Thursday, 7 January 2016

Slamtail Spring Pre-Load Adjuster Kit

Slamtail Introduces a Spring Pre-Load Adjuster Kit

Victoria, Australia - When Ken Rutherford sat down to design the world's first hydraulically actuated lowering system for Twin Cam powered Softail models, his concept was straight forward: Create a high quality, over engineered, easy to install lowering kit that allows riders to adjust the stance of their Softail without losing the stock ride quality of the bike.

Slamtail is unique because it attaches to the stock OEM shocks and uses a key fob to operate hydraulic rams that adjust the ride height of the bike while retaining the stock ride quality at any height. To go one step further, buyers now can also purchase the additional Spring Pre-Load Adjuster Kit so they can firm up the ride for better handling by eliminating “spring sag” with the included pre-load adjuster wrench. This accessory kit must be installed at the same time the Slamtail is going in while the shocks are apart and is a highly recommend addition if you regularly carry a passenger.

Once activated the self-contained on-board Electro-Hydraulic Power generates over 1000psi fluid pressure that moves fluid through high quality aerospace spec stainless-steel braided Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hydraulic hoses which are swaged (not crimped) at both ends. This fluid pressure lengthens and shortens two hydraulic rams that are attached to your Harley spring/shock assemblies with a retracting force of over one ton per ram. This is closed looped
system which means it will not leak and loose pressure like most air ride systems on the market even after long rides, or extended periods of storage.

To see the Slamtail in action and check out the smooth linear operation of this kit installed visit and click on the remote fob on the home page.

To contact Slamtail, email Ken Rutherford at or check them out at


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