Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Corporate Video

Behind the scenes at The Jekill and Hyde Company, specialist in electronically adjustable exhaust systems. Get an exclusive inside look of who we are and what we do! 

About The Jekill and Hyde Company
The Jekill and Hyde Company is the world's fastest growing manufacturer and supplier of electronically adjustable exhaust systems. We produce the highest quality electronically adjustable exhaust systems in the world. Our systems are 100% street legal and have a European type approval as well as being CARB/EPA and TUV tested. Our products are a result of German engineering and Dutch craftmanship. 

The Jekill and Hyde Company Headquarters Netherlands
Jekill and Hyde headquarters and production facility 
in Belfeld, The Netherlands.

With our headquarters in the Netherlands, more than 60 employees across the world and more than 8 foreign offices we provide motorcyclists with the absolute best exhaust system in todays market. In sound, aesthetics, quality and performance Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde exhausts are second to none. 

The Jekill and Hyde Company Head Office

Why the name Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde? 
The name “The Jekill and Hyde Company” is inspired by the book “The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. The electronically adjustable exhaust system is named after the legend of the doctor with two personalities as described in the book written in 1886. Just as the doctor our exhaust system has two distinct personalities:
Dr. Jekill 
The Dr. Jekill sound is a social sound, as required by the environment and/or law. A sound which will not, for example, disturb your neighbors when riding away on your motorcycle early in the morning.
Mr. Hyde 
Where the environment and the law allows, you can free the Mr. Hyde sound. The Mr. Hyde sound is a deep and warm rumbling / throaty sound which makes the motorcycle experience complete .

The Jekill and Hyde headquarters and production facility is based in Belfeld, The Netherlands.
Other subsidiaries are located in (among others):
United States, New York Office
The benefits of a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system: 
Street legal: In compliance with Law and Regulations
Our products have a EU type approval and are CARB/EPA, EC/ECE/EG/ABE/EEC and TUV tested
All parts are manufactured in Europe 
Always 100% Power and Performance
A very profound and deep bass sound
Silent mode for a social sound
2 years warranty

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