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Triumph Salt Lake Racer

Triumph Salt Lake Racer

Dutch Winner of the Triumph Street Twin Competition, 
built by Triumph Groningen

Triumph Groningen (in the North of The Netherlands) built this stunning interpretation of a Salt Lake Racer, based on the new Triumph Street Twin.

Leonard and Rinaldo sat together and got their inspiration from the pre-sixties café racers and Salt Lake Racers.  “A modern machine with hand crafted parts, reflecting the old racers,” Leonard explains, and Rinaldo says, “The bike had to look like it has ran a dozen times on the Lake, so we matched the paint, and that’s why the fairing looks slightly damaged around the edges.”

Owner of Triumph Groningen, Leonard, built this bike with help and design of metalworker Rinaldo, who hand crafted all the sheet metal. “For over ten years, Rinaldo and I planned on a project we could build together. The Triumph Street Twin Competition proved to be the perfect opportunity.” Rinaldo made the fairing and tail end, hand crafted out of 1 mil metal. “On the way back after we had our First meeting, I already designed the Parts. We looked at the old belly tank racers, Leonard wanted something similar, but smaller and lower. I made the ground plate for the seat and than strated rolling the metal plates into the fairing you see on the images!”  

 “Working closely together, mutual respect. A true example of how a project can be build when there’s a good deliberation with all the people involved. It’s a Triumph Groningen project, but we couldn’t had it built without everybody’s help and good ideas,” Leonard says.

Details to notice are not only the fairing and seat, but also the riders position, the off-center head light, the detachable license plate (the bike is ‘road legal’) and the horn and starter button, ‘hidden’ in the bar ends. But also the team did to keep the project within the budsget that was set, like ‘wiringh’ the grips, using the oem headers, using a tail light that’s from a car and hidden behind the glass Triumph logo in the back seat hump,  cutting levers to make them look more racey, the foot pegs and special made front wheel.

The creativety, hand crafed parts, technical innovations and the overall design made this bike winner of the Dutch dealer built competition, in two weeks time, Dutch and Begian winners both will be judged at the MOTORbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherland’s biggest Motorcycle Fair, where the overall winner will be announced.  

Text and photo’s Onno “Berserk” Wieringa

Tech Sheet Triumph Street Twin 900cc

Owner: Triumph Motorcycles Groningen 
Builder: Triumph Motorcycles Groningen and Rinaldo Wiegman

Exhaust: oem Triumph Street Twin
Transmission: Triumph Motorcycles Groningen  
Frame, oil tank front end, swing arm, brakes: oem Triumph Street Twin
Front Wheel: Triumph Tiger 800 hub, rim and spokes by Simon Poelma
Fuel Tank: oem Triumph accessory, Thruxton tank
Handle bars: aftermarket clip-ons
Head light: PIAA
Rear light: Opel Vectra LED
Seat: wooden base by Niezen Interieurbouw) and leather upholstery by Dijkema meubelstofferders
Foot pegs: oem Triumph on passengers mounting, oem Triumph brake pedal, Thruxton shifter

Colour: Black Chrome
Painter: A&M design en schadeherstel
Special Paint / logo’s: A&M design en schadeherstel in co-operation with Graphic Lines
Idea: Leonard Wagenmakers / Roger Koers / Rinaldo Wiegman
Design:Roger Koers

Triumph Motorcycles Groningen (Harrie and Michel) Wiegman Plaatwerk and Restauratie (Rinaldo Wiegman), A&M Design and schadeherstel (Roger Koers/Eric Westerhof), Graphic Lines (Klaas Wagenmakers), Ispa Plastics (Richard Oraile),  Niezen Interieurbouw (Mark Niezen), Dijkema meubelstoffeerders (Jan, Ricardo Dijkema), Poelma Wielenspecialist (Simon Poelma), Andre Visser, Freek Feddema, Marcel Wagenmakers, Kevin Verbeek,Eric Bolwijn and of course Ria Wagenmakers and Sandra Niezen!

Triumph Motorcycles Groningen - The Netherlands                                                                                                                                 
Oeverkruid 6, 9738 AK, Groningen
Phone +3150-5779199 E-mail 

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