Sunday, 3 April 2016

Poznan Poland Photo's Part 3

Poznan Show, Poland
Photo credits Horst 'Motographer' Roesler

The crowds arrived in big numbers! Some sixty bikes are in the Bikeshow, Motorcycle Storehouse and CCE are sponsoring the pirices for the Bike Show.

More photo's of the Poznan Show in Poland afeter the Jump-Break!

In the Custom Hall various Distributors such as CCE, Motorcycle Storehouse and Parts Unlimited have a booth and many more custom bikes are on display around the bike show. 

The Motorcycle Hall sure is not as nice as last year, with at least 10% less motorcycle industry precense, it shrunk considerately compared to last year's Poznan Show. Big player Harley-Davidson was, surprisingly, not present at all, and there is no Final for the 'Custom Kings' at the Show! 

As usual, at the Poznan show there are many different styles and 'odd' bikes off the beaten path and built on a lesser budget.

Cool Motorcycle Stuntshows outdoors, in perfect weather conditions. 

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