Wednesday, 11 May 2016

U.S. Car Reunion - American Cars Meeting in Italy

 The oldest Italian U.S. Car and Van Meeting

The 21st U.S. Car Reunion is the oldest American Cars Meeting in Italy and every year registers a great international succes. 
As usual the event takes place during all WE but the top is on Sunday during the 30th Biker Fest International ( for complete program of all WE).
More than 150 American cars gather Lignano and crowd the parking place in front of the Luna Park “Strabilia”. 
A lot of cars arrive even from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, offering to the public a really amazing view. 
On Sunday at 11 a.m. the parade rides through the main streets of Lignano Sabbiadoro and Pineta, charming all people with the sparkling colours of cars and the powerful sound of great V8 engines. 
American Cars owners have the chance to taste the good italian food and to dance with the lively music and Pin Ups

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