automotive application is a self-contained, sealed cell that contains the correct grade of oil and specification of filter. Designed for flexible installation anywhere in the engine bay via a docking station, it is managed by a dedicated electronic control unit that communicates with the vehicle via the standard databus. An electric pump controls the flow of oil between the engine sump and the remote cell and an oil analysis capability can be integrated. By reducing the volume of oil in the engine, the NEXCEL system has been developed to allow faster warm-up, which can increase the rate of warm-up of the engine (and the cabin) and reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions during increasingly short, typical real-world journeys.
Containing the oil within a sealed cell also makes recycling of old oil a much more practical option because it eliminates contamination by other fluids during the drain and recovery operation. Nexcel units can remain sealed up to the point of re-refining, allowing the oil to be returned to its original specification. Changing the cell takes just 90 seconds. For garages, the benefits also include the elimination of spills and greatly simplified oil recovery. Nexcel’s closed ecosystem could help to eliminate some of the one third of drained engine oil (worldwide) that currently disappears into the environment.

Corbin Classic Solo & Pillion 2018-2019 Triumph Speedmaster


Classic Solo & Pillion
2018-2019 Triumph Speedmaster

An outstanding Solo Saddle & Passenger Pillion for your Triumph. Designed to provide maximum rider comfort combined with a classy, nostalgic look. Provides the use of our removable rider's backrest for a total of 12 inches of vertical back support. Our sculpted seating position gives maximized body contact and provides true touring comfort. Corbin's neutralized seating platform offers an easier reach to

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Buffalo Chip® to Host Mother Lode of Free Bike Shows in 2019

Buffalo Chip® to Host Mother Lode of Free Bike Shows in 2019
The motorcycle is king at The Best Party Anywhere!® 

Sturgis, SD –  Glitz and grunge, crazy customization, new-tech engineering and old-school horsepower will all be on display at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally when ten distinct bike shows make the venue the “Sturgis Rally Custom Mother Lode.” The motorcycle shows will take place Saturday, Aug. 3 - Thursday, Aug. 8 and will feature some of the world’s most astonishing machines. Participants have the opportunity to win prizes ranging from cold, hard cash to high-end components to coveted custom trophies. The bike shows will present various makes, models and customized styles, and all are open and free for public viewing. Find more information at
Saturday, Aug. 3
Buffalo Chip School’s Out Chopper Show
CrossRoads – 12 to 2 p.m. Registration, 3 p.m. Judging, 4 p.m. Awards
Ride in with your stretched-out baby and compete in one of four classes: Best Old School, Best New School, Best of Show and Count's Kustoms’ pick. Win cool prizes like a chopper frame from Paughco, $500 cash from Johnny Mack’s House of Choppers and Custom panel from Count’s Kustoms. Meet Shannon Aikau, Ryan Evans, “Horny” Mike, Mini Mike and Ghetto Bob, the stars of HISTORY’s hit show “Counting Cars!” 2019 Hall of Fame inductee Ron Paugh of Paughco will also be at the show celebrating 50 years of business and offering the show’s top prize. Sponsored by Haul Bikes, Paughco, Johnny Mac's Chopper House, Chopper Nation and All Fleet.

Sunday, Aug. 4
The FXR Show & Dyna Mixer
CrossRoads – 9:30 a.m. Registration, 11 a.m. Show Starts, 2 p.m. Awards
This no-nonsense motorcycle event coordinated by Joe Milke brings together motorcycle riders to have fun and show and talk motorcycles. Hook up with other FXR and Dyna-heads, trade secrets, enter your bike and super glide to great prizes. All donations, raffle and t-shirt proceeds benefit Lifescape of SD, formerly known as Children’s Care Hospital and School of SD. 

Monday, Aug. 5
V-Twin Visionary Bike Show    
CrossRoads – 11 a.m. Registration, 2 p.m. Judging, 3 p.m. Awards
All are invited to ride in and enter this free show organized by Jeff G. Holt. Free raffle and $10,000 combined cash and prize purse for show entrants, plus custom machined trophies, will

Mega Motor Treffen Vijfhuizen

Zonnig en drukbezocht: 
Het Promotor Mega MotorTreffen Vijfhuizen 2019

Mega Motor Treffen Vijfhuizen, met mooi weer en goed nieuws: Nederland heeft weer een Steile Wand en stuntrijder Rok Bagoros deed het publiek weer ademloos naar zijn stunts kijken, Rok doet dingen met zijn KTM waar je het kippenvel op de huid van krijgt.... 

Eerst een korte algemene foto-impressie van het Mega MotorTreffen 2019 in Vijfhuizen, met demorides van



State of the art "Near net shaped" pistons. Near net shape forging means the crown and the valve pockets are forged into the part, whereas these are machined in most more conventional piston manufacturing processes. The designing process is more complicated, thus more expensive, but production costs are drastically reduced. 

