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Zodiac has now added these rocker clutch pedal kits to their extensive line 
of parts and accessories for new and old Harley's. 

Kits include bracket with bushings installed, pedal, spring cover, and all friction components. The clutch pull rod connects to the arm on the pivot shaft. This provides an offset to use with an aluminum inner primary cover. Can be installed on all 1936-1978 Big Twins and 1987 thru 1999 Softail when you order the appropriate clutch rod, rod end and bolt or bracket & cable kit separately. Install with ZPN 781129 on 1965 thru 1978 FL. For all 1965-1999 applications also order a 781127 alloy spacer block separately. 

Available at your Zodiac dealer, complete kits start at
Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA 228.00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt. 225.00
España, Euro incl. IVA 228.00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV 238.00
France, Euro TTC 226.00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA 240.00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA 230.00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW 228.00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA 234.00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt 227.00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA 232.00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS 236.00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT 227.00

These products in the Zodiac Online Catalog:

The Zodiac Online Catalog:
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Part Number Information
781043 Chrome rocker clutch kit (OEM 36810-65A)
781044 Black rocker clutch kit (OEM 36810-65A)
781042 Clutch rod end bolt (OEM 36916-36)
781041 Chrome clutch rod end (OEM 33879-36)<R>
781040 Clutch lever rod, 1936-1964 (OEM 36918-36)
781039 Clutch lever rod, 1965-1984 (OEM 36917-65)
781129 Clutch release arm (OEM 37052-65)<R>
781127 Spacer block (OEM 36869-70)
781128 Bracket and cable for 1987 thru 1999 Softail

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