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Super Rally 2017 Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Bike Show

Super Rally 2017 Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Bike Show

And the Winner is...
SUPERRALLY 2017 Ride-In Bike Show
Get a little Chrome on your ride...

Saturday, June 3rd 2017, Pasohlavky, Czech Republic.
Superrally Ride in Bike Show, sponsored by Custom Chrome Europe.

By any means, shiny chrome was not necessary on the 2017 Superrally Ride In Bike-Show in Pasohlavky, since a lot of the bikes arrived under own power at the event site in scenic Southern Moravia: Creativity, new ideas and cool rideable "old school" creations were invited and asked to enter the bike show organized by Custom Chrome Europe who spent some € 2.000,-- into the prize pot. 

Called to duty on very short notice, it was on the Sunday before the upcoming Superrally that the CCE team got the task of organizing the 2017 Ride-In Bike-Show which was to take place during the Superrally. By then, the time table would have to squeeze in the ride-in bike-show into a roughly 3-hours window between the 3 pm and 6 pm Harley-Davidson stunt show, by any means a very short time to set up, judge and honor the winners in respectable fashion. The offer to place the bike-show in the center square and give the trophies from the main stage, not occupied before 7 pm when CCE-sponsored "Ruby Shock" performed the opening act of Saturdays show, was turned down by the organizers, so "special measures" had to be taken. "Motographer" Horst Roesler worked out a concept for the ride-in show in just one day out of his 20+ years experience in organizing and operating bike shows all over the world and made
the job as easy as possible for participants and judges. 

While more than half of the 80+ invited bikes left the site for home on Saturday, including a lot of Italian and Swedish competitors, 24 bikes arrived at 3 pm and could be placed immediately, since the stunt show got cancelled due to the massive 32° heat over the ATC Merkur Campground, probably leaving the rest of the "marked" bikes near the lake and the owners at the watering holes.

Only two "late arrivals" had to be turned down, because they arrived at 5 pm, after the judging had already been performed and they would not have had a chance for a prize anyway. 
"Rather then having a complicated system which would not work in time anyway, we let the judges select their favorite five custom creations, out of which we then added up the "Top Ten" of the show, „no differences or ranking made", explains the Motographer, "the three finalists with the most points filtered out nicely, but there were some other bikes I favored too which unfortunately did not make the Top Ten. But that's how it works with multiple independent judges ..."

Into the "Top Three" came Martin Wabivegg with his extreme Pan-headed Survival-Racer crossover. If you got a name for that creation, say it! He was riding the bike to the event and is a regular visitor of the Superrallys. Second place went to Dr. Pavel Sefr who rode around the scenic Moravian roads on a fully functional 1914 Model J with sidecar! The 103 year old motorcycle is equipped with many period accessories and was one of the many antique Harley-Davidson highlights at this year´s Superrally. Unfortunately, we did not get a fitting 1963 "Duo Glide" into the bike show, the motorcycle that is on the logo of the Harley-Davidson Club Brno which was founded that year. 

Out of the hands of Custom Chrome Europe's Managing Director, Andreas Scholz, and Marketing Manager, Axel Scherer, a proud winner, or rather his grandson, received a € 1000,- cheque for a motorcycle that truely deserves a place in motorcycle history: "The Monster". 

That "The Monster" ain't a Harley but looks like one was no handicap to give away the prize, because the story behind is a tale of sheer determination, engineering skill and passion – and the love for Harley-Davidson, which at the time seemed to be unreachable for the builder, at home in the Eighties behind the "Iron Curtain". Stanislaw Szydelko started the project in the early eighties, when the first "Tour Glide" was introduced by Harley-Davidson and the engineering department itself worked secretly on a 4-cylinder water-cooled engine of similar design. While inspired by the design of Harley, every part was handcrafted and manufactured by the builder, if not utilizing parts of "Polski FIAT" origin like the pistons, running on WLA (!) rods. There is some Harley-heritage in this engine! HD Mikuni carbs substituted the original 250 MZ carbs, but in most parts, the details are homemade and handcrafted by a superb craftsmen, who has never got to ride his project. In December 1992, short after finishing the decade-long project, the builder died suddenly and the bike was lost for some years. Tomasz Szydelko, grandson of Stanislaw brought the bike back to the family and street legalized it. What a history, what inspiration! A true "Best of Show" at the Superrally 2017 Ride-In Bike-Show

When a happy "Monster" owner rode away with the Merchandise Credit cheque, the CCE team was already heading for their next date: The final film-shoot for the 2017 Bolt On and Ride music clip "At Night", which will soon hit the web ... 

Text & photos: Horst Roesler, Air Shots: Marcus "Kalle" Arnoldy


TOP 10 SELECTION WINNERS (Not in order of points!)

4 Ekky Wendorff Stroker Garage 96
5 Robert Kneidl Confederate Chopper
8 Albtraum Didi Custom V-Rod
11 Martin Wabivegg HD Softail Evo
16 Tomas 1995 Sportster Chopper
60 H.J. Bollenkamp 1993 Evo
61 Ernst Sellini 1987 Chopper
62 Dr. Pavel Sefr 1914 Model J Sidecar
63 Ales Svitak Mr. Shovel
65 Tomasz Szydelko The Monster (1985) 

CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE Parts Voucher Top 3 Winners

#1 Tomasz Szydelko The Monster (1985) € 1.000,-- Sales Credit
#2 Dr. Pavel Sefr 1914 Model J Sidcar €    500,-- Sales Credit
#3 Martin Wabivegg HD Softail Evo €    250,-- Sales Credit

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Photo Credits Horst 'Motographer' Roesler

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