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Suzuki Motorcycles - The Classic Two-stroke Era
By Brian Long 

• Definitive history of the two-stroke Suzukis
• Sales in all major markets covered in detail
• Written by a recognized author and historian
• Racing exploits covered year-by-year
• Written with the full co-operation of the factory
• Handy reference charts throughout
• Detailed production figures, including exports
• Unravels what is indeed a very convoluted story
• Contemporary photography to help owners with authenticity issues
• The author is an owner of vintage Suzukis 

The definitive history of the two-stroke Suzukis, from little known machines hardly seen outside Japan to the triples that took on the world. The book covers all major markets and uses stunning contemporary photography gathered from all over the world to help owners and enthusiasts establish authenticity or simply take a trip down memory lane. 

Researched and written in Japan with the full co-operation of the factory, here in definitive detail is the story of the two-stroke Suzuki bikes – a series of models that put the company on the map, helping it to survive a difficult era that saw hundreds of Japanese motorcycle makers reduced to just four.
Successful immediately, the two-stroke models defended Suzuki's honour on the tracks as well as in the showrooms, handing the company numerous world championship titles. The series has now been all but killed off, but this title helps celebrate an era when the two-stroke was king, concentrating on the 1950s through to the late-1970s. 

Additional Information
Period Covered:

Models Covered:
All Suzuki two-stroke models, 1952 onwards 

Hardback • 25x25cm • 160 pages • 250 pictures
ISBN: 978-1-787112-12-4

£ 35.00 + P&P (eBook prices vary, and delivery is free)

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