Wednesday, 11 July 2018

'Pressure Drop' by Pete Pearson is voted 'World's Best V-Twin 2018'!

'Pressure Drop' by Pete Pearson 
is voted 'World's Best V-Twin 2018'! 

Out of the pre-selection of World's finest custom bikes on display at the Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Party in Prague, Czech Republic, the orange race bike built by Englishman Pete Pearson - Rocket Bob's Cycle Works was voted by an international jury as World's Best Custom Bike! 

Pete Pearson was overwhelmed and emotional when he received the biggest trophy, that came with a huge amount of money too. "Can't believe it," Pete said, "Out of all these bikes!" 

Pressure Drop is hand-built with an exceptional design frame, that is cooler than penquin piss! A creative design never seen before! A 2.000 cc JIMS H-D Twin Cam engine with hand built exhaust and Mikuni carb provides more than enough power. Pressure Drop has a 3 inch belt drive, Baker transmission, hand made gas tank, upside-dowm front end and single sided Nitron Racing shock. Rotobox carbon wheels and racing Battlax slicks by Bridgestone. 

Congratulations Pete and lovely Lisa, yes, you're the best!

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