This results in a lower price compared to conventionally produced pistons, but you will still get the well-known Wiseco quality. Wiseco Tracker series piston kits come complete with piston ring sets, wrist pins and circlips. 

Now available at your Zodiac dealer, starting at:
Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA                  224,00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt.                220,00
España, Euro incl. IVA                              224,00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV                             233,00
France, Euro TTC                                       221,00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA                           235,00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA                                  225,00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW                       224,00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA                            229,00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt                      222,00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA                              227,00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS                    231,00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT          222,00

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Harley Dealers Best for Internet Sales Lead Responsiveness


Survey Names Harley Dealers Best for Internet Sales Lead Responsiveness

Monterey, California based Pied Piper has rated Harley dealerships top for Internet Lead Effectiveness (ILE) in its 2019 Powersports and Outdoor Power Equipment industry study.
Seeking to answer the question, "What happens when UTV or motorcycle customers visit a dealer website and inquire about a vehicle?", scores ranged from zero to 100, with 21% of dealerships nationwide scoring above 60, demonstrating an effective website-response process. 

However, 58% of dealerships scored below 40, "struggling to respond effectively to today's website customers. Customers nationally received a personal reply to their website inquiry within 24 hours only 47% of the time on average."
Dealerships selling BMW or Ducati motorcycles were tied for second, followed by Indian and Kawasaki. Brands which improved the most from year to year were Harley-Davidson, BRP's Can-Am brand, and Mahindra tractor dealers. Brands suffering the greatest decline from year to year were Bobcat, Kubota and Husqvarna.
Pied Piper sent customer inquiries through the individual websites of 4,208 dealerships, asking a question about a vehicle in inventory, and providing a customer name, email address and local telephone number. Pied Piper then evaluated how the dealerships responded by email and telephone over the next 24 hours - twenty different measurements generated a dealership's PSI-ILE score.
The most basic measurement is whether a customer received an email response of any type—even an automated reply—within 24 hours. Industrywide, on average 18% of customers received no email reply of any type. A more meaningful measurement is whether the customer received a personal email response within 24 hours. Ducati and BMW dealerships were the most likely to provide a personal email response within 24 hours, more than 60% of the time on average. In contrast, Bobcat, Toro, Zero, Kubota and HiSun dealerships provided a personal email response within 24 hours less than 35% of the time on average.
"Consider how dramatically retailing has changed over the past 15 years," said Pied Piper Management Company LLC President and CEO Fran O'Hagan. "If you wonder where all the traditional customers have gone, look instead for customers attempting to interact through dealer websites. Today customers visit dealer websites before visiting in person, and today the opportunity for dealers to 'meet' first-time customers often happens on-line."

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Werkbezoek CvdK Jetta Klijnsma aan Motor Mobiliteit voor Gehandicapten.

Werkbezoek CvdK Jetta Klijnsma 
aan Motor Mobiliteit voor Gehandicapten.

Onlangs bracht de Commissaris van de Koning in Drenthe, mevr. Jetta Klijnsma een werkbezoek aan de projectgroep Motor Mobiliteit voor Gehandicapten (MMvG).

Op het MMvG-hoofdkwartier aan de van Vlissingenstraat in Assen, liet mevr. Klijnsma zich uitgebreid voorlichten over de werkzaamheden en het belang van het MMvG-project.
Dit van origine Drentse project is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de overheidsinstanties (CBR en RDW) en enkele commerciële partners (KOOPS Novl Opleidingen, LUKENS Tuning Service en STEL Orthopedie). Het doel is, mensen met een lichamelijke beperking die (weer) willen motorrijden, hierbij te begeleiden en te faciliteren. Deze unieke projectgroep helpt motorrijders uit heel Nederland en regelmatig ook uit België.

Alle facetten van MMvG werden ter plaatse aan mevr. Klijnsma uitgelegd en gedemonstreerd.
Bijzondere aandacht had de CvdK voor twee gehandicapte motorrijders die met hun aangepaste motoren aanwezig waren om hun ervaringen te vertellen en te demonstreren.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

The New York - Rzeszów motorcycle

The New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle,

Click to see the video

On May the 9th 2019 in the premises of Harley-Davidson of New York City 
the unveiling of a unique motorcycle took place.

The New York – Rzeszów Motorcycle, as it is fully named, is an extraordinary custom Harley-Davidson Street Bob inspired by New York and Polish city of Rzeszów. The motorcycle was created in Poland, in the workshop of custom bike manufacturer Game Over Cycles, and at the end of April, thanks to cooperation with the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport and LOT Cargo, has been transported from Rzeszów to New York on the board of LOT Polish Airlines’ modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which carries out direct transatlantic connection operated by LOT between the two cities. 

