Thursday, 4 February 2016

Confederate Motors Production Fighter number 01

Confederate Motors Combat Fighter PRODUCTION # 01

Production Fighter number 01 is newly available, with it’s original purchaser switching to a Black Flag edition Fighter. The very first production Fighter to come off the assembly line, this bike will also be ready to ship, Saturday, February 13th.

EXP 1 has been on the road, touring the West Coast, undergoing numerous reviews, test rides, and photoshoots. Most recently, renowned motorcycling journalist Alan Cathcart reviewed the P51 Fighter, giving his highest regards to build quality, rider comfort, and handling. Confederate team member Paul Adams reports that the new Fighter draws crowds and drops
jaws wherever it goes.

Mr. Cathcart put plenty of miles on EXP 1, taking it through the beautiful twists and turns of California’s mountainous roadways. The quality of the motorcycle, the power of the engine, the handling of the suspension, and the comfort of the bike’s ergonomics, as well as the unique aesthetics, all came together in receiving the Cathcart seal of approval.

There is a video available of this bike, but it's the most boring, worst quality video production I've ever seen. So we decided not to put it on this blog, sorry for that.

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