Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Black Douglas Milan-Bristol Road Trip

The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.
“Milan to Bristol, Expedition No. 2”, May 2016: the awaited Official Video.... 

...and for 2017, an update of the range and new adventures on the road. 
Maybe a new Expedition, No. 3?

Milan, February 2017.  Some figures regarding the Expedition No. 2: a trip on “two wheels” from Milan (Italy) to Bristol (UK); total km 1.632; average speed 70 km/h; maximum speed 121 km/h; 13 riders: Fabio Cardoni, Matthew Randall, Peter Noble, Nicholas Uglow, Ian Furey-King, Marc Michon, Christopher and Julie Bodelot, Diego Zichittella, Aurelian Ionus, Melvyn Bonaffe, Edwin Bonaffè and Rémi Desclaux; 6 days of emotions from 17th of May to 22nd of May 2016.

And the main protagonist, the Sterling (Countryman and Deluxe Limited Edition models), hand-built classic 1920’s style flat tank motorcycle manufactured by The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.: British elegance, retro style and mechanical cutting-edge; totally Made in Italy. During the Expedition No. 2 we saw many versions of this model: 59 Limited Edition, Sterling Iarna Limited Edition, Army Green custom pinstriping, Silver Arrow Imperial Blue bi-colour, original Drayton, Full Army Green. Accessories, colours, equipment… there is a special Sterling for each rider. Customization 100%..... (continues in the press release Expedition No. 2  - see below)

And for 2017, an update of the range and new adventures on the road. Maybe a new Expedition No. 3? Stay tuned!

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