Friday, 12 May 2017

Memphis Shades spoiler windshields for Batwing fairings

Memphis Shades 
Memphis Shades spoiler windshields for Batwing fairings

Designed to be looked over, this spoiler windshield diffuses the air stream, effectively 
slowing the flow, without buffeting, and is made of aircraft-grade Lucite “for 
excellent optics and durability.”

Made in three tint choices of aircraft grade Lucite

Available in 5”, 6.5” and, as seen here, 9” heights

Available through Drag Specialties, they come in 5”, 6.5” and 9” heights and mount to Memphis Shades’ popular Batwing fairings with the existing hardware.
Available in smoke (a medium tint with 30% visible light transmission) or ghost (a light black tint with 85% visible light transmission) and solar (a light bronze tint with 72% visible light transmission) with optically correct vertical portion and gradient black lower portions.


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