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Sick of fiddling multiple cables through your handlebar for a clean custom look? With this new Electronic Box Version G/G2 you now have the option to route just ONE sleek cable through your handlebars, which is not just very easily done but also gives an extreme clean look to your front end. 

How it works? You connect all your handle bar switch cables to the small round transmitter which you slide inside the end of your handlebars. This tiny round transmitter converts the different signals so that they can all be sent to the receiver box through just ONE wire. The receiver box is so small, it can be hidden anywhere on your bike.

 It connects to the wire harness and converts the signals which came from the transmitter to the regular signals again which then activate your turn signals, high- & low beam, brake light,
starter relay. It's that easy! 

But this little box has even more functions for you in store: 

- Emergency flasher function / flashes twice when ignition is switched on or off 
- Adjustable self-cancellation of turn signals 
- Running light function for turn signals 
- Your choice of 1 single combination button for Start & Stop or a separate button for Start and another one for the Stop function 
- Brake-& rear light combination possible. The tail light glows with 50% when brake is not activated
- activation of the box is possible through neutral switch or side stand switch 
- 8 Status Led's for easy overview of the activities and diagnostics purposes

The Elektronicbox is available at your Zodiac dealer. Suggested retail price starts at
Belgium, Euro incl. BTW/TVA 260,00
Deutschland, Euro inkl. MwSt. 256,00
España, Euro incl. IVA 260,00
Finland, Euro incl. ALV 271,00
France, Euro TTC 257,00
Hungary, Euro incl. AFA 273,00
Italia, Euro incl. IVA 262,00
Nederland, Euro incl. BTW 260,00
Norway, Euro incl. MVA 267,00
Österreich, Euro incl. MwSt 258,00
Poland, Euro incl. PTA 264,00
Sweden, EURO incl. MOMS 269,00
United Kingdom, EURO incl. VAT 258,00

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Part Number Information
749505 For use with one handlebar switch unit
749506 For use with two handlebar switch units (left and right)

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