Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Veloce Publishing: How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles

 How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles: 
Majors on off-road motorcycles from the 1970s & 1980s, 
but also relevant to 1950s & up.
By Ricky Burns 

• Aimed at the beginner and seasoned motorbike restorer alike
• Real life restoration carried out by the author
• Advice on project choice and the preparation process
• Step-by-step guidance with hundreds of photographs
• Dismantling, restoring and sourcing parts, and rebuilding
• Recommendations on repairs, renovations and parts replacements
• Special tools, their purchase, use and alternatives
• Restoring mechanical parts, such as engine, gearbox, brakes, and electrics
• Tackling bodywork: spraying, polishing, seat re-covering, decals, forks and tyres
• How to save yourself time and money 

How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles provides the classic off-road enthusiast with a step-by-step guide through a full restoration. Whether a post 1950 machine, or a more modern 80s twin shock, everything is covered in detail, from initial dismantling and parts sourcing to being ready to compete, including set-up and maintenance. 

Remember the smell of Castrol R at a 1960s scramble? Or riding a 1970s trials bike through every type of natural obstacle possible? If you want to revisit those memories, or relive the competition of earlier times, this book is for you. Buying, restoring, and riding classic off-road competition bikes is now something that you can do!

This book gives enthusiasts of classic off-road competition motorcycles a step-by-step guide to a full restoration. Covering dismantling the motorcycle and its components, restoring and sourcing parts, paint spraying, decals and polishing. With chapters covering engine, frame, forks, fuel, exhaust, seat, brakes and tyres, you’ll see how to take a bike from scratch to a full rebuild; then on to safe set-up and general maintenance. Includes chapters focussing specifically on pre-65 and twin shock models. 

Additional Information
Period covered: 1950-1980

Models covered: Any offroad motorcycles from 1960's to 1980 BSA, Triumph, AJS, Matchless, Greeves, Dot, Cotton, Montesa, Bultaco, Ossa,Yamaha,Suzuki, Fantic, Husqvana, Maico,CZ 

 How to Restore Classic Off-road Motorcycles: 
Majors on off-road motorcycles from the 1970s & 1980s, but also relevant to 1950s &
By Ricky Burns 

• 27x20.7cm • 160 pages • 488 colour pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845849-50-4
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