Wednesday, 9 November 2016

EICMA 2016, Milan, Italy - High-tech meets Individuality! - Day 1

Carbon Shock

EICMA 2016, Milan, Italy - High-tech meets Individuality!

Text & photography by Horst 'Motographer' Roesler

For about a week, the focus of the motorcycle-world in November is moved to Italy: EICMA is the biggest motorcyce trade fair in the world – and is now running its 74th edition. 

 More than 180 photo's of the 2016 EICMA Milan after the jump-break


Ducati set the pace by introducing "live" in the Worldwide Web to an audience of 402.000 you-tubers plus a crowd of several hundred press and industry members – and they set the pace with their products: 165 kg/213 hp on a homologated street-legal motorcycle are benchmarks,  reached with the limited edition 1299 Superleggera all-carbon-fiber frame is a benchmark! 


Just the next day, BMW rolled out another all-carbon frame superbike, but kept data secret with the promise for 2017. Seems like there is a "race" going on, and its not between Ducati and BMW but rather about their competing "mothers" BMW at Munich and Audi, main shareholder of Ducati in Ingolstadt, 80 km north of Munich. As both manufacturers are also targeting the younger rider and the "Individualists" those who want customized motorcycles. Other than Yamaha, the japanese manufacturers seem to sit out the trend which otherwise is everywhere: Scrambler's, CafĂ© Racers, Bagger's – "Customizing" has become mainstream! 


The trade fair is huge, and one day is hardly enough to see everything. Even the presentations are stretched to 3 days – and timed that you hardly can make half of them. 

"Lifestyle" and design often ranges over functionality, but the Euro-4 emission norm neccessitated a renewal of most model lines for quite some time. This is a time of changes. Here are some of the new and – almost mandatory for Italy – some of the Girls of EICMA...






Harley-Davidson at the EICMA Milan

Triumph at the EICMA Milan

Thanks to Horst for all the photo's EICMA Milan 2016! 
More to follow later this week.

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