Monday, 10 September 2018

FXDR - Riding the new Harley-Davidson Power Cruiser, first impression.

FXDR - Riding the new Harley-Davidson Power Cruiser, first impression.

Thanks to the H-D Event Team here in Faak, Austria, I had the chance to ride the new FXDR, the drag bike inspired H-D that has an agressive styling and the 114 engine.

At low speeds the bike has a bit of 'tight steering dampner' feeling, but at higher speeds the steering is light and cornering is easy, although with the big fat tyre and long wheelbase, the bike needs some work with wide long corners, but it is surprisingly easy to ride. The handlebars are quite narrow, I personally don't like the forward controls, I would prefer a set of midcontrols.
The brakes are good, the power rush when you open the throttle, the exhaust tune and prostock inspired aircleaner sucking in fresh air is what an adrenaline & speed junkie wants! It's a cool bike to ride trhough the mountains, it accelerates great when you hit the throttle; at traffic lights and on long straight stretches of road.
The design of the bike is something you'll love or hate. The looks are a little similar to the XDiavelS and i absolutely hate the way the tail light and license plate are mounted, and why did H-D use those huge turn signals?
Read more about the Harley-Davidson FXDR soon in the European Custom Bike Magazines and soon all photo's of the FXDR on my website

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