The bike was made for a Pole born in the Rzeszów region and currently living in New York. The machine is intended to express local patriotism of both homelands of the vehicle owner. This is manifested in the unique design of the motorcycle, which contains characteristics of the architecture of given city. These parts are not only elements of ornamentation, but also fully

Dates and Preview of the Lakeside Bike Days 2019 in Germany

Lakeside Bike Days 2019

Three is a crowd! 3rd Lakeside Bike Days Mainhausen(/Germany
May 24th-26th 2019, Location: Mainflinger See, Mainhausen (near Aschaffenburg/Hanau),

Knowing how difficult (and expensive!) it has become to run any event in Germany, you gotta take the "hat off" to everybody who is organizing and trying to establish a new event and location! So the 3rd edition of Lakeside Bike Days signals: We are here to stay!

Germany's event calendar is full of great Harley-related events: As a co-operation of the Rhein-Main Area Dealers Harley-Factory Frankfurt, Harley-Davidson Hanau and long-time Harley-Dealer Harley Shop Langer, the "Lakeside Bike Days" will continue at the Mainflinger See, a lake that has been part of the Main River ecosystem near Aschaffenburg, then used as quarry pond and now is a camping area next to the scenic Spessart Mountains, just in sight at the other

S&S 'Shadow' Pipe for 'Sidewinder' 2 into 1

S&S Cycle  

'Shadow' Pipe for 'Sidewinder' 2 into 1  

S&S Cycle has a solution for those who "love the performance of a two into one but need the aesthetic of dual exhaust" on their touring bike.

The big power of the stepped header 'Sidewinder' 2:1 system is the "ultimate addition to any performance bagger and to keeps things balanced, we just launched our 'Shadow' pipe." 

Perfectly matched to the 4.5" 'Sidewinder' system, the 'Shadow' pipe fills the left side gap under the saddlebag for a" well sorted, symmetrical look." Available for 1995-2019 HD touring models.


New! Zodiac Custom Products handlebars.
New! Zodiac Custom Products handlebars.

Vance & Hines 'So-Cal' Half-Mile

American Flat Track

Vance & Hines 'So-Cal' Half-Mile (May 11), Perris, California (Round 5)

American Flat Track ace Brandon Robinson (No. 44 Kennedy Racing/Armbruster Racing Indian FTR750) won the Vance & Hines So-Cal Half-Mile (May 11) at the Southern California Fairgrounds in Perris, California, becoming the first AFT Twins rider to claim more than one victory so far in 2019.

Photo: Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

Title leader Briar Bauman (No. 14 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) extended his perfect podium record for the season with second; with the factory Harley squad still looking for its first win since 2016, and the first ever for the XG750R, Sammy Halbert (No. 69 Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Team XG750R Rev X) took third after a red flag and restart ruined his chances.
Fellow Harley rider Jarod Vanderkooi (No. 20 Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Team XG750R Rev X) took fourth, with defending double AFT Twins Champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) in fifth.
In the Roof Systems AFT Singles, reigning champion Ryan Wells (No. 94 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) backed up his first podium of the season at the Arizona Super TT with his first win of the year.

Michael Inderbitzin (No. 54 Pacific Tub & Tile/Mark Strock Honda CRF450R) took second; championship leader Dalton Gauthier (No. 122 D&D Cycles/Gobert Smash Husqvarna FC450) was third; reigning AFT Singles Champion Dan Bromley (No. 1 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F) was fourth, with two-time ‘19 race winner Jesse Janisch (No. 132 Roof Systems Dallas TX/Öhlins Yamaha YZ450F) grabbing the holeshot and eventually scooping fifth.
In the second of the eleven AFT Production Twins Championship rounds being staged at the 11 half and one mile races in 2019, Cory Texter (No. 65 G&G Racing/Holeshot Powersports Yamaha MT-07) picked up where he left off at the Texas Half-Mile, going two-for-two by scooping up a second consecutive victory.
Ryan Varnes (No. 68 Varnes Racing/RoyBuilt/Don's Kawasaki Ninja 650) took second; with Kayl Kolkman (No. 98 Kolkman Racing/Uncle D Yamaha MT-07) third; Michael Inderbitzin (No. 54 Weirbach Racing/Racing Unlimited Kawasaki Ninja 650) fourth, and AFT Singles title leader Dalton Gauthier (No. 122 Racing Unlimited Kawasaki/D&D Cycles Kawasaki Ninja 650) fifth.
Next up is the legendary Sacramento Mile at Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA., May 18; then the first of two visits to the Illinois State Fairgrounds this season for Springfield Mile I on May 26; then the Indian Motorcycle of Lexington Red Mile at Lexington, KY. on June 1; the Laconia Short Track at Loudon, NH, June 15; the Lima Half-Mile at the Allen County Fairgrounds, Lima, Ohio, June 29 and the New York Short Track and the Weedsport Speedway, Weedsport, NY on July 13.