Saturday, 7 May 2016

Free Spirits - Harley-Davidson Sportster 320mm brake rotors kit

Free Spirits - Harley Davidson Sportster 320mm brake rotors kit

New 320mm brake rotors kit for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2014 up code 203708, that increases stopping power with greater fade resistance.

Kit includes one CNC machined caliper relocation bracket (black anodised), one of the latest generation 320 mm brake rotors and fixing bolts.
The brake rotors feature high quality heat treated braking surface throughout the entire thickness. The hub features full floating pawls in aluminium.
It use the OEM master cylinder & brake line.
Mounts easily on exisiting fittings and is suitable for models with ABS. 

Fits Harley-Davidson Sportster:

883 Superlow 2014 up.
883 Iron 2014 up.
1200 Superlow 2014 up.
1200 Seventy Two 2014 up.
1200 Custom 2014 up.
1200 Forty Eight 2014 up.

Quick and easy to mount does not require any modification. Complete with istruction ready for installation. As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible.
For this kit spare parts are available.

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